What Size Resistance Band for Beginners [Keep You Fit With 15 Min]

What size resistance band for beginners

As a health enthusiast, I was looking for a supplement for weight training. Fortunately, I found resistance bands that are versatile and portable. It was indeed a valuable tool for at-home workouts, especially for me. But firstly, I was confused about what size resistance band would suit beginners. 

The best resistance band sizes are yellow: black – 1/2: 7/8 inches. However, starting with a thin band is advisable, although you’ve worked with it or never used it before. If you are an active man or woman, the beginning level would be 4.7 inches (12 pounds).

However, the resistance band sizes vary depending on the exercise level. You will find different types and colors of bands as well. Let’s explore the myths related to resistance bands and their sizes.

Resistance band size chart: 

Yellow5 to 30 pounds of resistance (1/2” – 41″ x 0.5″ x 0.18″)
Black20 to 55 pounds of resistance (7/8″ – 41″ x 0.85″ x 0.18″)
Blue35 to 70 pounds of resistance (1 1/4″ – 41″ x 1.25″ x 0.18″)
Green45 to 115 pounds of resistance (1 3/4″ – 41″ x 1.75″ x 0.18″)
Gray60 to 170 pounds of resistance (2 1/2″ – 41″ x 2.5″ x 0.18″)

Different uses of resistance bands’ size:

Below mention are some of the uses of resistance band sizes: 

Yellow Band (Lower resistance) – 1/2 inch wide

  • Suitable for pulling
  • Mobility
  • Jumping activities
  • Rehab & prehab
  • Small muscle group strength workout (i.e., shoulders)
  • Extremely light assistance for pull-ups
  • Counting light resistance to barbell exercises like bench presses, overhead presses, squats, and deadlifts.

Black Band – 0.85 inches wide

  • Stretching/Elongation
  • Mobility
  • Jumping workouts
  • Short/medium muscle group strength training (such as bicep exercises and shoulder presses).
  • Light assistance for pull-ups.
  • Adding light-to-medium resistance to classic gym equipment like squats, leg press machines, etc.

Blue Band – 1.25 inches wide

  • Complete body strength exercises (such as shoulder presses, deadlifts, and calve exercises)
  • More inferior body muscle workout
  • Mobility and pulling exercises
  • Most good resistance bands are for assisted pull-ups, strict or kipping.
  • Adding medium-heavy resistance to barbell workouts like bench presses, deadlifts, or squats.

Green Band – 1.75 inches wide

  • Large muscle groups such as deadlifts and squats
  • Lower body exercises – Lower Body Stretches
  • Perfect for assisted pull-ups, strict or kipping
  • If you are an advanced lifter, add weighty resistance to traditional gym exercises like deadlifts or squats.

Gray Band – 2.5 inches wide

  • Comprehensive muscle group strength training.
  • Extensive compound exercises like deadlifts.
  • Great for people who need assistance with their pull-ups and bar muscle-ups.
  • Adding heavy resistance to traditional strength training exercises like deadlifts or squats.
  • This band is best for more severe body types and advanced lifters.

What size resistance band for beginners? 

If you are looking for bands to provide resistance and do other exercises, you are confused about which one to choose. I would recommend you start with a thin band. Beginners are just beginning their fitness journey and have limited mobility.

It would benefit if you began with the red band and then went up to the green bar for a much harder resistance band.

It might be a little confusing for you to choose the resistance bands. The red one being the lightest, is the most versatile.

You can do almost anything with this one—many joint strength movements or warmups. The most significant bodybuilders warm up with this lightest (red) band; why don’t you?

What size resistance band do I need for pull-ups?

The 1/2 wide x 41 long (13mm x 1m) and 15-35 lbs (7-16 kg) is a highly versatile band size that can tone almost every muscle group on or off the pull-up bar—the best band for low-impact, high, and rep strength training.

Pull-ups can encounter and strengthen nearly your whole upper body through the straightforward motion of pulling yourself up to the pull-up bar. 

It is an admiringly functional movement pattern requiring numerous muscle groups to work together. Like, you probably need a little pull-up help to get you going. 

The most helpful way to improve at pull-ups is to do assisted pull-ups. Pull-up straps offset your body weight, so you get more reps and increase strength faster. 

You’ll need less pull-up band assistance as you get stronger and can utilize a lighter band. To use resistance bands correctly on the pull-up bar:

  • Fasten a resistance band onto the pull-up band by pulling one side through the other.
  • Then place a foot or knee in the pull-up band. Using the foot makes it more accessible.
  • Complete controlled assisted pull-up reps without swaying back and forth.
  • After that, step out of the pull-up strap with one foot, then release the other to avoid snapbacks. 

Best Resistance Bands for Building Muscle & Strength Training

Yes, you can build muscle with different resistance band sizes. All you need to grow is tension, adequate recovery, muscle adaption, and progressive overload. 

Resistance bands are excellent for full-body muscle building: chest, back, hamstring, glutes, inner/outer thighs, quads, arms, and shoulders.

Nevertheless, building muscle with resistance bands is a lot easier said than done. It requires a lot of dedication, determination, and consistency.

In many ways, you can put more pressure on your muscles and work them longer during movements.

Best resistance band for arms

No gym? No problem with these excellent strength training exercises!

The most suitable type of resistance band is the 41-inch loop power resistance for arms. Resistance bands that are fantastic for warming up, mobility, stretching, working out, and pull-up assistance are 41 inches long. No matter what size band (i.e., what resistance level), they will all be 41 inches long. The width of the band determines the size/resistance level. 

Best resistance band for chest

The resistance band row is a remarkable assistance exercise for chest workouts as it supports proper back positioning, builds back strength, and can help stabilize the shoulders during chest exercises. 

For the chest, all three sizes will be helpful. The yellow (Lowest resistance – 1/2 inch wide) will let you be additional explosive when doing resisted pushups. 

The black (0.85 inches wide) and blue (1.25 inches wide) will be excellent, and you can do this by landing the band or simply wrapping the band around your back. If you want to get one, you will need to determine your strength level.

Best resistance band for back

Do you want to strengthen your back and build muscle with resistance bands, and then you need to disclose your muscles for a lot of time beneath pressure. 

The best resistance bands for exercises are 208cm in size. Resistance loop bands, also known as pull-up bands. 

You can grab their grip on them differently, loop them close to your body or attach them to other objects. They come in diverse resistance levels, from very soft to extremely heavy.

Best Resistance Bands for Pull-Ups

The best type of resistance band for pull-ups is a pull-up assist band available in color codes, which is not included in significant resistance bands. It is incredibly lengthy in size and does not have grips. 

It might not be challenging to find out which band size is best for you to start with, but I will help you choose which is most suitable. 

  • You can do a decent amount of pull-ups with yellow band size without assistance. The yellow band size is helpful for someone who almost has the muscle up down and will give the extra boost needed to perform the strength up.
  • The black band size is suitable for people who can do a few pull-ups and want to get around 10-12 reps. This size is also ideal for someone working on their muscles.
  • The blue band size is presumably the best band for about one good pull-up. This band size usually starts with people just learning to do a pull-up and new to fitness. These bands give you enough assistance to teach valuable forms, which will also be challenging.
  • This green band size is better for someone a little weightier but of the same force as someone who uses the blue band size. Similar to the blue band but with a little more assistance. It will be 
  • The gray size band is perfect for someone who is overweight. This type of band offers A lot of assistance. During a workout exercise with this band size, you will need someone to help you by maintaining them pull the band down to feet level so that you can place your foot in it.

Best Resistance Band For Combining With Free Weight Lifts

Were you looking for bigger biceps fast? The way to do that is by combining weights with different resistance bands. 

To combine resistance bands with free weights, like banded barbell squats, you should start with light band size even if you are an advanced lifter. It’s an entirely different dynamic; even the yellow and black band size will challenge you. 

For this, it’s most beneficial to have a pair of bands of each size you intend to use, as the form is better when you have two band sizes.

So, if you start by combining resistance bands with free weights, a pair of yellow or black bands size is best. It will improve the tension by covering the band more when arranging up, so there will be more pressure from the beginning.

With more extra stress, you will calculate the counted resistance at the high end of the range – so for the yellow size band, it would be around 30LB on each side and the black band around 55LB.

For more advanced lifters, you can use a blue resistance band size, and you will likely quickly work up to a green resistance band size, and for those who are very strong and understand how to set up the bands for these kinds of lifts properly, the gray band size.

Best Resistance Band For Explosive Exercises

The blue and green band size is best if you want to do explosive exercises such as banded sprints and bear crawls. 

The yellow or black size band will be better for explosive exercises like banded box jumps.  

Best Resistance Band For Seniors: 

The yellow band size will be best. You’d be able to get a full body workout with the yellow resistance band size, and it will be challenging even for larger muscle groups as long as you keep your muscles engaged throughout the movement.

If you are a senior, definitely start with a yellow band. If you feel advantageous, you can get a yellow and black band.

Best Resistance Band For Physical Therapy

For physical therapy, the yellow resistance band size is also the best option. It will give you the proper resistance to strengthen your muscles, joints, and tendons. You don’t want any more tension for many physical therapy exercises, as they don’t intend to build significant muscle but to create normalcy in your joints and muscles.

How do I choose the best size resistance band as a beginner?

Resistance bands are much more effective if you are a beginner and not fond of weight training. You can even see some muscle growth by using resistance bands consistently.

Resistance bands come in various sizes and lengths, but you can always wrap them around your anchor or feet more than once to artificially make them shorter if necessary. 

Start with the slightest resistance band size and do 15 reps to see how you feel. Grab the band with the lowest resistance level if you’re new to working out resistance bands. 

Do 15 reps of whatever activity you plan on doing. If it’s too comfortable for you that you aren’t feeling any meaningful tension, move up a resistance level and repeat the process. Once you feel a burn after 15 reps, that’s your band.

Where to buy exercise resistance bands?

Resistance bands have multiple benefits; they are compact, portable, lightweight, inexpensive, and can be used anywhere—the gym, at the park. 

You can buy them online; resistance bands are available at low prices. All these exercise resistance bands are available in Apollo, MDBuddy, LIveup brands, Amazon, and Alibaba stores.

Read more about: How to Use Long Loop Resistance Bands.



Should I get 9-inch or 12-inch resistance bands?

It’s essential to make sure the band isn’t too short, or you’ll risk the potential for a band breaking.

The pre-cut length of five feet works for most people. Use a band length equal to the limb you’re exercising. If you want to lose 30 lbs. or more or are over 5’10” tall, choose the 12″ loops. Otherwise, choose the 9″ loops.

Are thicker resistance bands more useful?

There are various resistance bands to choose from. A helpful direction of thumb when buying is that heavier, wider bands are best for bigger muscle groups, like legs, lats, and glutes, while thin bands are better for smaller joints and muscles.

But whether you use a thicker or thinner band size usually depends on strength levels and goals. If you require a lot of resistance to assist you do pull-ups and dips, then you’d use a thicker one, and if you don’t, you will use the thinner one.

Are resistance bands suitable for weight loss?

Yes, you can lose weight with resistance bands. Resistance bands not only build muscle. It can also help melt away fat. 

Resistance bands allow both men and women to lose belly fat and build muscle. Resistance band exercises help reduce body fat in overweight people better than other training conditions, including free weights and bodyweight workouts. 

What are the best resistance band-back workouts?

I always do one exercise with a heavy resistance band for my back. It’s called the Splitter. You grab a band, hold the band with both hands shoulder-width apart, pull the band out while keeping your arms straight, and contract your shoulder blades. You should feel a burn. Your arms should look like a W when fully tightened.

How long do resistance bands last?

From personal experience, a resistance band’s average lifespan or durability of resistance bands are between six months and two years. It usually depends on the frequency and intensity of usage of these bands. 

Final verdict:

Before ending, I want to tell you that resistance bands could benefit in many ways. But at the same time, you need to think about the size of your resistance bands to get better results in time. If you are a beginner, then it’s a must to talk with a physician to know what size of bands would be best for you. 

Is It Possible Bodybuilding With Resistance Bands Only?

Bodybuilding With Resistance Bands Only

Who doesn’t want to have a sexy body figure to represent themselves like a hero in the movie? Hahaha..I don’t know much about you, but I was serious about bodybuilding. I was searching for which would be best for doing so, and I was lucky; I found resistance bands that eased the process. but I was initially confused about whether it is possible to do Bodybuilding With Resistance Bands Only.

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Resistance bands could be your perfect companion for bodybuilding, even if you are at home. You will find these highly efficient in gaining and strengthening the muscle. Like, free weights, resistance bands can facilitate the bodybuilding process as they are easy to operate and portable. 

According to a study in 2024, resistance bands work far better than other traditional gym equipment. However, in the following discussion, I will try to reveal the ins and out related to bodybuilding with resistance bands only. 

Can you build body and muscle with just resistance bands? 

Absolutely, YES!!

Resistance bands are excellent exercise accessories to build muscle and tone the body. The best part of a resistance tube is using your body weight to add intensity and create tension in the engaged muscle. It helps you focus on a particular force and work on it.

With One resistance band, you can work on all body parts and adjust the intensity according to your needs. It activates the muscles and helps in toning up the body. It is excellent for fat loss, as the exercises are focused on a particular body part, which uses more energy even after working out during recovery.

You can build muscle with your bands alone if you use strong enough bands with an appropriate set/rep range and decent nutrition. There will be some differences, but with creativity, you can get decent results with just bands.

List of resistance Bands that work

Here is a few exercises you can do using resistance Bands:

1. Wall Lateral Pulldown. 

Targeted muscles: Lats, upper back. 

2. Triceps Extension. 

Targeted muscles: Triceps. 

3. Bicep Curl. 

Targeted muscles: Biceps. 

4. Shoulder External Rotation. 

Targeted muscles: Shoulders, upper back. 

5. Fire Hydrant.

6. Donkey Kick.

7. Modified Side Plank Leg Lifts.

8. High Plank Leg Lifts.

Ways to build body USING RESISTANCE BANDS only:

If you’ve always believed resistance bands had better do with lengthening and rehab than actual training, train to have your mind changed. 

Five things you must know about resistance bands to make revolutionary improvements in your workout.

  • Bands Help Build The Mind-Muscle Connection

You have heard of the mind-muscle connection and how it can help your workout and enhance your gains. You may not know that the active resistance of bands can make it more comfortable to demonstrate that connection.

When you no longer concentrate on how much something weighs, you can focus on sound, disciplined form, and peak contraction.

The increasing resistance of a band pushes you to focus at the end of the range of motion and ensures you get good compression on each rep, which will eventually help you build your mind-muscle connection. 

To get the most out of this process, do your band work in your training to establish the mind-muscle relationship early and maximize every exercise.

  • Bands Keep Constant Tension On The Target Muscle

One of the prominent advantages of bands is dynamic tension, yet numerous professional lifters forget that, unlike free weights, bars also provide consistent pressure. 

For example, doing a biceps curl yields tension at the very top because we’re locked out. With resistance bands, as we pull that band, we have pressure via the range of motion, specifically at the top.

Since bands do not depend on gravity for resistance the way weights do, they can deliver constant tension in any direction. That makes bands mainly valid for at-home workouts, significantly for hard-to-work muscle groups such as the back, hamstrings, and rear delts.

  • Bands Are Not Just For Warm-Ups

Bands are a typical sight in the warm-up and cool-down zones in multiple large box gyms, but if that’s the best time you use them, you’re not dabbing your full workout potential. The continuous, diligent resistance of bands is tough but available, making them adaptable to virtually any fitness level and goal. 

You can apply them to various exercises, modalities, and training purposes. You can use them to assist with complicated bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups or drops and to add power to other foundational workouts such as squats and lunges.

Bands are not just for warm-ups; you can do any training style with resistance bands which can be done with free machines. You can build muscles and do HIIT, total-body activities—anything you want to do, you can do with resistance bands.

  • Bands Build Muscle

Resistance bands can create actual muscle. Yes, it’s true. That’s because the tension the band place on the muscle fibers can generate the same microtears required to facilitate muscle growth that lifting weights causes.

There’s this misunderstanding that resistance bands don’t supply enough resistance to build muscle. But this is not true. Resistance is resistance.

While bands may not seem like much, they can add as much as 150 pounds of additional resistance, which is nothing to scoff at when added to bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and lunges.

  • Bands Combine With Free Weights For A Killer Workout

The final point about resistance bands is that you can connect them with free weights and get the most suitable of both globes. Let’s say you’re curious about setting higher numbers on your bench and squatting. 

Using bands adds more resistance at that point in the exercise when you are the strongest, matching the strength curve to making the movement more challenging throughout the range of motion. It will help you work through strength plateaus and make more significant PRs.

Bands can also help when your implementation choices are limited. Those 10-pound dumbbells can quickly become 30- or 40-pounders with the simple addition of a bar, and a 45-pound barbell reaches triple-digit resistance just as quickly—no plates or racks required.

How to use RESISTANCE BANDS for bodybuilding? 

You can use resistance bands exercise for bodybuilding. You can alter each exercise by changing your body’s angle of movement or position. Below mentioned are some of the resistance band exercises for bodybuilding:

01. Bent Over Row

The bent-over row mainly works the latissimus dorsi (the large wing-like muscles in your back), the middle and lower trapezius, the rhomboids, and the posterior deltoids. These are the excellent movers responsible for the activity in the exercise.

  • Step on the center of the band
  • Hold each loop end in your hands while leaning ahead. 
  • Keep your lower back barely arched. 
  • Pull the bar upwards as high as feasible, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

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02. Deadlift

Resistance band deadlifts are a perfect exercise for building muscular strength. They will help you to create pure lean muscle mass. For this activity, it’s essential to pay attention to proper form.

  • Step into either end of the loop and stand with feet wide apart. 
  • Bend at the midsection and knees. 
  • Hold your lower back straight. 
  • Hold the band at the center and pull it upwards to perform deadlifts. 

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03. Squats

Resistance Band Squat is a lower body workout that utilizes the band for additional resistance to strengthen your glutes and legs. This excellent move will add even more additional benefits to a regular squat. Squats With Tube Bands are fantastic for Building Overall size on your Quads (thighs), Glutes (Butt), and, Heck, your whole body!

  • Grab one end of the resistance loop at shoulder size.
  • Step into the different ending with your feet shoulder-width separated. 
  • Now conduct front squats, as always, paying close attention to the correct form.


04. Resisted Lunge

Lunges are especially useful for leg workouts as they engage your entire lower body. Keep your upper body straight the whole time, and avoid arching your back.

  • Hold the circles at each end.
  • Now step on the middle of the band from a forward standpoint. 
  • Now complete resisted lunges while maintaining firmly onto each end of the process.

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04. Single Arm Row

In resistance training, a single-row exercise involves a pulling motion that seeks to toughen the muscles that retract your shoulder blades and pull your arms toward your body.

  • Step into each end of the loop from a broad forward standpoint. 
  • Know to hold the band in the middle. 
  • Lean forward with a straight back. 
  • Rest your other hand on your knee. 
  • Now pull the bar up as high as possible.
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05. Reverse Flyes 

The reverse fly is an activity you can do with bands to target the muscles in the upper back. Powerful upper back muscles help balance your shoulder power and help protect your shoulder from injury.

  • Stand on a resistance band and keep a handle with each hand by your shins. 
  • Slightly curve your knees and lower your back, so it’s parallel to the floor. 
  • Extend the arms to the side as far as you can go. 
  • Pause, then lower the band to the beginning position and repeat.
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Can you build leg muscle with resistance bands? If yes, then explain how 

Absolutely. Resistance band exercises for legs are a great way to target and tone the large muscle groups in your legs while burning fat. By practicing resistance band leg workouts at least three times a week, you will gradually build strength, and these moves will become easier. 

Below are some of the best leg muscle-building exercises with resistance bands.

Quadruped hip extensions

  • These work on your mid-region’s stomach, hip, and back muscles.
  • The starting work is the table-top pose (on hands and knees with knees, hips, and shoulder joints all at right angles, with elbows straight). 
  • Wrap the resistance band above your knees, around both thighs.
  • Engage your core by squeezing your stomach muscles and pulling your left foot towards the ceiling while keeping your knee bent at 90.
  • Slowly lower this knee back down to the ground.
  • Repeat with your other leg.


The bridge

  • A resistance band works slightly more on the hip muscles.
  • Lie with your back, bottom, and feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. 
  • Place your feet hip-width apart.
  • Cover the resistance band about both your thighs, just above your knees.
  • Keep your arms on the floor at your side and feet flat, then lift your hips off the bottom towards the top.
  • Pressing your glutes tightly, hold for a few moments, then return your hips to the floor.
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The clamshell

This resistance band exercise is a beautiful way to boost the main muscles of your glutes and can help control and relieve overuse damage.

  • Lie down on the floor by placing one leg on the other. 
  • Now slightly bend both knees. 
  • Place the resistance band above your knees and close both thighs.
  • Now lift the knee of your top leg towards the roof while holding your feet together. Gradually lower your knee back down to the other knee position. 
  • Repeat with your other leg.
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Lateral walk

It is a good exercise for using resistance bands to engage your glutes and hip muscles. It supports all major muscles in your hips, thighs, and legs and can help prevent damage.

  • Wrap the resistance band around your thighs and sink into a half-squat position.
  • Raise your right foot and take one step to the right, pursued by the left.
  • In the exact location, step on your left foot.
  • Then, your right foot to the left to return to your starting point.
  • Repeat in the other direction.

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Side leg raises

This resistance band exercise builds strength in the hip muscles.

  • Lie down on your side with the resistance band looped above your knees.
  • Keep your bottom leg bent but straighten the top portion.
  • Slowly raise your entire leg as high as possible and lower it until it’s hovering above the floor.
  • If you also actively push the bottom part into the floor, you will exercise both legs at the same time.
  • Lie on your other side and repeat.

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Leg curls

These will help keep your glutes and hamstrings (the muscles that run down the back of your thighs), which is especially necessary if you’re a runner.

  • Lie on your stomach with your legs, looping the resistance band around your ankles.
  • Slowly curl your left leg by bringing your heel up to your bottom.
  • Hold this for several seconds, then slowly lower the bent leg to the starting position.
  • Repeat with the right leg.

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Donkey kicks

These will work the muscle groups in your glutes and core.

  • The starting position is the table-top pose. 
  • Twist the resistance band near your left foot, and put the other end underneath both hands (which should align with your shoulders).
  • Extend your left foot as far behind as you can while squeezing your glutes.
  • Slowly return to the starting position.
  • Repeat with the right leg.

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Can you build chest muscles with resistance bands? If yes, then explain how.

Yes, resistance band chest exercises are an excellent way to increase muscular strength and size in the chest. It is a direct result of the time the chest muscles are under tension during exercise.

TheraBand resistance bands and tubing are mainly used to perform and make muscle strength and size. The handles provide a sturdy hold and allow for various exercises, like what you might achieve in the gym with free weights or machines. 

Resistance bands can help provide an adequate chest workout. The bars are low-cost, portable, and require minimal space to use. Whether you use weights, resistance bands, or body weight, apply some resistance to build muscle mass.

Building a stable chest enhances the use of your upper body to accomplish everyday tasks. Resistance bands are a fantastic choice for barbells and dumbbells; they are considerably more comfortable to carry and can be used anywhere. Try to include all these seven chest exercises in your next resistance workout!

3 Things You Should Know: bodybuilding with resistance bands

The breakdown of muscles is a catabolic state—that triggers protein synthesis. A force is made up of 70% protein. Three things you should know about Muscle building and involves three main steps, which are mentioned below:

1. Mechanical Tension:

The force that pulls a material or power pulling against our muscles. Free weights can generate this force caused by machines, resistance bands, or lifting rocks.

Our muscles experience can experience mechanical tension in two ways:

a) Active Tension:

Concentric contraction and isometric contraction, where you hold it, or eccentric or negative contraction, is when that mechanical tension opposes it.

b) Passive Tension:

When muscles are in a relaxed position or when we are not contracting, we feel a force pulling against our muscles.

The process isn’t exactly clear to science. It still debates back and forth. But most people believe that muscle tension disturbs the integrity of muscles or stresses the muscles, which ends up in muscle building.

Time under tension is another crucial factor in muscle building. It means how long are you holding that load? 

It’s not just about heavyweight; it’s about ensuring you get time under tension—30 to 70 seconds under pressure needed to trigger hypertrophy or muscle building.

Mechanical tension is not solely responsible for muscle building; it’s a component, not the only thing. There are also other factors involved that trigger muscle building.

2. Metabolic Stress:

The burning sensation or muscle pump feeling is metabolic stress. The pump is a crucial factor in building muscles. When no protein exists in the body, it takes the muscles’ proteins, breaking them down to make glucose. It is a catabolic process.

In the metabolic stress mechanism, you need to have enough volume to ensure enough resistance at the top. 

That is why bodybuilders use resistance bands to get the pump. They are superior to weight when it comes to pumps. Metabolic stress is a critical factor for building muscles.

3. Muscle Damage:

We all experience muscle damage when we start a workout. When we train, there is micro-trauma to our muscles that causes inflammation; that inflammation is a response to the damage caused to the muscles during work out. It’s partially true but not wholly accurate.

Eccentric training benefits muscle damage—almost 20 to 30% of muscle damage in an eccentric contraction. Muscle damage is more significant when the muscle is in an extended position.


Can you walk on a treadmill with resistance bands?

Yes, you can walk on a treadmill with resistance bands. Walking on a treadmill with resistance bands Will help you to build lower and upper bodybuilding. 

Besides, adding a resistance band around your thighs can help build a lower body workout. However, before doing such exercises, ensure you have the best treadmill for walking. 

Do bodybuilders use resistance bands?

Yes, bodybuilders do use resistance bands for workouts. As with any exercise practice, resistance bands will boost the strength of your muscles and facilitate growth. 

They will also hit the full degree of motion, working many parts of power that are often underworked when using free weights.

Today, bands are more than just an entry-level alternative to heavy free weights. They’re now used worldwide by elite athletes, football players, UFC fighters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders, and you name it—to develop strength, power, speed, and even muscle size.

Can you get bigger muscles with resistance bands?

Yes, it is achievable to build big muscles with resistance bands. These bands are movable and easy to operate, but they’re also remarkably efficient in strengthening and gaining strength. So, Resistance bands make muscles the same way as free weights do.

Is resistance bands better than weights?

A workout using resistance bands provides equivalent strength gains to conventional gym equipment. 

You’ll need to move up to a band with even more tension to continue achieving the muscle overload that results in muscle growth. 

It’s the same with free weights; when lifting a certain weight becomes easy, it’s time to move up to a more challenging weight.

Resistance bands might not look like much, but they can support your muscles as effectively as more classic weights.

Final verdict 

So, what’s the conclusion on resistance bands? Resistance bands can be considered a feasible alternative to dumbbells. Well, suppose you can overcome the challenge of progressive overload. 

In that case, they are a fantastic option- especially for people who want to get into resistance training, don’t want to go to or pay for a gym membership, or enjoy the ability to take their workouts with them anywhere they go!

Shaping up Your Body with Whatafit Resistance Bands Workout Guide

whatafit resistance bands workout guide

Resistance bands are the best addition to any strength training workout. They come in various lengths, sizes, and resistance levels, making them the best alternative to gym equipment.

They are lightweight and easy to carry and store. You will find resistance bands perfect for home, office, or hotel workouts. You can continue your workout anywhere, anytime, in small spaces.

You may find a variety of resistance bands brands in the market. The brand also matters in the performance, but the right workout ideas are also important for quick results. 

Through the whatafit resistance bands workout guide, I will teach you how to train your body with resistance bands. Keep reading this article to learn easy resistance band workout ideas.

What are the best resistance band workouts?

Resistance bands allow you to train your body in several ways, but all ways are not equally beneficial. You should select the best workout ideas according to your fitness goals. 

Here I will guide you with some easy resistance bands full-body workout ideas to help you maintain your fitness level. I recommend you perform this workout routine for almost 10 weeks, at least three days a week. 

My whatafit resistance bands workout guide contains 2 sets with 12-15 repetitions for each workout. There will be a 45-second rest between each set, so guys, let’s start.

1. Chest Flys

Chest fly with a resistance band can help you to tone your chest muscles. This workout helps reduce the upper body’s tightness, increase the range of motion, and reduce back pain.

You can start with smaller resistance levels and then go for higher resistance levels when you become habitual. It is a good choice if you start from a 30 pounds whatafit resistance band as a beginner.

How to do it?

Step one

Take your resistance band, place its anchor in the middle of the door, and ensure it is hooked up appropriately. Also, ensure that the anchor is in the middle of the resistance band and that there is an equal resistance band length at both sides.

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Step two

Hold the resistance bands handles and bring your hands closer. While moving your hands, keep your arms straight, belly tight, and make slow movements.

To contract the mid of your chest, keep your arms straight and stretchy. The arm’s back and middle section should be squeezed when pulled together.

ia8EFJomJEjem02KlANJw7cBuBw5tmXrbb1IbBIYj01pADwCLERGBV85u5MdzpWkJvHt AFZk4Pi4i1A GmD 3j1SeEThcfYGB HUrNge9up7cXksVCcdmTzd8u8UHdQ0UL2C9tG

Step three

Perform two sets of 12 to 15 reps. You can also stack multiple resistance bands together to add more resistance. But if you do not have more bands, move a little further; it will also increase the resistance band’s resistance.


2. Triceps Pushdown

A triceps pushdown workout with resistance bands could increase your arm size if you want to become a bodybuilder. It will also improve shoulders and chest muscles strength. 

You can benefit from triceps pushdown like the push press, dips, pushups, and bench press workouts. With a routine exercise for 8 to 10 weeks, you can tone muscles on the back of your arms and improve stabilization in the shoulders.

How to do it?

Step one

It would be best to place the anchor on the upper side of the door but a little above your head. Ensure an equal length of resistance bands on each side for the right balance. 

Step two

Stand at 18 inches to 20 inches distance from the door and pull down the resistance band as much as possible. 

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Step three

Keep performing reps 12 to 15 times. You can perform two or more sets as you feel comfortable. Ensure your elbows are tight, and keep your arms straight down towards your sides when doing that exercise. It will make your workout stressful to get quick results.

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3. Biceps Curls

Our next workout with whatafit resistance bands is biceps curls. It shares the same benefits as hammer curls. Your biceps muscles work in tandem with deltoids, traps, lats, triceps in shoulders, and elbow functions. 

Triceps Curls will help you to build front upper arm muscles, and they will also tone lower arm muscles. Strong arms make you able to pull heavy weights. The remarkable thing about this workout is that it is very easy to learn and perform.

How to do it?

Step one

You can use single or more resistance bands, depending on your fitness. Hold on to the resistance bands handles and stand straight on the floor. Maintain 12 inches distance among your feet and place the resistance bands underneath your feet.

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Step two

Once stand in position, gently raise your hands parallel to your shoulders. When you reach the shoulders level, stop for a couple of seconds and then return to the initial position.

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Step three

Perform two sets, including 12 to 15 reps in each set. For increasing the resistance, you have the option to add more resistance bands or increase the distance among your feet. It will also be helpful if you raise your hands a little above your shoulders.

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4. Preacher Curls

Preacher curls with resistance bands are undoubtedly the most challenging workout that will help build inner biceps. You train your muscles against negative movement; such adverse movements improve your muscles’ strength and their size.

In preacher curls, workout brachialis muscles are the major target. You place your arms at an angle when engaged in the preacher’s curls. The long head of the biceps brachii muscles grows more with this workout than short head muscles.

How to do it?

Step one

Attach the resistance band anchor to the lower door and ensure it is appropriately hooked up.

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Step two

Sit at a one meter distance from the door; you can also increase the distance to make your workout more stressful. Try to sit on your hips but place both feet on the ground.

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Step three

Now place your elbows right on your knees and pull the resistance band towards you. Make 12 to 15 repetitions; two sets are enough for the beginner.

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5. Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunches with resistance bands are the best exercise for fat removal and strengthening the deepest muscles in the stomach. Men and women can shape their bodies by lowering belly fat. It strengthens the rectus abdominis and helps you to develop the six-packs.

It is less stressful than regular crunches for your back, relaxing your spine. It also targets the core muscles below your abdominals and external oblique. 

How to do it?

Step one

Attach your resistance band anchor in the lower portion of the door and lay down facing upward on the floor.  Then stick both your feet in the handles and keep your head above the floor with your hand’s support.

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Step two

Now pull both your feet towards your body as much as possible. Keep your belly tight and straight. While performing, make sure your feet or head do not touch the surface.

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Step three

It is a strenuous exercise; you may not perform 12 to 15 reps, so start with a maximum of 10 reps. 2 or 3 sets with a one-minute break between each step are enough.

9Q sis HzTpPyi5JY3SdoI7svqyhVT5pWqlK tuqNlhu92V6q8IZEih BmHbJVb88NbwXMm0MfUBcb8G2D1rj2VgR7Gney EVAPuw1WB6I99KLe7RbkBEV0LnAde SHZQhpd2qE8

6. Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is an incredibly efficient exercise that benefits you in multiple ways. It is a compound exercise that simultaneously targets multiple muscle groups and joints. Mountain climber is an effective and recommended exercise for strengthening your arms, core, shoulders, back, and especially leg muscles.

This workout is also recommended because of its benefits for heart health and fitness level. With one workout, you can burn calories and improve your heart health.

How to do it?

Step one

In this workout, you will need to attach the anchor to the lower portion of the door. Once attached, lay down facing down on the floor.

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Step two

Stick resistance band handles in your feet and raise your body on the support of your arms.

Step three

Now start your workout, pull one leg closer to your chest, and return to the initial position. Next, do the same workout with the other leg; keep performing 12 to 15 reps with alternating legs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure resistance band weight for workout?

Mostly you will get the resistance bands with written resistance levels like 30lbs, 50lbs, etc. You will get the same resistance as written on the bands if you have a quality brand. 

But if no such information is available or you want to check the accuracy, you can measure the weight by dumbbells.

Pull up different dumbbells with your resistance bands. The maximum weight that you can pull up with the resistance band is the resistance level of your band. But do not worry about what resistance level you will get from resistance bands; they will boost your muscle strength.

How do I find the best resistance bands for glutes?

Resistance bands are the best equipment to activate your glutes muscles. You have several options for the resistance band selection for glutes. 

Experts always find a way to use any resistance bands for glutes workout. But mostly, the small resistance bands work greater than the long loop resistance bands. You can wrap a small resistance band around your thighs and efficiently target your booty muscles to improve the glute’s shape.

Can resistance bands at home use help to maintain fitness?

Resistance bands are now recommended as a good solution for gym equipment. Your muscle needs progressive resistance for gaining size or burning calories. Modern resistance bands come in various sizes and resistance levels that ensure a full-body workout.

You can target any muscles in your body with right resistance band workouts. You can experience hundreds of pounds of resistance for your body muscles with resistance bands. 

Resistance bands are an inexpensive and efficient solution if you are a busy person. You can tone your body with resistance bands anytime and anywhere.

How to use resistance bands at home?

Resistance bands are very flexible and allow you to train your whole body. When performing a workout at home, you can target any muscle in your body. 

You can target your chest, shoulders, arms, legs, glutes, and belly muscles with resistance bands. Some of the recommended exercises that you can try at home are as follows.

For Chest

Resistance band fly, resistance band row, and standing high crossover are the best workouts for your chest muscles at home.

For Shoulders

Front raise, lateral raise, shoulder press, shrug, upright row, pull apart, and Reverse fly is the best workout ideas.

Belly Fat

You can perform standing obliques, plank with the tap, plank to bear oblique crunch, and bicycle crunch workouts for belly fat reduction.

For Legs

Legs are one of the significant parts of the body. You can train your legs with banded Romanian deadlift, banded hip thrust, banded pull through, and banded overhead squat.

How to find the fit resistance band for workouts at home?

For better results from the training, you need the perfect workouts. But the perfect workouts could only produce results when performed with high-quality equipment. Because of resistance bands’ popularity and benefits, there are hundreds of brands in the market.

You find a great difference in their prices, sizes, and resistance level. If you have a costly resistance band, then it does not mean you have the perfect one. You can choose the average price resistance band after considering some essential features.

You should consider some essential factors such as what workout you are buying, check their material quality, and what resistance level they have. 

Ergonomically styled resistance bands such as whatafit resistance bands could be a good choice for training your body at home.


Resistance bands are quickly replacing the traditional gym machine and equipment. They offer versatility and several benefits that make them good for training at the home, office, or anywhere. You can easily target the required muscles with resistance bands.

But for quick results, you need consistency, suitable resistance bands, and perfect workout ideas. 

You can consult with the experts to select the best workouts for your body. We have also provided you with a whatafit resistance bands workout guide, which may help you make your muscles strong.

Spri Resistance Tube Exercise Guide – Give The Gift Of Fitness This Year

Spri Resistance Tube Exercise Guide

Are you looking for an effective resistance tube full-body workout you can do anywhere? If so, then you are most welcome to our spri resistance tube exercise guide. Spri resistance tubes are excellent additions to any home gym which is lightweight and easy to learn. Besides, it offers a wide variety of exercises with a single resistance tube.

You can exercise anywhere in the park, home, office, or even outside on your driveway with this resistance tube. Moreover, with this resistance tube, you can boost your muscles’ endurance and strength. Want to learn more? Stay with us till the end of our spri resistance tube exercise guide.

Do resistance tubes actually work?

All of us know that a particular type of exercise increases muscle strength. And also help in reduction in pain for people with arthritis. Performing simple basic activities like getting up and down from a chair or squatting, called progressive resistance training, also helps.

So, we think spri resistance tubes are also the best tools for progressive resistance training, just like we read in all of the research articles. Resistance tubes have the tendency to make your training more challenging when stretched. You can experience a hundred or more pounds of resistance with resistance tubes.

You can get just as much of a good workout with resistance tubes as would throwing around heavyweights. But the resistance tubes offer greater flexibility and several options for a workout than other gym equipment.

Working with resistance tubes or bands allows your muscles to work harder through every range. When you use them with static gym equipment, Resistance tubes bring very fast results. But using resistance tubes alone also brings many benefits.

Best Resistance tube workouts

In this spri resistance tube exercise guide, I will teach you the five best workouts that will be the perfect experience to tone up your body.

Top 5 best Resistance tube workouts: A detailed guide and instruction 

01. Chest Press

Resistance tube chest press exercise will ensure the same results as the dumbbell chest press. The excellent thing about using a resistance tube is that you can accomplish it from a standing position. 

It is a suitable training option for those who cannot lay down due to back pain. It will help you build chest muscles and grow your triceps, abs, and shoulders muscles.

How to do it?

Step 1- Take your resistance tube and wrap it around your chest from the back by holding both handles in your hands.  Make sure the resistance tube should remain around your shoulders and above your arms. Place your one leg a little before the other one in a bending position to prepare for training.

DxgRpMF4e525cTX GWSwuJJWmLo0kZjBiRUeNhUoltr1tSPN3Wf

Step 2- Now, bring both hands together and slowly return them to the starting position. But do not lock out the elbows; perform it slowly and smoothly by focusing the tension in the chest.

zi808jO6euQdX2lOfQmZScg6sZ A 3W

Step 3- Perform 10 to 15 reps, but if you are a beginner, start with the number of reps you can perform comfortably.

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02. Chest Fly

The chest fly is highly recommended as the “chest opener” workout. It hits the pectoralis major muscles with a single movement. 

Usually, gym machines are used for chest fly training, but modern resistance tubes have changed the scenario. Now you can efficiently train your chest with simple resistance tubes anywhere at the home, office, or park.

How to do it

Step 1

Attach your resistance tube with firm support; you can attach its anchor with a door or anything that you think is better. Attach its middle with the support by holding both resistance tube handles in your hands. 

Once you have attached it properly, sit down on your knees on the floor. Make sure the resistance tube should be a little above your head height.

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Step 2

Now pull the resistance tube slowly and try to bring both hands closer. Once attached, then go back to the initial position and perform reps repeatedly.

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Step 3

You should try ten or more reps, but do not bend your elbows when training. Try to keep your elbows and arms straight. It will ensure more stress to get effective results.

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03. Lateral Raises

Lateral raises are excellent muscle training that will target your shoulders and improve abs muscles. You can perform that exercise anywhere with resistance bands, bringing excellent results.

People with problems in their back could easily build their abs and shoulder muscles with resistance tubes.

How to do it?

Step 1

Hold handles of resistance tubes in your hands and place your one foot before. Now place the resistance tube underneath your front foot. While standing, try to tighten your abdomen and avoid arching the back.

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Step 2

Now raise both of your arms to shoulders level. While raising your arms, avoid bending the elbows.


Step 3

Train your shoulders with 3 to 4 sets of 10 reps. When your arms reach parallel with the floor, stop, feel some contraction, and then slowly lower back down.

VXa2euz7H2N2neWTcXWVW3wGHCDySWtTAwEX3pLbuq1hHkL6JYuVBjPrRKSUfUBKzQ42NQc1Y8i4snTcv0HlUSmaTvsSyk9Bi v1N17l7o 57UDJqqmhjCGQttTVHtfWoc69O07O

04. Squats

Resistance tube squat exercises could help you in improving quad and glute muscles. You have several ways to do squats with resistance tubes. Squats are simple and very effective for your leg’s muscle strength.

If you have long resistance tubes, you can perform squats more efficiently. Long resistance tubes offer you to target multiple muscles in your body with one squat exercise.

How to do it?

Step 1

Loop the resistance tube around your feet to stand on it. Hold its other end in your hands just beneath your chin to add extra resistance.

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Step 2

Once you have got the right position, start your training. Perform sit and stand by holding the resistance band. While performing the exercise, keep your belly and hips tight.

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Step 3

Ten reps are enough for the beginner, but if you are experienced, then you can try 2 to 3 sets. You can also use a medium length resistance tube to make your training more stressful.

gtCGkzO4qp3KlmCj2TfwVkGVXwiTRnaMMYleaGHvlp1WelW7PRHnMbMcKV5I RZCLuRHPH1VhWAXGm1gmceq6Z7Y0RkdiB0IVdI9EsGbC53ISWDEMUHWXFAKhNKbh9Mg85H 4y8

05. Lunges

Resistance tube lunge workout is recommended for quads and glutes. It will also assist you in improving hip flexors and hamstrings. You can try many different resistance tube lunge variations with a different type of this tiny resistance equipment.

The lunge is a perfect exercise for those who are at a beginner level of physical fitness. Here I will teach you through some easy steps to perform a resistance tube lunge workout.

How to do it?

Step 1

Hold the resistance tube both handles in your hands with an overhand grip. Bring your one feet a little forward, almost 16 to 20 inches, and place it over the resistance tube. Make sure you have placed your feet in the middle of the tube.

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Step 2

Once you have got the position, twist your wrist outward and then bring your hands to the side of your shoulders by keeping the resistance band behind the arms.

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Step 3

Start your training by lowering your body straight down. Bend your knee to touch the ground, stop for a couple of seconds, and then push yourself back to the initial position. Try 10 to 15 reps and then perform the same exercise for the other leg.

x 7tLBogdFifOGD5V6c76t37tpm7fzvLFYJJiomJ5Dr KXe7SU9EmYzUrtuHa8SmMfEuOBBGpF0nfYk4EfTL727AjwD5zgFBu RsIsKmA0R

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to measure resistance band weight?

Resistance bands come for different purposes to tone different parts of your body. Their strengths levels are also different. 

If you are training for a routine workout, weighing the resistance band is unnecessary. 

But when precision and accuracy are your concern, you can measure their strength with a fish scale.

Attach the resistance band with firm support and pull it as much as possible. When you have stretched it fully, mark the point. 

Now measure the strength by pulling the fish scale to that point. It will be the possible resistance of your band. 

You can also measure it by the dumbbell method, but the fish scale method is more accurate.

Q2. What are the best resistance bands for glutes?

There are no specific resistance bands for glutes workouts. But the booty bands made of high-quality stretch material are good to use. Such resistance bands do not dig into your skin and never loosen up over time. Wider fabric containing resistance bands is best to use for lunges and squats.

You can use any length depending on your workout technique if we consider the length. Small, medium, and long loop resistance bands are equally beneficial for glutes development.

Q3. How to use resistance bands at home?

Resistance bands come with greater flexibility to continue your training anywhere at the home, office, or outside. You can use them for a full-body workout. 

Some of the best exercises with resistance bands to tone up your body are squats, lunges, chest press, chest fly, glutes extension, and many others.

Q4. Is bodybuilding with resistance bands only possible?

Resistance bands are very effective tiny equipment that replaces many heavy-weight gym machines. 

They were effective and brought excellent results. You may take some more time than the gym equipment. 

But training with resistance bands indeed brings results. Surely, it is possible to become a bodybuilder with the correct resistance band exercises.


Resistance tubes provide the resistance the same as the weight machine or other free weights to work your muscles. They challenge the muscles and cause stimulation of bones that leads to quick muscle growth.

Research reveals that your muscles need progressive resistance for training, and resistance tubes have the tendency to provide. But it is also necessary that you should try the right workouts to tone your body. Our spri resistance tube exercise guide will help you boost your muscle growth and maintain your fitness level.

Do Resistance Bands Help Lose Thigh Fat?

do resistance bands help lose thigh fat

Thigh fats could be a serious anxiety trigger for many people, especially women. Men and women with increasing age and women after giving birth to child suffer from thigh fats. It damages your body shape and makes it hard to run and even move.

Women use different diet plans and medicines to lose their thigh fats, but it is not safe. There is no best way than to exercise to lose body fat. Exercises not just make us stronger but also improve our overall health. It may be hard for women to get spare time from their busy routine to visit the gym.

Modern resistance bands are supposed as the best alternative for gym equipment and especially for busy and housewives. They can easily use resistance bands at home or anywhere they feel comfortable shaping their bodies and getting the required fitness level. 

But do resistance bands help lose thigh fat? To get an answer to that question, keep reading my below content to know resistance band effects for thigh fat and ways to lose thigh fats with resistance bands.

Why do fats accumulate around thighs?

Fats are also essential for proper body functioning but, it is harmful and causes many serious diseases such as heart issues, blood pressure, and diabetics. Fats could be in any area of your body, but in women, fats around the lower body, such as hips and especially thighs, accumulate more than men. There are many reasons for the accumulation of fats around our thighs.


With increasing age, physical activities decrease that cause accumulation of carbohydrates in our body and increase the percentage of fats in our body. The most affected parts of our body are the belly, hips, and thighs.


It is not wrong to say thigh fats are associated with gender; undoubtedly, fats increase in men and women due to several factors. But in women, fats accumulate around their hips and thighs. You may see some men with heavy thighs, but the rate is very low, men suffer from the accumulation of fats in the belly, but women suffer from the accumulation of fats around thighs.


Diet is one of the major factors for accumulating fats in the thighs. People, who love to eat sugary diets, could face an accumulation of fats in their bodies. Women who do not care about eating and take more carbs easily gain fats in their thighs.

Physical activity

More fat in our body is like a poison that could cause several diseases, so it is essential to eliminate them to enjoy a smooth life. Still, there is no other perfect solution world has found than exercises to decrease fats in our body. 

Exercises are essential for everyone, regardless of age and gender; everyone from kids to seniors needs exercise to maintain their fitness. People who do not have physical activities or do not practice some exercises could suffer more from fats in the body than others.

Do resistance bands help lose thigh fat?

Resistance bands offer all the facilities like the other gym equipment to lose fats in your body and tone your muscles. There are plenty of resistance bands choices for your lower body parts, such as best resistance bands for glutes, short resistance bands for thighs, and long loop resistance bands for legs that could help you a lot.

You can try several exercises to lose thigh fat. We have also found some of the best exercises ideas that you can use to lose thigh fat. 

Resistance band exercise ideas for thigh fat

No doubt right resistance bands are important for seeing results from your exercises but, it is equally important that you know the technique to use a resistance band. If you choose a long loop or short resistance band, you should know how to use long loop resistance bands or short loop bands.

I will teach you with easiest resistance bands ideas to lose thigh fat; keep reading to learn the perfect training ideas for your thigh fats and overall legs.

Resistance band leg lifts

Resistance band leg lifts could be a good resistance band exercise for you to lose thigh fat. It is easy to practice and improves your glutes and legs muscles. It is very simple to practice.

How to do it?

Step one

Stand straight and loop the resistance bands around your ankles but maintain hip distance apart.

Step two 

While standing, keep your ass and thigh muscles tight and put your weight on your right leg, but avoid disturbing your balance.

Step three

You will need to tighten the band at the maximum possible distance, but avoid shifting your hips.

Step four

Now complete ten reps by bringing your left foot back to the start position without letting the foot touch the ground. You will need such movements in a very controlled manner.

Step five

Get the same position for your next leg and complete ten reps for the other side in the same way.

Lateral walks with resistance band at thighs

A resistance band at the knees could help you lose fat around your thighs. It is one of the recommended exercises for inner thigh and outer thigh muscles. Men or women of any age could perform that exercise with ease.

How to do it?

Step one

Stand straight on a smooth and flat floor by placing your feet slightly wider than your hips width.

Step two

Next, loop a right resistance band around your thighs a little above your kneecaps. While wrapping the resistance band, bend your knees a little and lean forward at your booty muscles.

Step three

After getting above position, go one step forward with your leading leg and then following your leading leg take a little step by behind the leg. You will feel resistance and tension in your thigh muscles when taking steps.

Step four

Take steps back to go to your starting position and continue the practice. When performing, avoid locking or your knees; there should be a slight distance between your knees to stress your thigh muscles.

Step five

It is an easier practice but has wonderful benefits for your legs muscles; you will need 20 reps in each set and will need to perform two sets. Avoid moving or rotating your hips while performing the reps.

Lower lift

Lower lift with resistance band is an effective exercise for thigh fat and one of the best resistance band exercises for belly fat. It is equally beneficial for men and women to lose belly and thigh fats.

How to do it?

Step one

Lie down on the flat floor on your back and hold the long loop resistance band in your hands. 

Step two

After that, gently place your left foot bottom in the middle of the band and push it gently towards the ceiling.

Step three

While straightening your left leg to the roof, try to pull core muscles in by maintaining your shoulders down to keep your neck relaxed. 

Step four

Stay for a couple of seconds, and then take your leg back to the starting position, following your core, shoulders, and knee position.

Step Five

You will need to perform ten to twelve reps for the left leg; when complete, perform in the same way for the right leg.

Jump Squats with resistance band

Jump squat exercise with a resistance band is best to lose fats because it quickly increases your heart rate, and your body will start breaking sweat quickly. 

How to do it?

Step one

Loop the resistance band around your thighs by standing straight; it will be good if you place the resistance band at the lower knees.

Step two

Make a wider distance between feet wider than your hips, maintaining toes facing forward.

Step three

Keep your knees in 90 degrees bent position until you are in a squat position and jump for squat to the standing. 

Step four

Repeat the jump from standing to squat and continue until you get the rhythm. At the same time, you are landing into squat land gently to keep your balance maintained.

Step five

You will need three sets of ten reps, perform jumping faster to make your exercise stressful to burn calories quickly.

What should I do to see quick results for thigh fat with a resistance band?

Undoubtedly resistance bands are very effective for thigh fats, but you also need some other initiatives to see quick results. Some of the major things with resistance bands exercises should be:

Consistency in your workout is key to reaching your fitness goal, so once you have set a workout plan, strictly follow and ensure its consistency according to schedule.

Diet– Diet is also a major factor; you should ensure fewer carbs and reduce the food quantity to lose thigh fats quickly.

Right resistance band and workout– It is also essential to see quick results in choosing the right resistance band and workout plan to reduce thigh fats.

Change workout– Sticking with one type of resistance band exercise is ineffective in seeing quick results. You should start with low stressful workouts, but change and try a more stressful workout with time to make your exercise challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to see results from resistance bands for thigh fat?

Thigh fats need more time and stressful exercise ideas to reduce. So, after selecting the right resistance band and exercise ideas, patience is next. Generally, you may take two to three months to start seeing thigh fat reduction when following a balanced resistance band workout plan. To see a significant change in your thigh fat, it may take 6 to 7 months to see the results.

Which resistance band is suitable for thigh fat?

Selecting the right resistance band for thigh fat reduction is essential for your other fitness targets. First, you should check the resistance band exercises with different resistance bands. A resistance band with which you can perform 10 to 12 stressful reps is best to reduce thigh fats. 

To choose the right resistance band, you should also learn how to measure the resistance band weight. You should read on the package about the resistance band, or you can also measure the resistance band weight by pulling different weights with your resistance band. The maximum weight that your band could pull is the weight of that resistance band.

Are resistance bands effective for fat loss?

Of course, you can use resistance bands to lose fats in any part of your body. The major thing is to ensure stress and tension to burn the calories and fats in your body. Resistance bands are effective to use for fat loss. You can try many effective resistance band muscle building workout plans to reduce thigh, hips, and belly fats.

Can you build muscles with a resistance band in the legs when practicing to reduce thigh fats?

Whether you are following muscle building or fats reduction resistance band workout plans, you will benefit from muscle-building and fat reduction. Thigh fats reduction muscles building workout not just reduce your thigh fat but also increase your legs muscles strength.

Do resistance bands build glutes and lose thigh fats?

Whether targeting your thighs or glutes, you will improve your leg’s fitness when practicing with resistance bands. The best resistance band for glutes not just shapes your booty but also reduces thigh fat and makes your legs muscles stronger.


Resistance bands are a flexible and effective instrument for losing thigh fat. There are many ways to use short and long loop resistance bands for thigh fats. If you use resistance bands in the right way, surely they will benefit you to lose thigh fat.

We have provided you with necessary information about why fats accumulate around the thigh, ways to use a resistance band, and what steps you should take to see quick results. Resistance bands are undoubtedly lightweight instruments, but they are very effective for any fitness target. You can use resistance bands for thigh fat with full confidence.

Can You Build Muscle With Resistance Band?

can you build muscle with resistance band

Muscle-building target is not a nightmare; it is the game of patience, consistency, the use of the right tools, and practices. Bodybuilders practice for long hours with free weights to build muscles in the gym. But modern resistance bands are also supposed to be good alternatives to the gym equipment and free weights.

Resistances bands help build the muscles by offering extra intensity and stabilizing the muscle groups. They offer flexibilities to train at home, work, outside, or during traveling to build muscles.

Resistances bands seem like lightweight rubber ropes that may not satisfy you. But many trainers recommend a resistance band for building muscles. So before choosing resistance bands for muscles building, the question arises in your mind can you build muscle with resistance band?

Stay with me to know if resistance bands for muscle-building are effective and how to build strong muscles with resistance bands.

Can you build muscle with resistance band?

Building muscles with resistance bands is not just possible but also very effective and easy. You can find hundreds of ways to train for building any muscles in your body. It comes with excellent ideas to target your lower or upper body. 

Your muscles need tension, good recovery, adaptation, and progressive overload that is pretty easy to facilitate with resistance bands. You may take some more time to see progress when bodybuilding with resistance bands only. 

But combining resistance bands with other gym equipment could increase your muscle-building capacity. You can fasten your muscle-building process with the use of resistance bands.

What do you need to build muscles with resistance bands?

Before answering the question “can you build muscle with resistance band”, you need know what things you need. Well, your muscles require four main things to build muscles with resistance bands. 

So ensure you have provided the required things to give your muscles a chance to build and grow with resistance bands exercises. Your muscles are building with resistance bands’ needs.

  • Tensions and overload
  • Good recovery
  • Adaptation and progressive overload
  • Protein-rich diet

Tension and overload

Your muscles need resistance to create a stimulus for growth, so you need to apply resistance in the form of tension. It is what we say, stressing your muscles for growth. You have plenty of ways to put tension on your muscles with a resistance band.  Tension is the first muscle-building phase, so find the right resistance band practices to ensure muscle tension.

Adequate Recovery

After tension, the next step for muscles growth is recovery. Muscles recovery means you should sleep, take plenty of water, rest and eat well to ensure maximum muscles growth. 

  • Good muscles recovery needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep because your muscles recover rapidly when you sleep. It leads to a hypertrophy process that helps to gain muscles.
  • Water is essential for muscle building; sufficient water in your body provides a friendly environment for protein synthesis. It will promote protein synthesis and flush out the wastes and all fats loss.
  • Not just sleep, you also need rest when you are awaking, so set a schedule when you relax your muscles.

Adaptation and progressive overload

Your muscles need progressive overload with adaptation with the previous one. Once your muscles become habitual load, the harder workout becomes easier for them with growth. So, you need to increase the load with your muscles growth for fast growth.

If you stop increasing the load on your muscles, then it means your muscles will stop growing because of the same load, same intensity, and same resistance level. This happens too fast when your muscles grow, so you need to increase the load for building muscles continuously.

Amount of resistance, time under tension, the volume of training, and rest between times under tension are the major factors related to muscle overloading.

Protein-rich diet

Your muscles also need enough protein to gain energy and mass with exercise. You have two means of energy: carbs and proteins, but protein is safe and better for health. Protein also has a major role in constructing new muscles and maintaining older muscles.

So intake a protein-rich diet to ensure fast muscles growth; you need 1g of protein for 1 pound weight body weight per day to gain muscles. Bodybuilders also recommend a protein-rich diet to enhance muscle growth with a resistance band muscle building workout. 

You can add protein-rich diets such as meat, eggs, milk, pulses, grains, and protein supplements for fast muscles growth.

How to build muscles with resistance bands?

Resistance bands could strengthen and tone muscles in all body areas, making muscles with a resistance band possible. But first, you need to identify the resistance bands exercises that effectively challenge your body. So to build muscles with resistance bands, you must follow the below tips before selecting any exercises.

Set exercise schedule

You need to develop your workout schedule to meet your daily and weekly requirements. Set a flexible and easy workout schedule at the start and then make changes in the schedule over time. You should include two days a week for upper body muscles to strengthen and two days for lower body muscles.

Your whole schedule of exercises should not be less than 4 to 5 days in a week and thirty minutes a day with resistance bands to get quick results. 

Choose the right tension level.

Choosing high tension could improve your muscles fast, but it does not mean choosing more than your capacity. First, choose the tension level of the resistance band and perform repetitions; if you could easily perform ten repetitions or more than ten, you should increase the tension.

But if you feel too much fatigue and cannot perform 7 to 8 repetitions, you should try the lower tension level. So always ensure the correct tension level by increasing or decreasing tension level for quick and smooth muscles development.

Must include exercises for upper body

Your resistance band exercise should include the best resistance band exercise ideas for your shoulders, biceps, chest, and triceps. To get a beautiful muscular body shape, you must perform resistance band exercises for belly fat for stronger belly muscles.

Must include exercises for lower body

You also need to strengthen your lower body muscles. You can try many leg workouts for glutes, cores, thighs, ankles, and even the feet. For the lower body muscles, such as glutes, you do not just need to have the best resistance band for glutes but also the best exercise for glutes development.


Whether you perform the best resistance band muscle building workout, you will never reach your goals until you consistently follow your workout. Only sincere and consistent efforts are the key to success. So ensure consistent muscle-building activities to get quick and fast results.

Helpful tips

Although resistance bands can assist you in building larger muscle groups, you will see results after a significant amount of time. You need patience and consistency when struggling with bodybuilding with resistance bands only.

You should set your short-term goals and assess your short-term goals; if you reach your short-term goals, then it means your exercises are fruitful and keep it continued. But if you do not find any positive results after three to four weeks, then it means you should change your workout and find a better idea to build muscles.

Resistance band muscle building workout 

I will teach you how resistance bands hit every muscle and how to exercise with resistance bands to build muscles. There are five major muscle groups in our body if we do not consider the core. It includes our chest, our back, our shoulders, our arms, and our legs. 

How to use resistance bands for legs

Legs are one of the largest groups of muscles in our body. So I will teach you two different leg exercises with resistance bands because I think we need more emphasis on our legs than all other small muscle groups.

Resistance Squats

Some people recommend simple bodyweight squats to build legs muscles. But it is not enough to get better muscles building results. Using resistance bands for squats adds resistance and ensures tension for glutes, core, and overall legs muscles.

  • Step one

Take a long loop resistance band and hold both of its handles in your hands.

  • Step two

Stay straight on the floor and place the resistance band under your feet; try to keep your legs equal, and the length of the resistance band should be the same on both sides.

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  • Step Three

Now pull the resistance band by placing your hands on the back of your shoulder. Try to raise your hands from the back at maximum height.

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  • Step four

After that, perform squats 10 to 15 repetitions are enough for one set of squats. When performing, do not go so deeper; medium height is better. Do not bend your ass and try to keep your hips straight.

Chest Flys

Chest Flys could be the best resistance band exercise for building chest muscles and improving your arms, shoulders, and belly muscles. 

  • Step one

You will need support in the lower door to firmly hold the resistance band handles. You can use an additional handle to hold the resistance band from the middle in the door lower side. Try to manage equal length on both sides for balances movement.

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  • Step two

Stay straight, keep the door on behind and hold resistance band handles in your hands. Ensure a proper distance of one to two feet away from the anchor. It will add tension to make your workout challenging.

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  • Step three

When maintaining balance, pull the resistance band by pulling both hands in front of your face around your face. Make movements in the same way like you are hugging a giant person.

  • Step four

Perform ten to fifteen repetitions; you could increase the number of reps if you feel easier. When performing reps, do not keep your knees straight; try to keep your elbows a little bent to increase tension.

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Back Rows

Back Rows is my second resistance band exercise for legs that is a great and easier exercise for your back muscles. I will try some lower back rows reps to damage the back muscles; when they recover again will be stronger than before and will become stronger and stronger with every week.

  • Step one

You do not need to remove the resistance band; leave it in the same position as the chest fly’s workout. You need to change your position. Stay two or three feet ways from the anchor by facing the door in a bend body position. It will put pressure on your back muscles and strengthen your back muscles.

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  • Step two

Keep your ass straight, do not lose it, and try to pull the resistance bands. Try to pull as much as possible, at least to your belly level.

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  • Step three

Do not worry about your hands; focus on your elbows and try to squeeze your shoulders when pulling resistance bands. Practice ten to fifteen reps but make sure you keep your position well maintained.

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Push down

Now we move to our fourth muscle that is the arms and shoulders. There are triceps and biceps; pushdowns are perfect for the triceps muscles. Pushdowns are easier to practice, and you can practice anywhere with ease.

  • Step One

To perform that exercise, remove your resistance band anchor from the lower door and stick the anchor in the upper of the door.

  • Step two

Stay in bent body position three to four feet away from the door facing towards the door. Keep your hips straight, but do not go in a deeper position because you need sufficient space for your biceps training. 

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  • Step Three

Once you get the above position, pull the resistance band and pull them until your arms are straight.  But without losing your hips muscles to ensure a good tension level.

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  • Step Four

You will feel burning your muscles if you do that correctly. It is a tough practice, and ten reps may be enough for you.  When you straighten your arms squeeze your arms and stay for one or two seconds and then move for another rep.

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Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are the best resistance band exercise for building bicep muscles. It is easy to practice but offers you greater resistance to build your muscles faster. 

It does not just benefit your arms muscles. Still, it is also a good exercise for the belly because it equally hits the belly muscles and is also recommended as the best resistance band exercise for belly fat.

  • Step one

Hold resistance band both handles in your one hand and loop the setup around your one foot. Folding will increase the tension; you will need more resistance to practice concentration curls. But I will teach you for one arm and then for the other.

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  • Step two

Now place your opposite arm on your belly; your hand should be under your elbow to support your arm. It will also make your movement smoother due to the hard space supporting your arms.

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  • Step three

Start your practice once you get the above position; pull your resistance band up to your face level without pulling your foot. It is tough to practice but make sure you do not disturb your posture.

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  • Step four

Ten reps are enough because it is a stressful workout, and you may feel quick fatigue.

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  • Step five

Once you have completed the ten reps for your one arm, get the same position but for the opposite side and perform ten more reps. 

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Lateral Raise

Indeed your shoulders muscles are one of the biggest muscles groups, and everyone wants to give it the best shape for a good body posture. Lateral raise is one of the best resistance band exercises for shoulders muscles. It strengthens your shoulders and improves your chest and arms muscles.

  • Step one

Stay straight by holding the resistance band on both handles in your hands; loop the resistance band under your feet to get the balanced position. Make sure there is one 6 to 9 inches distance between your feet to make your workout more stressful.

  • Step two

Slowly raise your hands on both sides keep your arms straight on the sides up to your shoulders level. Do not lose your body posture; keep your hips, legs, and chest muscles straight. If you feel hard, you can also little bent elbows for easy movement.

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  • Step Three

Perform 20 reps in 2 sets to make your workout easier. You will quickly build strong and larger muscles around your shoulders if you perform it correctly. But take a rest of one or two minutes between two sets.

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Wood Chopper

Wood Chopper is my last exercise for your core muscles. I will teach you two sets of ten reps for both sides to target your core muscles.

  • Step one

Take a short resistance band, attach it with an anchor, and attach both ends with one handle on the opposite side. Attach the anchor to the door’s upper side and hold the handle in both hands. Stay in a sideways position. Make sure there are more than 12 inches of distance between your feet.

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  • Step two

Now gently pull the resistance band to the lowest position and move back to the up position. Complete ten reps for your one side.

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  • Step three

Stay in the same position but for the other side and perform ten reps for that side. You have done your full-body muscle-building workout with a resistance band. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How long to see results from resistance bands?

There is no doubt resistance bands are modern and lightweight workout tools that may assist you in building muscles. You can build any of your muscles with resistance bands. But it takes time to see its results; you can set your short-term goals on two to three weeks tenure for checking the performance.

But its real results will start seeing after three months, after six months you will see a significant change in your body. You will get your required results after six months if you practice correctly. So be patient and consistent to see results from resistance band exercises.

Do resistance bands help to lose thigh fat?

Your muscles need tension and stress to burn fats; whether you have fats in the belly or around your thighs, resistance bands effectively lose fats. There are many leg workout ideas with resistance bands that can assist you in loose thigh fats.

Do resistance bands build muscles in the legs?

Of course, you can use resistance bands to strengthen your legs muscles; squats and many other resistance bands exercising ideas are available that can easily grow your legs muscles.

Do resistance bands build glutes?

Yes, resistance bands also help to develop glutes. You can find several resistance band exercises to build your glutes. Push down is also the best resistance band exercise to develop glutes and strengthen your back muscles.

Is bodybuilding with resistance bands only possible?

When it comes to bodybuilding with resistance bands only, you may see results a little later than using free weights and other metal gym equipment. But it is quite possible to build the muscles with resistance bands. 

If you want quick results, you can use a resistance band with your other gym equipment to make your workout more challenging and productive.

Are resistance bands are better than free weights?

If you compare them to rewards, free weights are better than resistance bands because you can put more stress on your muscles to build muscles fast. There are risks in using resistance bands because they can hurt you. 

Resistance bands, due to some flexibility such as you can train anywhere, anytime, lightweight and safer to use, and satisfactory results make them a better choice than free weights for most people.


Hope, you will get the answer of the qustion,  “can you build muscle with resistance band”. Stronger muscles are a sign of a healthy body, and they do not just develop a good body but also improve our performance in routine life. You have many ways to build muscles, but using resistance bands is an easier, safe, and productive way to build muscles.

After learning the right resistance bands muscles building workout, you can train anywhere, anytime, to get your required results. But you need some patience, consistency, proper rest, diet, and sleep to build muscles with resistance bands.

Resistance Band Exercises For Belly Fat – Keep Fit Health Blog

resistance band exercises for belly fat

It looks very odd and disgusting when you have a big belly. The most affected body area of every fat person is the belly. When fats accumulate around your belly, it doesn’t look good; everyone wants to keep their belly flat and smarter.

People use different belly belts and medicines and get training in the gym to lose belly fat, but everything needs time. You will wonder if there are easier and very effective ways to lose belly fat with resistance bands.

Indeed, you have understood; I will tell you some of the best resistance band exercises for belly fat. Stay here to learn the best ways to use resistance bands for losing belly fat.

Why belly fats?

People assume that belly fats are due to overeating, but many other reasons cause belly fat. Some of the common reasons for belly fats could be as below.

Poor dietary plans– poor diet is one of the most occurring reasons for belly fat. People who do not care about their diet and eat sugary and rich carbs and fats suffer from belly fats.

Alcohol– Alcohol is also one of the causes of belly fats, overuse of alcohol causes liver and inflammation diseases that also increase the chances of belly fat accumulation.

Lack of physical activities– People who are lazy or do not pay attention to exercise also face belly fat issues because they do not have enough physical activities to burn fats that cause accumulation of fats.

Genetically problem- the genetic problem is also one of the reasons for belly fat; if it happens due to genetic inheritance, it is tough to get rid of it.

Poor Sleeping- Poor sleeping also causes belly fats because it disturbs overall health and especially the digestive system that causes belly fats.

How dangerous is belly fat for your health?

Belly fats do not just look odd and lose confidence; many other health side effects sometimes become severe.

Some of the hazardous impacts of belly fat could be heart failure, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes type 2, asthma, breast cancer, dementia, and colon cancer. So, it is a severe issue, and you should take immediate initiatives to reduce belly fat.

Best resistance band exercises for belly fat

Learn the most straightforward resistance band exercises for belly fat. You can lose your belly fat with greater flexibility without practicing in the gym.

List of resistance band exercises for belly fat

01. Hanging Knees In

Hanging Knees In with a resistance band could be very effective for losing belly fat. It is easy to train and does not need enough space to exercise; you can practice in a small room or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Step one

Stick your resistance band with support; you can hang the resistance band with a pole, or your door or any other suitable support to keep it high to hang your knees. Hang the resistance band at a moderate height of four to five feet is enough.

Step two

Wrap both ends of the resistance bands around your ankles and turn your side in a downward-facing position. Put your body weight on your arms, palms, and arms.

Step three

Straight your legs behind and make a space between the floor and your body. Keep your legs high that they do not touch the floor. You will feel pressure on your core, belly, arms, shoulders, and hands. It will increase stress in all areas that will lose fat and build muscles.

Step four

Once you adapt to the above position, start pulling your legs towards you and away in forth and back movement. You will need 25 reps; practice it gently; do not go for fast reps. You may quickly tired, keep counting.

Step five

After completing 25 reps, do not quit; stop but in hanging position. Keep your legs straight but suspended with a resistance band to relax. Remain in that position for five to ten seconds to rest.

02. Hanging Pikes

Hanging Pikes is not just the best exercise for belly fat, but it could be the best exercise for bodybuilding with a resistance band only. It strengthens your belly, legs, shoulders, and overall body muscles.

Step One

After five to ten seconds, rest, start 25 reps for hanging pikes, pull up your hips, remaining in the same position. When you pull your hips ups and downs, it will burn the belly fat and be a good exercise for glutes.

Step two

If you feel it is too stressful, you can also switch to folded arms position and continue your reps. It will relax your arms, but you will not distract your target.

Step Three

You can also keep switching your position on hands or folded arms after every five reps, but you could go with any choice as you think better. But ensure keep your ass and cores tight and stretched to increase the force on your belly. Once complete, stop and relaxes in the hanged legs but bent legs position for five seconds before going for the next exercise.

03. Lying Restricted Oblique Crunches

Lying Restricted oblique crunches are not just effective as belly fat losing exercise with resistance bands. Still, this exercise will also relax you after the above two challenging and stressful exercises.

Step one

Take a medium size resistance band and attach it with the previous long loop resistance band, and lay down straight on the mat on one side. You will need 50s reps, 25 reps for each side. Suppose you lay down on the exercise mat in the right side position.

Step two

Once lays down, keep both your legs stretched and touch your resistance band handles with the opposite arm’s fingers. It will stress your belly, but your other body parts will relax with that exercise. Complete 25 reps for your right side.

Step three

After completing 25 reps, turn your side, lay down in the left-side position, and practice the same way. But avoid bending your legs; it will increase stress on the belly and legs. After 25 reps, stop and relax for ten seconds to go for the next exercise.

04. Restricted Oblique Twists

Restricted oblique Twists is a simple but effective resistance band exercise to reduce belly fat. It is a perfect exercise for everyone, no matter how fat you are. This exercise will also increase your arms and chest muscles strength.

Step one

Stay on your knees at a maximum distance by pulling resistance as much as possible. Once you sit on your knees, gently twist your waist on the opposite side of the resistance band.

Step two

You will need 25 gentle twists for each side. First complete twenty-five reps for one side; suppose you do 25 reps for the right side. Keep the resistance band fully stretched to increase stress on your belly muscles when twisting your body.

Step three

After completing 25 reps for the right side, turn your side, sit in the same position but on the opposite side, and practice 25 reps for the left side in a gentle way. Once done, take a breath and rest for 5 to 10 seconds to relax.

05. Resisted Kneeling AB crunch

Resisted Kneeling AB crunch exercise is an excellent resistance band exercise that is beneficial for your belly fat reduction and strengthens your upper body parts like shoulders and neck muscles. It is pretty easy to train anywhere.

Step one

Remove the small resistance band connected with the long loop resistance band. Hold the long loop resistance band in your hands and sit down on the floor. Make sure the resistance band stretches to maximum level. If needed, you can increase its height to make your training stressful.

Step two

After that, raise your hands to your temple and touch both hands to forehead; pull the resistance band down as much as you can to touch the floor. Complete 25 reps in that training; keep breathing and do all reps slowly when practicing. When you go to a lower position, stay there for one or two seconds before raising your body.

06. Crunch legs with resistance band

Crunch legs with resistance band exercise are the best belly fat reducing activity with short bands. You will not just lose your belly fat, but it will also strengthen your bootie, core, lower legs, arms, shoulders, and neck muscles. In this exercise, you will almost target one or two parts from all levels of your body.

Step one

Only one-step exercise is very effective and easy to train.

Lay down on a flat exercise mat in support of your elbows. Please take a short resistance band and wrap it around both feet. After wrapping a resistance band around your feet, raise your legs and take away both of your feet; try apart your feet as much as possible to increase stress.

You can practice 50s reps in two sets 25 reps, first set by keeping right leg before and next 25 reps by keeping left leg before.

Precautions and tips

I hope you have understood it well, but I will mention some precautions to make your exercise more effective to get quick results.

  • Choose the best resistance band for better results keeping in mind your target, gender, and weight. Long loop resistance bands are mostly found effective for belly fat exercises, so if you choose a long loop, then first learn how to use long loop resistance bands for belly fat.
  • When practicing, in each exercise, keep your movement slow but steady to remain relaxed.
  • Ensure a proper diet plan and consistency in exercise to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do resistance bands effective for belly fat exercises?

Of course, yes, because you need to burn your calories to reduce the amount of fat in your body. You need to put pressure on your targeted body to burn calories, so resistance bands are very influential and flexible to stress belly muscles to burn fats.

How to measure resistance band weight?

There are many ways to know the resistance band weight, such as you can read on the packing or read from the resistance band side. You can also measure resistance band weight with weights. Pull the different weights with your resistance band; the maximum weight that your resistance band could pull is the weight of the resistance band.

Is resistance band muscle building workout effective for belly muscles strength?

Yes, resistance band muscle building workout for belly, not just reduce your belly fat. But also strengthen your belly muscles. Bodybuilders essentially include such belly workouts to shape their tummy to get nice look matching to their overall body.

Do resistance bands build muscles in legs when I use them for belly fat?

Yes, most belly fat losing exercises also build muscles in your legs. Most of the above-shared practices also increase your leg muscles strength, such as making your glutes, core, and overall legs.

How long to see results from resistance bands for belly fat?

Resistance bands are very effective for losing belly fat, but their results timespan depends on many factors that could affect resistance bands’ performance. Some of the most affecting factors for belly fat results are age, gender, target, amount of fat, and intensity of your exercises.

Usually, after two to three months, you start seeing results of belly fat exercises with a resistance band. After six months of consistent practice, most of your desired results come.

But if you want quick results, you should increase your workout stress and time and set a helpful diet plan to see desired results fast.


Belly fat creates many problems such as losing your confidence, damaging your body shape, and many serious health issues. So, immediate actions are needed to control belly fat to avoid untoward instances in the future. There are many ways to reduce belly fat, such as changing diet plans, wearing a tummy belt, taking medicines, and exercising.

Among all these resistance band exercises for belly fat are safe and fruitful. There are hundreds of choices for belly fat exercise with a resistance band, but the above six are very easy but very effective.

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How To Use Long Loop Resistance Bands – Keep Fit Health Blog

How To Use Long Loop Resistance Bands

Is all resistance bands are the same? Do you see different sizes of resistance bands? There are several sizes of resistance bands that are developed for different purposes. You can use specific resistance bands for different muscles target to strengthen your specific body parts.

Have you seen the long loop resistance bands? But you do not know how to use them to get most of them? You will wonder how flexible these long loop resistance bands are. Stay with me to know about how to use long loop resistance bands.

How to use long loop resistance bands

Grab your favorite resistance bands and stay connected with your personal fitness. Resistance bands can help you with a low-cost instrument exercise and you have to need only know how to use long loop resistance bands. Let see how is it work:

Easy ways to use long loop resistance bands for a full-body workout

There are many simple ways to target your upper and lower body parts with long loop resistance bands. I will share a simple ten-minute exercise with a long loop resistance band that could be a great complete body workout plan.

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl is a straightforward exercise that can prove long loop bands as the best resistance for glutes development. It is straightforward to practice.

  • Take a long loop resistance band and stick its one end with your sofa front leg, or you can also use a door or any other support for that purpose.
  • Wrap bands next end around your ankle and lay down on the floor on the flat mat in a face-down position.
  • Now smoothly bend your leg and then straighten it again; practice this for 60 seconds.
  • Once you have done that, switch the band to your next leg and practice in the same for 60 seconds.

Hip Thrust Slow

Hip thrust slow is an excellent idea if you look for the best resistance band exercises for belly fat and glutes.

  • Take a long loop resistance band, wrap it’s both ends around your feet. Try to keep your feet at a distance from each other as much as possible.
  • After that, lay down on the sofa by placing only your shoulders, pull the loop resistance band, and place it in the middle of your body; it will increase the tension.
  • Keep both your hands under your head and start your exercise. Gently move your hips ups and down; try to take your hips lower as much as possible.  Practice it for 90 seconds and after that take 30 seconds break.

Shoulder press

The shoulder press is easy with long loop resistance bands to strengthen your upper body muscles such as belly, chest, and especially shoulders.

  • Place your one leg before and a resistance band under your front foot.
  • Wrap a resistance band around your arms and by holding the middle of the band in both hands. Raise your hands as much as possible. Keep your posture straight; once raised, then gently take back to the start position.
  • Practice it for 60 seconds for one leg; after that, switch for the next leg and practice for another 60 seconds with the next leg in the same way.

Diamond Press

Diamond Press exercise could be the best exercise idea to strengthen your chest, shoulders, and overall arm muscles.

  • Lay down on the exercise mat on a flat floor, keeping your legs bent.
  • Wrap the long loop resistance band around your chest from the below side. After that, hold the resistance band on both ends in your hands. Raise both hands as much as possible.
  • Practice it gently for 90 seconds and then take 30 seconds to break to cool down.

Rear Delt Raise

Rear delt raise with long loop bands is a good resistance band muscle-building workout that may help you to target belly, chest, shoulder, and arms muscles.

  • Stay straight on the flat floor and hold both ends of the long loop resistance bands in both hands. Maintain your posture correctly and ensure enough distance between your feet.
  • Now pull both ends in opposite directions. Try to pull them in the opposite direction as much as you can. It will put more stress when you pull it away on opposite sides.
  • It is very tough to practice so, practice it for 60 seconds and go for the last step.

Lat Pull Down

Lat pull-down exercise with a long loop resistance band is a good exercise in the end that will relax your legs muscle, put stress on your glutes muscles, and will also target your chest, shoulders, and especially legs muscles.

  • Stuck the oneend of the long resistance band with one leg of the sofa for support and lay down on the mat facing down.
  • Hold the resistance band in both your hands and try to pull it towards your body; while pulling, keep your head raised.
  • Practice it for 60 seconds; while practicing, practice gently; fast pulling could cause muscle contraction.

Once completed, relax; you have completed a ten-minute full-body workout with long loop resistance bands.


Can you build muscles with resistance band?

If you ask me a question, can you build muscle with resistance band, then my answer is yes, you can. Resistance bands show excellent muscle-building results. You can easily target any of your body muscles with resistance bands. You have various choices to make your workout stressful to get quick results.

Do resistance bands build muscle in legs?

The answer is yes. Exercising many legs with resistance bands will help you build glutes and leg muscles.

Do resistance bands help lose thigh fat?

When you practice resistance band exercise for legs, they burn the fat that causes thigh fat reduction. Your muscles need stress for burning fats that you can easily do with resistance bands.

Is bodybuilding with resistance bands only possible?

Bodybuilders use different gym equipment for stress to their body muscles. You can do that with resistance bands. Even resistance bands alone can help you in bodybuilding, but you may see results slower. If you want quick results, increase the stress level and practice for more hours.


Long loop resistance bands are very flexible to target whole body muscles. But knowing how to use long loop resistance bands is essential for good results. We have also shared several ideas that may help you target all of your body muscles with long loop resistance bands.

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Home Pro Gym Resistance Bands Review [Ultimate Buyers’ Guide]

home pro gym resistance bands review

Welcome to our home pro gym resistance bands review guide. The resistance band is one of the most versatile strength training accessories that are less expensive and portable. Yet, from your home, you can easily enhance your strength using a gym resistance band without paying a high on gym monthly subscription. 

The home pro gym resistance bands are mainly available as a set that can help you do different exercise programs. 

Besides, you will find these bands available in different colours, shapes and styles. Now you don’t have to put effort into researching the best resistance band. 

Here we will share our top 12 home pro gym resistance bands review. This list is curated based on the function, performance, number of pieces, resistance level, etc.  Hope you will find one best as per your choice. 

Top 12 Home Pro Gym Resistance Bands Review:

The resistance bands are lightweight, portable and a great alternative to dumbbells as well. 

Here are the 12 best resistance band reviews given below. 

1. 150LB Resistance Bands Set for Home Workouts-great choice for all time gym lovers

Key features:

  • Stackable up to 150 Lbs
  • Big Metal Carabiner
  • Foot ankle straps
  • Exercise for full body
  • Latex quality ropes

The Resistance Bands Set for Home Workouts is a complete set of workout bands that make your home workout easy. This band is ideal for yoga, bodybuilding, muscle strengthening, etc. Besides, you can consider this one as one of the best resistance bands for glutes

The resistance band is designed to ensure maximum safety during workouts. It has reinforced lock and double layer fabric, which make the product safe to use. Apart from that, the stainless steel framed eyelet reduces snapping chance. 

The resistance band is small and lightweight. So, you can take it anywhere. The colour-code individually labelled band is absolutely easy to use and the perfect choice for beginners. 

150LB Resistance Bands Set for Home Workouts


  • Five exercise bands in a pack. 
  • Two cushioned handle
  • Made with natural latex
  • CIt can suit many exercises as well


  • Latex quality could be better. 

2. EELLISON Resistance Band Kit

Key features:

  • 6 color resistance band
  • Maximum LBS is 210
  • Anti-slip foam handle
  • Nylon sleeve double protection
  • Durable metal carabiner

Whether you are looking for a premium quality resistance band, then this one can be a perfect option for you.  The metal hook and carabiner ring make it ideal to withstand intense tension. 

The band is designed with a protective nylon cover and anti-said sleeve that add convenience to your exercise. The pack is designed with other accessories such as a lock, ankle strap that allows you to do a variety of exercises. 

It comes with 6 resistance bands that can meet your variety of exercise needs.  The connector hook is heavy duty with a larger and stronger clip that ensures a secure connection. 

The carabiner can easily take 210 Lbs of weight. The pack is equipped with a larger and softer ankle strap to help you do a variety of exercises at the same time.

EELLISONResistance Band Kit


  • Keep you sturdy even during a heavy workout. 
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Double layered extra nylon sleeves.
  • An anti-slip body prevents slipping due to sweating. 


  • Some users have reported its hindrance to workout. 

3. Resistance Exercise Bands Set

Key features:

  • Industrial grade TPR material
  • Soft grip is used
  • high-density foam
  • QINWEIKOO fitness resistance band
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

 The industrial-grade TPE material has made it ideal for use in home gyms for beginners and seasoned users. This is one of the best resistance bands on our list that allows you to do various activities such as glute, hip activation, and other activities that include yoga, pilates etc. 

Using the band, you can exercise your whole body parts, including back muscle, abdomen, hips and legs. The band can be an ideal option for physical therapy and other medicated exercise. 

The material of the band is made with high-quality material that prevents premature wear and tear. The door anchor can be hooked with a door to give it a gym set-up. You can also carry it because it is extremely lightweight. 

Resistance Exercise Bands Set


  • Heavy-duty and odor-free TPR material.
  • Easy to set and use.
  • The pack comes with three resistance band tube
  • Skin-friendly item.


  • Not ideal for intermediate or expert users. 

4. Adnutrix Gym Bands

Key features:

  • 150 LBS full stackable
  • 5 level resistance band
  • Full body exercise
  • Made to last for years

  The Adnutrix Resistance Bands Set can be a premium choice if you are looking for a heavy-duty resistance band. Made with 100% natural latex material, it ensures a great workout experience every time.

Whether you want to be trained for harder or better, the 5fivecolourful resistance band can match your different intensity levels when doing practice. 

The stackable design of the resistance band can take up to 150 LBS. Another perk of buying this resistance band is getting a guidebook to guide you in your exercise. 

Adnutrix Gym Bands


  • Design is multifunctional
  • Premium quality material
  • Cones with a guidebook different colour packs indicate an individual’s sole purpose. 


  • No cons to this product. 

5. ADSDIA 12 Pack Resistance Bands

Key features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cat effective choice
  • Durable and elastic resistance band
  • Different colour adjustable brand
  • Multifunction and portable

The ADSDIA Resistance Bands are one of the most affordable choices on our list. The product is lightweight and can suit any fitness exercise. The pack of ADSDIA Resistance Bands come with a guidebook that you can follow to exercise in the best way possible. 

The natural, high-quality latex material is durable and odourless. Most of the time, some low-quality latex gets deformed, dried out. But this type of natural latex will not be like these cheap quality products. Many users have also appreciated its elastic quality that holds its tightness for a long time. 

You can use this band for multiple types of exercise. The lightweight feature and convenient travel pouch Make it ideal for carrying anywhere. Each tube of this band is designed in such a way so it can resist snapping and breaking. 

ADSDIA 12 Pack Resistance Bands


  • Made with high-quality latex.
  • Hold tight for a long time. 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Available with guidebook


  • Recommended for only experts who know about using resistance bands. 

6. Chmlsl Resistance Bands Set

Key features

  • 5 band with 150 LBS capacity
  • Natural Latex material
  • Thick sponge ankle strap
  • Thicker and wider handle
  • 100% natural latex
Chmlsl Resistance Bands Set

The Chmlsl Resistance Bands Set can be an ideal piece of fitness equipment that you can use at your home. Being one of the most durable and convenient bands, it can be one of the most popular resistance bands in our list. 

with 100% natural latex, it provides you with an extensive level of support even when doing vigorous exercise. The most interesting part of this band is its handle that is made of a protective fabric cover. 

It uses a thickened and widened handle that makes the grip more stable. The band is connected with a stainless steel carabiner that makes an impressive sturdiness for the same product. 

It can take resistance up to 150 LBS making it ideal for experts and beginners. The present duct can be an ideal choice for your fitness goals like muscle training and fat burning. 

7. Bodylastics Resistance Bands Set

Key features:

  • Max Tension level 96/Lbs
  • kid-resistant grip
  • top-rated door anchor
  • Patented slip guard technology
  • Inner cord safety system

This is another best resistance band that you need for full-body fitness. The Bodylastics Resistance Bands Set comes with important attachments such as handles, ankle straps, and door anchor. The maximum resistance level of this band is 404 pounds. 

 Every tube of this kit has an internal cord that protects the band from breakage. The whole package comes in not more than 5 pounds that are easy to carry anywhere. 

The handles are designed in a fantastic size that fits anyone and suits any exercise. The handle also poses an absolute grippy feature that makes you safe even when your hands are sweaty. 

Another best feature of this band is its anti-snapping feature. It allows anyone to prevent overstretching and snapping, though. Apart from that, the ankle straps are padded that provides comfort during your exercise. 


  • Premium quality latex makes it durable.
  • Comes with inner cord safety
  • Safe for using


  • Price is a bit high

8. BONAME Exercise Handles for Cable Machine Resistance Band

Key features:

  • Upgraded strong nylon webbing
  • Camouflage military style
  • Super strong nylon strap
  • Brand large D ring
  • Two stainless steel carabiner

Resistance bands with handles are an exceptional choice for doing any exercise. It provides a sturdy grip that makes you safe during the workout. The BONAME Exercise resistance band comes with a low amount of resistance that can accommodate any seated workout. 

This band can be especially handy if you practice the types of chair yoga. The instruction guide, along with the package, will guide you in performing your workout. The strong D rings and  two stainless steel hooks can take up to 120 pounds. 

Made of high-quality nylon, it safeguards your workout posture with its super sturdiness. The material is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about slippage due to sweat. 

The experts recommend this band if you don’t like foam exercise handles. The high-quality nylon ensures no unpleasant wearing even after using it for a long time. Another advantage of this nylon material is that it is super easier to clean rather than rubber. 


  • Strong D rings ensure safety during workouts. 
  • Nylon is wide and thick. 
  • Heavy-duty solid grip prevents injuries.
  • Design is exclusive


  • Not suitable for vigorous exercise

9. VEICK Resistance Bands Set

Key Features:

  • Full body workout equipment
  • Strong metal carabiner
  • Made of natural latex
  • Can take up to 150 Lbs

The VEICK Resistance Bands Set is another best resistance band set on our list. It comes with an easy to follow guidebook that makes it easy to use. The exercise band is suitable for almost every type of exercise. 

The colour-coded system Is given here to remove your confusion regarding packing the right one. Whether you want to build your muscle or want to lose weight, this resistance belt can be one of the ideal bands for you. 

This resistance band is lightweight and comes with a pouch that makes the product easy to store and carry. The resistance tubes are made of high-quality latex material that is easy to stretch and provides safety. The metal cabinet has made it easy to move, though. 


  • Made with a high-quality latex material. 
  • Suitable for both men and women. 
  • It can suit every type of exercise. 
  • Adjustable resistance level


  • It could be more durable

10. KITFit Resistance Band Set

Key features:

  • Combine up to 100 pounds
  • Strong metal carabiner
  • Latex loop band
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Instruction Manual guide

If you are looking for a classic resistance band set, you should not miss the deal. It comes with five pieces of 100% latex quality resistance loop thick, durable and comfortable on your skin. The resistance level of the bands varies between 10 and 39 IBS. So, you don’t have to be worried if you are a beginner. 

Apart from that, different colour indicators come, so you don’t miss mixing them up. The pack of KITFit Resistance Band sets is lightweight, so you can start working out anywhere. 

You can use the band for various fitness exercises such as yoga, rehab, Muscle building, toning your body, etc. The core sliders have different fabrics on top of it to use from both surfaces. The high quality 100% natural latex also ensures its durability and safety when doing moderate to high exercise. 


  • Material is durable. 
  • Low to high resistance level suits both beginner and expert. 
  • Given with padding to ensure comfort. 


  • None

11. GoFit Ultimate ProGym

Key features:

  • Seven resistance level
  • Training DVD from expert
  • Attachable handles
  • Thick, durable door anchor

As you know, buying a set of resistance bands is one of the most affordable options for those who want to maintain their fitness. It comes with three resistance levels: 20, 30 and 40 pounds. The package comes with one ankle strap, door anchor, attachable handles, which provide you with an amazing experience working at home gym. 

The products come with a manual guide that tells about the usage of the following items. The storage bag is also great for you where you can carry it anywhere. Connecting the four resistance bands, you can get 140 LBS of tension level effective for an extensive workout.

As the pack comes with four different resistance levels. So beginners, as well as experts, can benefit from it. The handles are provided with powerful grips that prevent you from slipping even when the hand is sweaty. 


  • Four different levels of resistance.
  • High-quality material
  • Best rated for beginners.
  • Suit for a variety of exercises.


  • Some users have reported about its lifeline. 

12. Fit Simplify Pull Up Assist Band

Key features:

  • High-quality band
  • Versatile exercise option
  • Easy to carry and portable
  • Pull up assist band

Fit Pull Up Assist Band is another best selling set of bands in an inexpensive range. It comes with four intensity levels of this band, ideal for beginners as well as for experts. 

You can use this resistance band for almost every type of exercise. The harder you will pull, the harder you will work. The whole package of Fit Pull Up Assist comes with an easy to carry pouch. 

The resistance band is made with premium quality latex that makes it durable and resistant to tearing. It can be a great alternative to going to the gym. The package of this resistance band set comes with some important attachments that you can use for various types of exercise. 


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a small package
  • Comes with an instruction manual


  • The tension level is a bit low

Buying Guide For home pro gym resistance bands 

Buying a home gym band depends on a lot of factors. These factors are discussed below. So, you can choose the best as per your need. 

  • Type  

There are different types of resistance brands in the market. The most popular types of bands are loop band, tube band, circle band, etc. If you practice bicep curl and tricep extension, then you should look for a tube band. Depending upon your type of exercise, you should choose your resistance band. 

  • Length

It will help you choose the perfect length for your resistance band as per your body weight and shape. If you want a band for a whole body workout and pull up assistance, then the more extended resistance band will be an ideal choice. 

The shorter one is also available, but it works for the hip and thigh region. One drawback with longer bands is its portability. 

  • Material

One of the best quality materials used for making premium quality resistance bands is 100% latex rubber. Some brands claim their product to be made of latex rubber. 

But actually, they use TPE material which tends to snap anytime. Safety is a significant thing to consider when choosing a resistance band. So always go for premium quality.

  • Tension Level

The tension level is another crucial thing that you should look for when choosing a resistance band. The tension level varies between 5 to 150 Lbs. 

The beginner should choose a lower resistance level. The medium one is ideal for intermediate practitioners. The tension level is often identified with colour comes that allows the user to select accordingly. 

  • Size

Depending on your exercise, you should choose the right size of your resistance band. You will get options for various sized resistance bands. In that case, make sure you have selected the right one that suits your purpose. 

  • Comfort

Make sure to buy a resistance band that is comfortable and easy to use. There is an interchangeable band also available online that makes it easy to take off and use another round. It would also help if you did not buy a band that causes pain while using. 

  • Simplicity

As a beginner, you should always choose resistance band sets that offer simplicity. The band that has fabric on its top feels excellent to touch. 

These types of bands are also slip-resistant. However, some are also available with anchor and detachable handles, which offers flexibility and versatility. 

  • Accessories

If you’re looking for a resistance band for a full-body workout, choose a pack that consists of handles, door, ankle strap, etc. Look for a band that comes with a carabiner. Sometimes you may need a carabiner for attaching the anchor points. 

  • Safety

You must look for safety features when choosing resistance bands for workouts. If the door handles are not designed properly, it can cause injury to the user. 

For some bands especially pull up assist, you should be aware of its safety. Look for a brand of standard quality. 

These all are some important factors that you should consider for buying a gym resistance band to give a perfect home pro gym setup.  

FAQs: home pro gym resistance bands review

Q: How to measure resistance band weight?

There are different ways to measure resistance band weight. One of the most common ways to weigh is to use a fish weighing scale. First, set up the band in the way you intend to use it. Let the fish scale pull the ban to its maximum point. This way, you can measure resistance band weight

Q: Do resistance band build muscle?

Yes, you can build muscle using resistance bands. In that case, using a resistance band, your muscle can grow its tension level. Through proper training and usage, you can easily build your muscle 

Q: How to use long loop resistance bands? 

First, loop the band beneath your foot. Put your both feet on a resistance band. Take the band facing forward. Lift the arm towards your shoulder. It makes a great contraction on your bicep. Gold the position for a few seconds and then get returned to the position from where you had started. 


That’s all for today about home pro gym resistance bands review guide. Hope, you got an idea about choosing the best resistance bands bodybuilding. However, don’t be confused with the best 12 products mentioned above. For a quick guide, we would like to share our editor’s choice. 

Suppose you’re looking for the best resistance band from the list, then go for bodylastics resistance bands Set. It may cost you a bit more than others, but the product will surely meet your satisfaction. 

Some people also want to buy a quality product on a standard budget. In that case, they can go for  Fit Simplify Pull Up Assist Band as this is the best selling pull up assistance band from our list. 

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Do Resistance Band Build Muscle? Bodybuilding With Resistance Bands.

do resistance band build muscle

Are you looking for ideas to build muscles? You may hear about the use of resistance bands to build muscles. But do resistance band build muscle or not? 

Resistance bands work in the same ways as free weights to build muscles. They also create resistance for your muscles to fight against the resistance and then help them build muscles.

But you also need to learn the way to use the resistance bands for building muscles. With the right way, you can build muscles as fast as other gym equipment. Here we will provide you with complete information about do resistance bands work for building muscles and how they work.

Can you build muscle with resistance bands?

Yes, resistance bands can help you to build muscles. What your muscles need is tension, muscle adaptation, progressive overload, and then adequate recovery. When you add resistance bands with normal muscles building exercises, they increase the capacity of muscle growth.

You may find muscles building slower, but no need to worry because it is a time taking process. You need to remain dedicated, consistent, and determined to reach your muscles building goals.

Resistance bands may help build muscles by recruiting the stabilized muscle groups and adding extra intensity in another body-weight exercise to increase your exercises’ resistance, tension, and stress. It not just works for muscle growth but also improves your body focus, rehabilitation, and flexibility.

Resistance bands also create greater flexibility and ease for you to choose the exercises. You can easily stand on the bands, and after holding the ends, you can easily adjust your body at any angle with support. You can easily set your exercise at home, garden or in the park without much equipment.

How do resistance bands work to grow your muscles?

What do your muscles need for growth during exercise? It is tension and stress on your muscles then recovery. Resistance bands offer enough tension that you can get in several ways better than the free weights and other body-weight exercises.

Due to greater flexibility and ease, it easily suits everyone to use resistance bands for muscle-building exercises. In the free weights mechanism, gravity and load are used to provide tension. When working on free weights, force is created downward by the weight. So in such a way, you need to position your body to ensure targeting of force on your muscles.

Suppose you want to target your chest muscles, then you should lie down parallel on the floor by facing up to put tension on your chest. If you want to hit muscles on your back, you will need to keep yourself bent. So you need to set yourself at different positions for targeting muscles with free weights.

Body Weights also work the same way you need to maintain the gravity for targeting the right muscles for growth. But in the case of resistance bands, you have some advantages.

While using resistance bands, force created by elastic tension. How forcefully you stretch the bands, more tension will create in the bands. It makes it easier for you to hit the right muscles from any position. 

Suppose you want to hit your chest muscles, then you can perform the exercise for chest muscles in a standing position with resistance bands. 

How to choose the best resistance bands?

You have plenty of brand options for choosing the resistance bands, but you need to choose the best resistance bands to get the most from resistance bands.

Resistance bands look like small loops and are manufactured with latex or rubber materials. Resistance bands come in color-coding options such as 4, 5, 6, or 8 that you can choose on your preference.  Some of the features that may make resistance bands perfect for you.

Pick the high-quality brands.

Resistance bands are coded with colors according to the level of tension, such as light, medium, heavy, very heavy, etc.  Please choose more than one because different color-coded resistance bands are suitable for different resistance levels. 

When choosing never to go with a low-quality option, always ensure that you have picked the best resistance bands that can help you. 

Choose comfortable bands

Resistance bands come with different options that make them suitable for different uses. Suppose modern bands come with interchangeable handles that you can replace or off when required. You can set them as you feel comfortable using them.

So while picking the resistance bands, try to choose the band that offers plenty of features that make them versatile and comfortable to use. With friendly to use resistance bands, you can get more from your bands.

Get accessories with bands.

There are many accessories available that make it possible for you to attach the bands in different ways. If you have a sturdy pole or stair rail, you may not need extra accessories with bands.

But if there are no such facilities at your home, then you need the door attachment accessories. Some accessories such as ankle cuffs, handles, and many other accessories may help you properly attach the resistance bands for exercises.

Choose the simple options.

You may find a variety of resistance bands designs but always go with simple options. Try the simple long tube with handles bands initially, but you can choose other designs such as circular and double bands when you have learned.

Do resistance bands build glutes?

If you want to develop glutes for better performance in sports or aesthetics, then resistance bands can help you. Resistance bands are one of the most accessible options and are simple to deploy in your workout.

Resistance bands are easy to fit for any muscle’s growth, so if you have the best resistance bands for glutes, you can get most with a resistance band.

How do resistance bands work for glutes?

When it comes to choosing the best bands for glutes, then latex bands are good options. They are 12 inches long, making it easier to engage hips and glutes simultaneously during the exercise of your lower body 

using resistance; you can stimulate your glutes muscle. You can put stress on them for a better workout. By regular exercise, you can add muscles to your glutes. Resistance bands for glutes come in different widths and strengths according to your required resistance levels.

If you want to get early development of glutes, then you should prefer the higher resistance bands for a more challenging workout.

How to use the resistance bands for developing glutes?

If you are struggling to develop glutes, you should place the resistance bands around your glutes, calves, ankles, arms, shoulders, and feet. These bands are added for more stressed workouts to offer more resistance to lower body parts exercises such as squats, slides, and lunges.

You get faster results when you add more resistance to your workout by adding bands in your workout. Using resistance bands fat around your glutes burn adds flexibility, tone the lower body, and make your glutes stronger.

Why do resistance bands help in developing glutes?

We want solid glutes for that; we try heavy workouts for developing glutes. But for developing stronger glutes, you need to exercise at the right angle; it is tough to get the right angle for exercise with other equipment.

A resistance band has more accessible options for exercise, and you can get the right angle by putting pressure on your glutes perfectly. By perfect force implementation around glutes, your glutes muscles show early results that increase glutes muscles strength.

How to measure resistance band weight?

Resistance bands are one of the best and easiest ways to add tension to your workout for better muscle growth. It offers you the same strength as the quality body weights exercising equipment can add. 

We can easily understand by bodyweight equipment, but how can we know how much weight or resistance band has to offer the required resistance for us.

We have found the simplest way to measure the resistance band weight. Please read it and grasp skills to measure resistance bands’ weight.

Measuring resistance band weight

Resistance bands come with different strengths to make them suitable for different purposes. You can use different resistance bands for different body parts exercises.

It is unnecessary to measure the resistance band weight because it will benefit you in all ways, whether you are using smaller weight resistance bands or immense weight. But if you are more curious about your targets, you can also measure resistance bands’ weight.

A fish weighing scale is an excellent tool for measuring resistance band weight. It is one of the accurate and recommended ways to know the weight of a resistance band.

First of all, you need to know what your purpose for using resistance bands is. Suppose you are using resistance bands for pull-up and pull it down.

Tap the resistance bands up to the maximum point where you want to pull it to know the right level of stretch. Mark the point with a tap or a point with a marker.

Once marked the point, use the fish scale to pull the resistance band to that point; you will see the accurate weight numbers on the fish scale meter.

Do resistance band build muscle or tone?

Experts’ comments and experiment results show that training with resistance bands helps build muscles or tone. So everyone who wants fast results for muscle gain should add resistance bands training in exercise programs.

There are plenty of resistance band exercising programs to build muscles, such as weight lifting is one of the most popular ways. Resistance bands offer you greater flexibility for exercise; you are not bound to remain in the gym.

With resistance bands, you can exercise anywhere inside or outside. It also offers you the flexibility to exercise at different angles to apply the proper force level to specific muscles.

But if you are curious to know, do resistance band build muscles or tone? Then it depends on many factors. Resistance bands can help you grow your current lean muscle mass and help you tone the previous lean muscle mass. 

It depends on factors such as how fit you are and from how much time you are doing exercise with resistance bands.  

For the beginners, results will be prominent, and they also show quick results. But if you regularly exercise and your muscles are already strong enough, you may experience slow results. 

But in both cases, you will see better results. You may see slow or fast results, but, indeed, you can build muscles or tone with resistance bands.

Resistance band muscle building workout

Resistance bands are no doubt the best and simple tools to train for building muscles. They offer greater flexibility for training, and you can adopt many workout programs for building muscles of different body parts. We will provide you with five best exercising ideas.


A squat is one of the best training methods with resistance bands to build muscles. You can exercise by squatting with parallel legs, bending your knees over the toes, and then drawing glutes down to the knee level.

Then you can double your band resistance for a better workout by holding each end of the band with straight arms at chest level. After that, begin pulling your legs up and down by drawing the band up overhead and down at chest level. 

But keep your belly engaged and arms stronger during practice. But during all the practice, keep your knees bent and arms straight in line with your shoulders. 

Banded Push-ups

Banded push-ups are good for building muscles around your chest, shoulders, core, and triceps. Experts say that adding resistance bands to this exercise will make it more effective, and you can build your muscles fast. 

Using resistance bands is simple and makes it easy for you to maintain your weight balanced on your back. 

You can practice that exercise by looping resistance bands around your back. Then grip the band ends in your hands and practice the push-up exercise as you regularly perform. What you will see, the thing that you will experience is more powerful.

Resistance bands will increase the tension in your workout, and you will apply more force than a routine. Just drive your hands into the ground, then press your body up in a locked position.

Band Plank with row

Band plank with a row is another option for practicing with resistance bands to build muscles. You can engage a better number of core muscles simultaneously with your biceps taxing. When you add bands in the regular weighted cable band it makes it tough to exercise.

It is pretty easy to practice, anchor the band to a firm post on your front and then choose a plank position with your core tight but keep glutes squeezed. Flatten your lower back and reach forward with one arm. 

Hold the resistance band handles and row it to your rib cage and then back with reasonable control. But keep your body tense for more tension in your workout. It will ensure better results, and your muscles will build faster than routine.

Oblique Twists

Oblique twists exercise with resistance bands can be an excellent way to build muscles in your lower body portions. It is pretty simple to practice.

Stand straight with wider legs than your hips in a parallel position, and then hold the band in both hands in front of your chest with straight arms. Once you have got the correct position, then start the twists from side to side.

You can start the exercise from your waist, then belly squeeze and work on both sides of your belly. Try to repeat these movements 25 to 40 times for better results.

Band Bicep curls

Band bicep curls are a good exercise for building muscles around your biceps. Once you use resistance bands, you do need to exercise with a dumbbell for building biceps muscles. It will give you a tough time with extra resistance to make your workout harder.

You need to stand on the band and hold the resistance band with your underhand grip about your shoulders width apart. When curling the bands, try to curl it as much as possible until it aligns with the collar bone.

When your forearms start touching your biceps, it means you have got the correct position for the exercise. Repeat these movements 15 to 20 times or more. 

Do resistance band build muscle in legs?

Yes, resistance bands are one of the easiest ways to exercise and build muscles. You can use them for any part of your body. But for the legs, they are more suitable because resistance bands are more helpful for lower body parts.

Resistance bands force the user to move with a good form and create more power from the right muscles. You can easily set your body weight and balance by getting your position at a right angle.

Bodybuilding with resistance bands only

Resistance bands are becoming trendy due to their best features. Experts also recommend their use in your workout for building a more muscular body. Most of the experts and bodybuilders recommend resistance bands used for better and fast results.

But do resistance bands alone are effective for bodybuilding? The answer is yes; you can build a more muscular body with resistance bands. 

Resistance bands offer greater flexibility and multiple easy options for you to practice training for each part of your body. You can use resistance bands for upper body and lower body parts workouts. 

What do your muscles need for better growth? It is high tension, progressive overload, muscle adaptation, and adequate recovery. It is possible with resistance bands; you can allow all required facilities for each part of your body.

When you consistently give training to different parts of your body with resistance bands, they start improving. You may see results after some time, but it is proven that resistance bands alone can grow muscles and help you in bodybuilding without using other equipment.

How can you stop resistance bands from rolling?

If you choose the correct width and length of the bands, then there are scarce chances that bands will roll. Correct length and width bands remove the problems such as being too loose or too tight, making them stable and correct fit for exercise.

Do resistance band build muscle in massibly?

Yes, by using resistance bands and your body weight, you can build muscle mass. Bodyweight exercises are good for improving conditioning, balance, and muscle mass.

How many calories can I burn with a resistance band?

There is no exact answer to that question because it depends on many factors such as your weight and workout. If your body weight is heavy and you work out for more time, you can burn more calories. 

But with lower body weight and a short time workout, you can burn only a few calories. An average calorie-burning for a 125-pound person is 150 calories with a 30 minutes workout.

Do resistance bands help in weight loss?

Of course, yes, because resistance bands burn calories. It is proven that any exercise that burns your calories also helps you in reducing weight. So you can also use resistance bands if you are struggling with heavy body size.

Why are resistance bands good for stretching exercises?

Resistance bands offer more elasticity, so due to higher elasticity, they are perfect for stretching exercises. You can add as much tension in stretching exercises by using resistance bands.


Resistance bands are one of the famous and easy options for flexible exercise. You can use resistance bands with other exercising equipment to make them more effective. Resistance bands are found helpful for building muscles when combining with other gym equipment.

They offer more flexibility for exercise, and you can practice your training anywhere with resistance bands. Resistance bands are so effective even you can benefit from them for bodybuilding without using any other equipment. 

Resistance bands are less expensive, flexible, and offer versatile options to use. You can use resistance bands for building muscles and even for weight loss.