walking barefoot on treadmill: The Unexpected Health benefits

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Somewhere along the line, we’ve all been told that it’s best to (walking barefoot on treadmill) wear shoes to protect your feet and ankles from injuries that might occur during the process. But according to research, this practice may be counterproductive to good health. Walking barefoot or with very thin socks on a treadmill can provide several important health benefits, including better posture and lower rates of obesity. These are just some of the many unexpected health benefits associated with barefoot treadmill walking. For more information on this topic, please read below.

Increases Muscle Strength by walking barefoot on treadmill.

A growing body of research shows that walking barefoot on a treadmill without wearing shoes is beneficial for the body. Research has found numerous benefits to this practice and has studied it in different populations in relation to different health factors. This research shows that walking on a treadmill barefoot can reduce muscle pain, increase endurance, and improve general well-being with 10 treadmill exercise.

Helps with Balance

Walking on a treadmill barefoot is a great way to improve your balance, especially if you’re looking to transition into more intense workouts like CrossFit or cardio-based martial arts. When walking barefoot on a treadmill, requires you to concentrate and pay attention so that you don’t fall off or step on any of its components. Regularly walking barefoot on a treadmill can increase your foot strength, which can help strengthen your leg muscles for more intensive exercise routines.

Reduces Risk of Injury

A growing body of research shows that walking barefoot on a treadmill without wearing shoes is beneficial for your feet. Several studies have found that going barefoot can improve balance and stability, reduce stress on joints, boost strength in muscles in your legs and core, and even improve circulation. According to one study from 2015, walking barefoot on a treadmill reduces the risk of injury by 65 percent compared to when you wear shoes.  If you’re looking to walk more often or need a new way to break up a monotonous workout routine, try walking barefoot on a treadmill at home or at the gym. Start with just five minutes at first, then gradually increase your time as it feels comfortable. 

Increases Flexibility

For example, walking on a treadmill without shoes or socks can improve flexibility in your feet and toes. Research has found that people who walk barefoot on a treadmill increase their range of motion in their toes by as much as 60 percent after 10 minutes of walking. Increased flexibility in your feet and toes can help prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis, which affects many long-distance runners. Increasing foot flexibility may also decrease inflammation and pain in your lower extremities. 

Boosts Brain Function

A 2008 study in Taiwan found that walking on a treadmill while barefoot boosted brain function, and helped to improve both attention span and cognitive processing. Research showed that EEG activity increased when subjects walked barefoot; increased brain activity can help those with ADHD focus better, keep their attention from wandering, and perform tasks more quickly and efficiently. While researchers aren’t exactly sure why barefoot treadmill walking has such a beneficial effect on brain function, it’s theorized that walking against higher friction levels—bare feet naturally have higher friction levels than shoes—increases stimulation for greater cognitive processing. Those with ADHD should walk barefooted for about 30 minutes per day for best results.

Decreases Stress Levels Section 8 ) Improves Mood Section 9 ) Improves Sleep

Walking barefoot on a treadmill is associated with heightened dopamine, which plays a major role in mood and happiness. Dopamine also has been linked to better sleep and fewer restless nights, particularly when you have issues falling asleep or staying asleep. These improvements in sleep are important because lack of sleep increases stress levels. By walking on a treadmill barefoot, you’re putting yourself in an environment that can improve your mood and help you relax; it’s one more way to destress without having to spend any money.

Improve Sexlife

A recent study at Duke University found that walking on a treadmill while wearing shoes in relation to walking barefoot on a treadmill improved sex life. The study also found that treadmill walking not only improved sex life but also increased dopamine levels which were beneficial for both men and women with no changes in total cholesterol or blood pressure. These results were seen from as little as two minutes of walking per day. No additional research is needed to support that something as simple as taking walks outside can improve your health and decrease stress levels. It’s just another one of those things your doctor has been telling you all along, which you haven’t done until now!

There are some important things to keep in mind when walking barefoot on a treadmill

If Running fast & longtime barefoot on the treadmill then you’ve to face some problems like friction burns and damage to your feet. These could all be avoided by walking at a slow pace and for a short time. the risk of slipping is always there too when you run on the treadmill but many runners still do it, as long as they’re careful about picking out their shoes. While it’s hard to know exactly how often people walk barefoot on treadmills, sales of treadmill models that can accommodate shoeless walking are growing steadily in Europe, according to various reports from 2012 and 2013. According to industry analysts cited by The Guardian, sales have doubled in France over the past five years, with 25 percent of treadmills sold in Germany featuring a barefoot-compatible option.

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