Top 5 Best Shoes for Martial Arts Training [Unbiased Guides and Reviews]

If you are a martial arts trainer, I hope you would agree with me that many practitioners have less idea about the best shoes for martial arts training. So what are the best shoes for martial arts training? Choosing the best pair of shoes for martial arts training depends on the surface you will train on. 

If you train on the mats, then you need to choose a shoe designed to have a solid grip on the mat. Choosing long-lasting and durable shoes for indoor martial arts training on the hard floor could be best. This type of shoe is also good for training on concrete, gravel, grass or dirt.

When training in martial arts, I prefer to choose those shoes that are fit, accountable and work well for me. In this article, I will talk about a list of the top best martial arts training shoes and their reviews. 

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Purpose Of Using the best shoes for martial arts:

Different types of practice should match the martial art shoe type. 

  • Light Training: 

For light martial art training, you don’t require professional martial art shoes. Tai Chi requires lightly placed canvas shoes. 

  • Demonstration

Martial arts demonstration teams demonstrate the arts at different places. Most of the time, those events are held indoors. So, it would help if you chose shoes that can suit hardwood, the floor, and the exercise mats

  • Heavy fighting

For competitive fighting, you should decide wisely. In that case, the shoe should fit properly to support your feet.

A list of the top 5 best shoes for martial arts training:

  1. Adidas Unisex’s Low-Top Adi-Kick I Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Training Shoes Trainers
  2. Adidas Contestant Pro Ultralight Martial Arts Kung Fu Taekwondo Indoor Mat Training Shoes
  3. Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe                
  4. UNOWChinese Traditional Cloth Kung Fu Shoes  
  5. Men’s Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes

Let’s Know and Compare the reviews: Best shoes for martial arts training 

The martial arts shoes are specially designed for the martial arts practitioner. 

Apart from that, for the extreme comfort and breathable material of the best shoes for martial arts training, they can be worn as generic footwear that includes walking, running, practising yoga, etc. 

While there are different martial arts shoes available in the market that differ in shape, size, material, practice type etc. You may find it quite challenging to find the right pair, so I am here for your help. 

Lets’ check out our top-notch collections. These recommendations are based on some of the essential features. 

1. Adidas Unisex’s Low-Top Adi-Kick I Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Training Shoes Trainers

Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Training Shoes Trainers

Key Features:

  • Pivot points in sole
  • PU Material
  • Faux Leather sole
  • Short laces support fixation

The Adidas Unisex4x’s Low-Top Adi-Kick is perfect for any martial art practitioner. The unique pivot points in the shoes allow easy movement making them suitable for Tae Kwon Do. 

It makes the turn and swiftness easy when practicing martial arts. The special edition pivot points also make your wear comfortable and vigorous. 

The aAdidasUnisex’s Low-Top Adi-Kick shoes are incredibly lightweight and designed with flexible carpet that cushions the legs well even when in heavy movements. 

The top of the shoe is given excellent traction that makes the movement manageable. This type of training shoe design is pleasing and keeps you styled when practicing Tae Kwon Do. 

The material of the shoe is breathable and keeps your feet sweat-free. For creating such fantastic products for one half of a century, Adidas can claim to stay top on the list for best shows for martial arts. 


  • The design is aesthetically pleasing.
  • The footbed is comfortable.
  • Pivot points make movement easy.


  • Some users have reported the product as being not durable enough.

2. Adidas Contestant Pro Ultralight Martial Arts Kung Fu Taekwondo Indoor Mat Training Shoes

Adidas Contestant Pro Ultralight Martial

Key Features:

  • 1.4-pound weight only
  • Mesh fabric outer material
  • Selected for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic
  • 4 different designs

The Adidas Contestant Pro Ultralight Martial Arts Kung Fu Taekwondo is one of the newest and best taekwondo shoes by Adidas. Fortunately, this model was chosen for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

This martial arts pair is an excellent option for those who want as light shoes as possible. If you want to get an authentic barefoot feel with protection, then this is the best option to go for. 

The shoe is designed narrowly to give you the right fit. If you have wide feet, you can order one larger size than your standard feet size. 

The outer layer of the shoe is made of mesh fabric which claims to be more durable than others. This will be an excellent choice if you often do speed performance. 

The slim and elastic sole doesn’t prevent you from doing heavier exercise. 


  • Available in 3 different colors, ultra-thin and extremely lightweight.
  • Fits just like a shock.
  • Looks very nice.


  • This is too lightweight, so don’t expect it to last for a long time. 

3. Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe

Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe
Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe

Key Features:

  • Pivot points on sole
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic leather outer material
  • High-quality grip

The Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe is specially designed to give comfort or arch support to your feet. The top material is also breathable enough to keep your feet at an average temperature. 

The shoe’s rubber sole has pivot points that allow smooth pivoting when practicing martial arts. As we know, martial arts need a lot of bag repetitions. 

So, the manufacturer has made the shoe lightweight enough that it doesn’t weigh down the feet. The sturdy construction also gives maximum support even when practicing numerous repetitions. 

The Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe is accented with velcro straps that don’t confuse you while wearing the shoe. Its wide opening makes it easy to go on and go off.


  • Rubber sole with pivot points makes it ideal for martial arts.
  • Velcro strap for easy on and off.
  • Great arch and foot support.
  • Suitable for heavy bag training.


  • Order a half or full size larger than your standard length. Otherwise narrow fit can make it too tight on the feet. 

4. UNOWChinese Traditional Cloth Kung Fu Shoes

UNOW Chinese Traditional Cloth Kung Fu ShoesBlack

Key features:

  • Old Beijing cloth shoes
  • Elasticated sides for grip
  • Perfectly placed laces
  • The minimalist design of the shoe

The UNOWChinese Kung Fu shoe is one of the best traditional cloth shoes that come on our list. 

The first thing to say about this shoe is its packaging. It comes with a bag that makes the product easy to carry everywhere. 

The shoe is made of cotton and rubber soles without any synthetic material. This allows maximum breathability and comfort while wearing the shoe. Apart from that, the material of this shoe is easy to clean. 

The design is aesthetically pleasing, which allows you to wear the shoe everywhere. It makes your movement easy and flexible. 

The material of these women’s martial arts shoes is durable enough, which helps you service in the long run. Another noticeable feature of this shoe is that it genuinely fits everyone with their correct size. 

If you change the brand for your martial arts show, you don’t need to worry about its size. However, the manufacturer recommends one size larger for home use. 


  • Old Beijing cotton cloth shoes.
  • Suitable for indoor/ outdoor use.
  • Comfortable and simplistic design.
  • The material is durable.


  • For shocks, you need to order larger sizes.

5. Men’s Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes

Mens Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes

Key features:

  • Cotton sole shoes
  • Canvas outer material
  • Pull on closure type
  • Slip-on style

The Men’s Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoe is another best shoes for kung fu on our list that offers a fantastic experience for martial arts indoor training. 

It comes with 100% cotton fabric material that allows the air to pass on through the shoe. The cotton sole material is another great thing in this martial art shoe that frees the leg rashes. 

Thanks to its craftsmanship. The shoe is designed very well so the user can get ultimate comfort. 

The shoes are lightweight and don’t challenge the movement during martial art training. The build quality of this shoe is fantastic, which ensures longevity. 


  • Cotton fabric provides maximum breathability.
  • They are designed to fit the people who train for martial arts.
  • Lightweight and excellent design.


  • The only part that may get soaked in heavy sweating. 

How Do I Choose The Best Martial Arts Shoes?

This is truly hard for a newbie to buy a pair of the right martial arts shoes for training purposes. The martial art show should be lightweight and comfortable so that it doesn’t resist your practice. You should consider the following things while buying training shoes for martial arts: 

1. Budget:

Knowing your budget before purchasing martial arts shoes. I suggest you invest in those shoes that work well and fit you. 

Most importantly, don’t buy one that is poor in quality. Don’t compromise the quality over budget. It’s true that high-quality products always demand a good budget.  

2. Structure Of The Shoe

There are a variety of structures for martial arts shoes available in the market. Find the proper structure of a martial art show that supports movement, including kicking and punching. 

It should have a protective layer to keep your legs harm-free during the training. 

So, find the proper structure of a martial art shoe or karate shoe that does everything without making any compromises. 

Your practice can be highly challenging without the proper structure of your martial art show. 

3. Indoors or Outdoors

The martial arts can be practiced outdoors and indoors. The outdoor martial art can be practiced out of nature. Depending upon the practice, martial arts should have different treads that match soles and floor types. 

4. Materials

There are different materials for martial arts shoes. The material should suit your train type also. 

  • Canvas or Cotton Blend: Light and casual martial arts require lightweight canvas or cotton blend shoes. The canvas and cotton-based martial arts shoes are cheaper and easily washable at home. 
  • Leather: Leather kung fu shoes are required for premium-level martial art training. In leather martial art shoes, your feet will not sweat as this is a breathable material.
  • Synthetic: The manufacturer has used various synthetic materials like spandex and other textile blends. Some stretch out over time, and others give a sock-like fit. These types of shoes are appreciated by the trainers also. 

5. Form and Fit

It would help if you get shoes that are good for heel pain. Check if the shoe has left enough room around your toes or not. In that case, choose a shoe that can hold your index finger the size of space around the toe. 

Make sure it has a steady and non-slip heel area that ensures safety during your practice. Follow the above tips. Otherwise, you can end up with an imperfect and uncomfortable size of martial arts shoes. 

6. Cushioning

Typically, martial shoes come with padding. How much you want depends on the training you will be practicing. For the bag training for a big time, you will need extra comfort. So, in that case, thick padding will be best for you. 

For some light training like Tae Chi, little padding can be ideal.  Kicking in martial arts is the most common movement. In that case, people use the upper portion for striking. 

That part of your body is vulnerable to injury without enough padding in the best shoes for martial arts. 

7. Look at the Shoe

Visual appeal does not matter in sports. Still, it works for people. There are various colors and styles available for martial art shoes. 

A martial art shoe is meant to be tough, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it shouldn’t have an appealing design. Whatever color the design you choose, make sure the pair is functional enough for your sports training. 

8. Versatility

You should look for this vital thing before getting your desired martial arts shoes. Martial art shoes don’t mean that they will work only for martial art training sessions. 

Instead, a good pair of shoes can be used for sports activities such as running, walking, jogging, etc. Just look for the features like breathability that won’t make your feet sweat that firms other fungus infections in your feet. 


Q: What is a martial arts shoe?

Martial art shoes are specific types of shoes that martial artist needs for their art. These are specially designed for martial arts, which makes their training session comfortable. However, choosing the right type of martial art is also essential. 

Q: What kind of shoes should I wear for martial arts?

If you are looking for martial art shoes, then choose lightweight, easy-to-slip-on Taekwondo shoes. It may look almost the same for both men and women in Taekwondo shoes. The doles of these shoes often have traction circles. It allows the artist to pivot smoothly. 

Q: Can you wear socks with martial art shoes?

The martial art is best practiced barefoot. When wearing socks, martial art shoes may seem slippery. So the non-slip socks can be the best option for you. For some specific arts, socks are not necessary. 

Q: Do you have to be barefoot for martial arts?

The Practitioners don’t need to be barefoot until they have any specific medical condition. In that case, you can ask for your trainer’s permission because most martial artists don’t prefer to wear shoes for sanitary and practical purposes. However, lightweight martial art shoes can be an ideal option for anyone. 

Q: What are the best martial arts training shoes for heel pain?

There are various martial art shoes for the practitioner. If you have heel pain and are looking for a martial art shoe, then look for shoes that are cushioned well and provide great arch support. The leather martial art shoe can be a great choice for heel pain. 

Bottom Line

The martial art shoes should have all the features we have listed above. Without those features, how can you claim them to be the best shoes for martial arts training

As future proof, you can take our first product that meets all the requirements that a good martial art shoe should have. In that case, you can write all your needed features in your martial arts shoe and find them from the list above to see what the world is for you. 

Now, look at your budget. If the shoe is within your budget, then Hooray!! You have already found the best martial art shoes for your training session.

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