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As an adult or for your child, finding the best ice skateboards can be a hard job, especially when you are a beginner. However, there are a myriad of options available on the market. Deciding the functions and features of an ice skating board can be complicated. At this point, you need to ask your coach and everyone who knows skating. Ask them how to choose the best ice skates for beginners.

Ask them about the difficulties and complexities of skating on ice in the winter. Once you get the mindset, you can read this entire guide. It will help you choose the best ice skates for beginner child. 

But if you take a look at this comprehensive guide for ice skating shoes for beginners now, you won’t have to go anywhere else for suggestions or recommendations.

How Much Should You Spend To Buy Ice Skates?

As a skater, you need to make sure that you are getting the best experience with your product, as little price as possible. That is the best ice skating tips for beginners we can give you at the moment. No one likes to purchase huge and expensive things without knowing how they may function. Many skateboards’ prices range between $7-15 if you take them as a rental.

But they usually cost $100-200 in the US if you want to purchase one. If you are joining a skating class, that’s why you are looking for a skateboard; you can go for a rental board. 

They will teach you important skills without you having to buy an expensive item. But if you are thinking about purchasing one anyway, you can do one thing. You can take the above-mentioned amount as a budget.

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Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best One

From beginners to advanced, skateboards come with all levels of skating and you need the ultimate advice to buy one. 

You should choose a skateboard that perfectly fits your standard. You need to make sure whether you are a beginner skater, an intermediate skater, or an expert one.

Advanced skaters usually are able to do hard tricks and ride on almost every surface. On the other hand, intermediate skaters have enough knowledge to control themselves in a concave deck in skate parks with ease. 

But novice skaters don’t usually know a lot of things about skating, so they find plain and flat decks useful. Toddlers between 4-10 ages can also be counted as novice skaters.

There are various parts of a skateboard as well. You need to learn about the parts and how they function. Here you go-

  • Deck: Deck is the standing platform where skaters show their tricks and magic. They can be made of laminated woods with layers.
  • Hardware: Your skateboard comes with nuts and bolts that hold you on your feet. So, you can smoothly hover over any surfaces.
  • Grip tape: They are applied to the top of the deck to provide extra safety and balance to your feet.
  • Trucks: Trucks let the board turn properly as and when the rider needs to manoeuvre. They provide axles to the wheels.
  • Wheels: Wheels ensure a smooth ride for the rider as they let you roll the board wherever you want. And they also give space for the bearings.
  • Bearings: Bearings are placed inside of the sides of the wheels to let you spin the board without any hassle.

These are all the mandatory parts of a skateboard that need to be present. And no matter what level of a skateboard you are looking for, without these parts, the item will be useless. So, with that being said, let’s explore our list of 10 best ice skates for beginners.

Top 10 Best Ice Skates For Beginners

Look at this list of 10 figure skates for beginners. Here I have included every single detail of every single skateboard. You can check out the pros and cons too, to determine whether or not they are suitable for you.

1. Riedell Skates – 110 Opal

The Riedell Skates 11- Opal is a set of white figure skates for beginners. A little different from your usual idea of a skateboard. But this one is great for beginners. Suppose you plan to visit Yosemite, California this month, or any other snowy area. It keeps you stable in the snow and gives you enough freedom for movement.

You can use these figure skates for as long as you wish, and you will feel comfortable in each use. The manufacturer has used enough quality cushions to keep your feet dry and comfortable too for hours. 

It comes with a maintenance-free PVC sole that makes sure you are safe from ice and injuries. There is no better option for the first time ice skating than this Riedell Skates – 110 Opal. Check out its pros and cons too.

1. Riedell Skates


  • It comes with a versatile blade to give you a smooth ride
  • It gives you the best performance no matter what surface you are skating on.
  • Ultra-durable
  • Soft and comfortable for endless use
  • Lightweight material
  • It keeps you safe and dry all day long.
  • It comes with a simple lacing system for carefree skating.


  • Does not provide the best support

2. Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr

This is a masterpiece from Rollerblade. It is another suitable choice for ice skating shoes for beginners. Its padded velvet lining comes with Thinsulate and a cushioned footbed. 

Besides, it provides you with an instant comfort feeling. They give you warmth along with comfort so that you can enjoy your snow riding session for as long as you can.

Don’t worry. The Bladerunner ice skating boards for adults are extremely lightweight. You can’t even feel that they are sitting on your feet. Moreover, it comes with a buckle and lace closure system to enhance the security and grips on your feet. 

The Bladerunner Ice skates manage to provide the ultimate sophistication along with performance. The good-quality blade is sharpened and suitable for skating on all types of surfaces. Also, if you are worried that the blades are fragile, don’t be. 

The blades are made from stainless steel that looks young even after years of use. However, all new skate blades should be sharpened before use. 

2. Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade


  • It gives a proper fit, comes in different sizes
  • Provides consistent performance even after many uses
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Lightweight material
  • Comfortable and safe to wear


  • The blade can be somewhat hard to skate with

3. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Women’s Recreational Hockey Skate

The Sports Hockey Skates from Jackson is another must mention tool for skaters. It’s more like a hockey shoe than figure skating. Comes with a nice modern look to support those stylish skaters.

The Thinsulate lined upper,, and tongue keeps your feet comfortable all day long. Moreover, the hockey skate is super lightweight so that you don’t feel any extra weight on your feet to slow you down.

The cushy foam padding is there to save your feet from freezing ice and provide you with the maximum warmth. The best thing about this hockey skate is, it is perfect for both men and women. And available in black, blue, and white colours. You can choose from different sizes suitable for men and women.

If you don’t feel comfortable handling a pair of a long skateboard, then you don’t have to. Instead, purchase something like the Jackson Ultima. It works as a shoe and hockey skate both at the same time.

3. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport


  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Available in various colours and sizes
  • Has synthetic outsole for reduced weight
  • Has leisure blade with stainless steel runner
  • Durable and stylish


  • The blades are not professional enough

4. Jackson Ultima Excel White Figure Ice Skates

Women like to wear fancy lacy stuff that looks feminine. For those who like feminine footwear, this Jackson Ultima is here. It’s another hockey skate boot, but this one is a little more expensive than the previous one. This is one of the best ice skates for beginner child too.

The price here is not a factor as it delivers a good and stylish look along with maximized comfort and great performance. These ultra excel white figure skates for girls and women are suitable for basic skaters. From 1-6 level students, precisely. You can do almost anything with them, including jumping outdoors in the snow.

Like every skateboard, you should sharpen its blades after each use. It’s excellent for skaters looking for supportive skating boots with good blades. It comes with synthetic lining, PVC outsole, and a mesh comfort tongue. The features help you perform anything you want in front of the audience. It looks expensive and works premium for level 5 beginner skaters.

4. Jackson Ultima Excel White Figure Ice Skates


  • Lightweight skate boots
  • Comes in various sizes and bright white colour
  • Suitable for women and girls
  • Comfortable enough to perform any type of activities in the snow
  • Blades are good
  • The shoe fits well on all foot types


  • It is not suitable for intermediate or advanced level skaters.

5. Botas – Model: Robin/Made in Europe

The ROBIN model black ice skates for men is one of the marvellous ice skates that you can find on Amazon. Not only it comes with a powerful waterproof feature. But also superb comfort for modern skater men. Its high-quality synthetics give you the utmost comfort during use. No matter how difficult the surface can be.

The knit lining and designed foam laminate make it more comfortable than ever as well as making it look modern and stylish. It comes with rugged plastic soles that secure the blades safely in the right place. Even if you think about looks more than the quality, this figure skater will win the contest too.

It shines and is also smooth, providing a great premium effect on your feet. Since Botas is a European footwear brand, you can imagine how classy this footwear is. Its waterproof materials are enough to keep your feet warm. And comfortable all day long, no matter how intense your skating session is. Also, it is lightweight enough to help you hover around the snow with ease.

5. Botas


  • Equipped with Layers Thermo Technology (LLT) to provide full support to your feet
  • The Air Flow System (AFS) and BOTAS Air reduce dampness from your feet.
  • The soft lining keeps your feet comfortable for hours.
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for beginner skaters


  • The blades are thin

6. Riedell Skates – 119 Emerald

Are you looking for a pair of fun ice skates? Check out the Riedell 119 Emerald, available only on our favourite Amazon. It comes with a leather tongue reinforcement. That helps to add protection and strength to your ankles and feet. And the double synthetic reinforcement adds support to your overall ice skating session.

Since it comes with the PVC sole unit and Dri-Lex lining as well, it can keep your feet dry for a long time. While purchasing a pair of ice skates, the first thing you should notice is the comfort they might be providing.

The figure skates have stainless steel Luna blades to help you perform better in the snow. The luna blades are versatile and help you control your performance and speed in the snow.

Hence, whether you are a novice skater or a little more than that, this Riedell Skates is your perfect bet.

6. Riedell Skates


  • It’s comfortable and supportive
  • Provides professional look
  • Well-padded
  • A nice choice for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Fits well


  • Not for advanced level skaters

7. Riedell Skates – 110 Opal

Another one from Riedell Skates is attractive. It’s professional and comes with great qualities and comfort. It’s another good option for the first time ice skating. These boots provide light support to your feet while you are hanging around in the snow. And since it comes with quilted lining cushions feet and the split tongue design, it provides incredible stability to your feet.

You don’t need to care about its PVC sole that keeps your feet dry and warm no matter what. And also, the stainless steel Spiral blade is fine and productive; they get the job done. The Riedell Skates – 110 Opal is all about comfort and attractiveness.

No matter how long you are using these, they will always keep your feet comfortable. It comes in various sizes. The stainless steel spiral blades are actually there to help you achieve your best performance. You can check out its quick size chart before buying these boots from Amazon. Always make sure to choose the right size for your feet as shoes tend to be very tricky sometimes.

7. Riedell Skates 7 11zon


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Made for women
  • It keeps your feet safe and dry all day.
  • Provides great stability on the ice
  • The blades are versatile for any use.
  • Comes in various sizes and bright white colour


  • None so far

8. Riedell Skates – 10 Opal

The Riedell Skates 10 Opal is now available for boys as well only on Amazon. Are you looking to visit Alaska this year? Thinking about enjoying your special time with snow and water? This Riedell Skates – 10 Opal is what you need. These boots are perfect if you are looking for easy comfort and a professional & fancy look.

Not only do they have quilted lining cushions but also maintenance-free PVC soles. They keep your feet warm, comfortable, and stable in the ice. Get rid of all the worries you have regarding feeling wet feet while skating in the snow.

As the cushions and soles it comes with are enough to keep yourself dry and comfortable in your whole skating process. Boys of all ages can wear this shoe as long as you check out the size chart precisely.

They come with PVC, Leather, and Micro-Fiber materials to choose from. You can pick your pair from black or white as per your choice. If you want carefree skating, you should definitely check this one out.

8. Riedell Skates 10 Opal


  • Versatile blade for keeping you stable in the ice and snow
  • It comes with a lacing system to provide extra comfort and fit.
  • Ultra-soft and durable
  • Keep you safe and your feet dry for a long time.
  • Comes from lightweight materials
  • It comes in different sizes.


  • For beginner skaters only

9. Jackson Ultima Softec Classic ST2300 ST2321

Another ice skates for women, men, girls, and boys available on Amazon. This time it is from the Jackson brand. It has different colours. Including black, navy blue, black with purple, pink, white, cream white and white with pink. Since these ice skates are for everyone, they come in various sizes to suit different feet.

It has a Fleece lined upper and tongue for warmth and comfort and is suitable for beginner skaters. You can skate over hours with these shoes on and still feel warm underneath. 

9. Jackson Ultima Softec Classic


  • Available for all
  • Has different colour shades for different customers
  • Nice lined and provided comfort
  • Stable enough to keep you in the ice


  • For beginner level skaters only

10. Jackson Ultima Mystique Figure Ice Skates

Another one from the Jackson brand and is a masterpiece. It’s the best Ice Skating Tips for Beginners we can give you. Though a bit more costly than the previous one but totally worth it. Moreover, this one is probably the most expensive model in the Jackson ice skates categories.

If you are in Level 15 as a woman skate or level 19 as a man skater, these might be the best shoes for you. They are also available for toddlers and teenage boys and girls.

10. Jackson Ultima Mystique Figure Ice Skates


  • Comfortable
  • It lets you perform at your best
  • Available for all ages
  • Available in black and white
  • Men and women can wear


  • None that I know of

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which ice skates are the best for you?

Depending on your requirements and skating level, you can find your best pick from this list. Are you looking for versatile ice skating shoes that support all gender and ages? And Best Skate For Toddlers? Then go with the Jackson Ultima Mystique Figure Ice Skates.

If the price is the main concern here, then I would suggest Riedell Skates – 10 Opal for Boys or Riedell Skates – 110 Opal. 

What type of ice skating do I intend to take up?

You can choose any skate among various figure skates and hockey skates, depending on your requirement and comfort. But you may also remember the surface you are willing to skate on to. That will help you make the best decision.

Which ice skates are the best for beginners from your list?

All of these skates are the greatest choices for beginner skaters. And you can go with any-one among these according to your budget and needs.

What Are The Different Types Of Skates?

There are various types of skates-

1. Fitness skates

2. Freestyle skates

3. Aggressive skates

4. Speed skates

5. Semi-race skates

6. Trekking skates

7. Nordic/off-road/terrain skates

7. Hockey inline skates

But the types I have given here are mostly hockey and ice skates.

How Much Should I Spend On Your First Pair Of Skates?

If you want to buy a cheap hockey skate, I would suggest you go for rental ones instead. But a quality product that also delivers performance is going to cost you at least 150-200 USD.

How Are Ice Skates Sized?

Senior ice skates sizes from fit 1.5 of a man’s shoes and junior skates size fit 1.0 of a boy’s shoes.

What Type Of Skates Are Easiest To Learn On?

Mostly children and adults find inline skates easier to lean on rather than roller skates.


Are you willing to invest in the best ice skates for beginners? Then choose the ones you are most comfortable wearing. And always remember, before looks come quality. So pick the one from the list that you think meets all your requirements. And if it looks good, it’s an added bonus.

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