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Is all resistance bands are the same? Do you see different sizes of resistance bands? There are several sizes of resistance bands that are developed for different purposes. You can use specific resistance bands for different muscles target to strengthen your specific body parts.

Have you seen the long loop resistance bands? But you do not know how to use them to get most of them? You will wonder how flexible these long loop resistance bands are. Stay with me to know about how to use long loop resistance bands.

How to use long loop resistance bands

Grab your favorite resistance bands and stay connected with your personal fitness. Resistance bands can help you with a low-cost instrument exercise and you have to need only know how to use long loop resistance bands. Let see how is it work:

Easy ways to use long loop resistance bands for a full-body workout

There are many simple ways to target your upper and lower body parts with long loop resistance bands. I will share a simple ten-minute exercise with a long loop resistance band that could be a great complete body workout plan.

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl is a straightforward exercise that can prove long loop bands as the best resistance for glutes development. It is straightforward to practice.

  • Take a long loop resistance band and stick its one end with your sofa front leg, or you can also use a door or any other support for that purpose.
  • Wrap bands next end around your ankle and lay down on the floor on the flat mat in a face-down position.
  • Now smoothly bend your leg and then straighten it again; practice this for 60 seconds.
  • Once you have done that, switch the band to your next leg and practice in the same for 60 seconds.

Hip Thrust Slow

Hip thrust slow is an excellent idea if you look for the best resistance band exercises for belly fat and glutes.

  • Take a long loop resistance band, wrap it’s both ends around your feet. Try to keep your feet at a distance from each other as much as possible.
  • After that, lay down on the sofa by placing only your shoulders, pull the loop resistance band, and place it in the middle of your body; it will increase the tension.
  • Keep both your hands under your head and start your exercise. Gently move your hips ups and down; try to take your hips lower as much as possible.  Practice it for 90 seconds and after that take 30 seconds break.

Shoulder press

The shoulder press is easy with long loop resistance bands to strengthen your upper body muscles such as belly, chest, and especially shoulders.

  • Place your one leg before and a resistance band under your front foot.
  • Wrap a resistance band around your arms and by holding the middle of the band in both hands. Raise your hands as much as possible. Keep your posture straight; once raised, then gently take back to the start position.
  • Practice it for 60 seconds for one leg; after that, switch for the next leg and practice for another 60 seconds with the next leg in the same way.

Diamond Press

Diamond Press exercise could be the best exercise idea to strengthen your chest, shoulders, and overall arm muscles.

  • Lay down on the exercise mat on a flat floor, keeping your legs bent.
  • Wrap the long loop resistance band around your chest from the below side. After that, hold the resistance band on both ends in your hands. Raise both hands as much as possible.
  • Practice it gently for 90 seconds and then take 30 seconds to break to cool down.

Rear Delt Raise

Rear delt raise with long loop bands is a good resistance band muscle-building workout that may help you to target belly, chest, shoulder, and arms muscles.

  • Stay straight on the flat floor and hold both ends of the long loop resistance bands in both hands. Maintain your posture correctly and ensure enough distance between your feet.
  • Now pull both ends in opposite directions. Try to pull them in the opposite direction as much as you can. It will put more stress when you pull it away on opposite sides.
  • It is very tough to practice so, practice it for 60 seconds and go for the last step.

Lat Pull Down

Lat pull-down exercise with a long loop resistance band is a good exercise in the end that will relax your legs muscle, put stress on your glutes muscles, and will also target your chest, shoulders, and especially legs muscles.

  • Stuck the oneend of the long resistance band with one leg of the sofa for support and lay down on the mat facing down.
  • Hold the resistance band in both your hands and try to pull it towards your body; while pulling, keep your head raised.
  • Practice it for 60 seconds; while practicing, practice gently; fast pulling could cause muscle contraction.

Once completed, relax; you have completed a ten-minute full-body workout with long loop resistance bands.


Can you build muscles with resistance band?

If you ask me a question, can you build muscle with resistance band, then my answer is yes, you can. Resistance bands show excellent muscle-building results. You can easily target any of your body muscles with resistance bands. You have various choices to make your workout stressful to get quick results.

Do resistance bands build muscle in legs?

The answer is yes. Exercising many legs with resistance bands will help you build glutes and leg muscles.

Do resistance bands help lose thigh fat?

When you practice resistance band exercise for legs, they burn the fat that causes thigh fat reduction. Your muscles need stress for burning fats that you can easily do with resistance bands.

Is bodybuilding with resistance bands only possible?

Bodybuilders use different gym equipment for stress to their body muscles. You can do that with resistance bands. Even resistance bands alone can help you in bodybuilding, but you may see results slower. If you want quick results, increase the stress level and practice for more hours.


Long loop resistance bands are very flexible to target whole body muscles. But knowing how to use long loop resistance bands is essential for good results. We have also shared several ideas that may help you target all of your body muscles with long loop resistance bands.

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