How To Use Resistance Bands For Legs?

You may not have intimate resistance bands as heavyweights equipment as you see in the gym, but still, resistance bands bring excellent results. Resistance bands are not just good for exercise, but they make your workouts easy too. You can exercise anywhere and can exercise for any part of your body.

When considering the use of resistance bands for legs, they bring better results and make your legs stronger. You can practice on your legs, even if you have stretched or sore muscles. But for better results, you should learn the correct way to use resistance bands for legs.

If you are searching for hacks about how to use resistance bands for legs, then stay here and learn about resistance bands’ benefits and ways to strengthen your legs.

Benefits of resistance bands for legs

Before explaining to you ways about how to use resistance bands for legs, I will explain to you some benefits of using resistance bands for legs.

  • Resistance bands are very beneficial for lower body parts such as legs and glutes because you can quickly produce force and pressure for lower body muscles with resistance bands.
  • They are proven to improve size, strength, and muscle functions and are helpful for early healing.
  • You can easily hit the targeted muscles.
  • Resistance bands provide similar and sometimes better results than weight training. The mechanism of the resistance band is very safe and produces a lower amount of force on joints but produces more stimuli. It brings more results but protects from injury to your legs muscles.
  • You have more exercise options; you can exercise at any angle or work for any specific muscle. You can efficiently perform the exercise in the vertical or horizontal plane, making it easier for you to exercise with more flexibility.
  • If you are injured and cannot work, resistance bands will help you heal your wounded muscles early.
  • You also have the flexibility for exercise; you can exercise anywhere in a room, garden, or any place that you find for training.
  • Resistance bands no doubt brings the same or better results for legs than gym equipment, but they are very inexpensive, and you can easily afford
  • You can continue your legs exercise activity even when travelling; you can keep a resistance band with you when you find time to exercise.

How to measure resistance band weight?

We all set some targets for muscles and want a better exercise facility for our muscles. We may remain in doubt until we do not know how much resistance our resistance bands offer. Resistance of a band is called resistance band weight.

You may think it is hard to measure the weight of your resistance bands, but I have found it easy to measure the resistance band’s weight. 

Indeed you have different sizes of dumbbells in your house gym. Dumbbells can help you to measure your resistance bands’ weight.

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Step 1:

Take various weight dumbbells; suppose you have taken 15 pounds, 20 pounds, and 25 pounds dumbbells.

Step 2:

Place the dumbbells on the floor and pull a 25 pounds dumbbell with your band; if you see it cannot move it up, let it and try for the next. 

Step 3:

You have attempted a 20 pounds dumbbell, but it does not move up with your resistance bands. 

Step 4:

Finally, when you try a resistance band to pull 15 pounds of dumbbell weight, it pulls it up. It means your resistance band’s weight is 15 pounds and is very close to 15 pounds. 

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When you exercise, this resistance band will provide 15 pounds of resistance to your legs muscles. You may also find other ways about how to measure resistance band weight. But it is a simple way to measure resistance bands’ weight.

How to use resistance bands for legs?

There are several workout choices for legs with resistance bands. But here, I will teach you the ten best legs workout with resistance bands that bring mind-blowing results.

10 easy legs workout ideas with resistance bands

You need to choose the correct resistance band that provides you enough stress to activate your legs’ muscles to grow them faster. Here we will choose a 50lb resistance band that could offer enough resistance to strengthen your legs muscles.

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01. Squats

Squats is a most effective workout that could make your legs muscles more robust, and you can provide enough stress to your calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

How to use a resistance band for Squats?

Step 1

Stand straight on the even surface in a balanced position and hold both ends of the resistance bands in your hands.  Then place a resistance band below your feet but keep your feet at a proper distance according to the distance between your shoulders.

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Step 2

After getting above position, sit down on your feet and raise both hands below your shoulders by holding the resistance band firmly.

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Step 3

Then start to stand up and down gently, but keep your position at the same place and keep your feet distance maintained. If you want to add some more pressure, you can also increase the distance between the feet. Repeat that sit and down sets three times and 10 to 12 reps in each set.

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·         Make sure during the entire workout keep your back straight, core muscles engaged and when sitting down, sit as much as possible near to your feet.

·         You can also make your grip more comfortable by using the stick instead of holding the resistance band in your hands. It will give you more control and also will increase your stress level.

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02. Lunges

A lunge is a good practice for legs muscles; it will improve your overall legs muscles and help you improve your upper body parts.

How to use a resistance band for lunges?

Step 1

Stand straight on the even surface, and hold resistance band’s both ends in your hands firmly. Take your one leg forward and place a resistance band under your forwarded leg feet. Take back your second leg behind from your initial position at a distance as much as possible. Place back leg feet toe on the floor and ensure that you did not place full feet on the floor.

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Step 2

Now slowly go down and then stand but do not allow your knee to touch the floor. Practice it for 10 to 15 reps for one leg.

Step 3

After that, change your leg and practice it for your next leg. Practice three sets for each leg.


·         Do not practice it fast; otherwise, your legs muscles will contract, and you may feel pain.

·         If you want to add stress to your workout, increase the distance between your feet and stay for a couple of seconds when you sit down

03. Leg Press

Leg press could be the best resistance band leg workout for mass that will make your quads and lunge muscles stronger. It is simple to practice, and you can efficiently perform that leg workout anywhere with a resistance band.

How to use a resistance band for Leg press workout?

Step 1

Sit down on the floor, keeping both your legs forward. Place your resistance band under your feet; make sure you have placed the resistance band in the middle of the toe; it will give you more grip and put more stress.

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Step 2

Now pull the resistance bands to touch your hands with your shoulders and slowly lay down on the floor. But remember that in the starting position, your feet should not touch the floor and should remain in the air.

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Step 3

Once you have got above position, slowly bend your legs backward towards your chest and make sure your knees should touch your chest or minimum with your belly.

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Step 4

Gently straighten your legs, but maintain distance between both legs. It will not just add more stress but also make it easier to practice. Practice three sets of 10 to 12 reps for effective results.

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·         You can make this practice easier by using different resistance bands such as repeat 12 reps with 40 lb resistance band, then eight reps with 50 lb, and six reps with 60 lb resistance band.

·         You can increase the stress on muscles by an increasing distance between your feet and hands.

04. Donkey kick

Donkey kick is an effective leg workout if your target is quads, hamstrings, and glutes. You practice the best resistance band exercises for glutes that will strengthen your legs muscles and activate your shoulders and belly muscles.

How to use a resistance band for a donkey kick workout?

Step 1

Get a position by placing both your hands and knees on the floor and then place one of the 50 lb resistance bands under your foot. After that, stretch the resistance band with both hands and place both hands forward than your shoulders. But make sure your one foot around that you place the resistance band should remain in the air.

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Step 2

After that, straight your one leg around that you place the resistance band and make sure your leg should go above your head level. Practice 10 to 12 reps for your first leg. It will strengthen your quad muscles.

Step 3

Next to that, repeat the same practice for your next leg. For better performance and early results, practice it in 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps in each step. But during the entire workout, make sure your moving leg knees should not touch the floor.



·         If you want to add tension to your workout, you can use a 60 or 70 lb resistance band and increase the distance between your hands.

·         It is a perfect workout if your primary concern is to improve the shape of your glutes.

05. Leg Extension

Leg extension workout is best to choose for your quads muscles. For that workout, you will need a chair and an anchor. You will also need a firm spot to hold the anchor or place it in the bottom of a door.

Step 1

First, insert the resistance band along with the anchor and make sure the anchor is almost in the middle of the resistance band rope. It will make it easier to apply the same force for both legs. Put the anchor in your door bottom and sit on the chair. After that, place a resistance band on both handles in your feet.


Step 2

Now slightly move your chair forward to add some resistance to your workout. Once you have done this now slightly kick forward your legs as high as possible. It will assist you in activating your calves and quad muscles and will bring fast results.

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Step 3

Divide your whole workout into three sets and perform 10 to 12 reps in each set.

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·         You can add more tension to your workout by increasing the distance between the door and the chair.

·         You can also increase or decrease resistance band weight to increase or decrease tension.

06. High-straight legged deadlift

High straight-legged deadlift could be the best resistance band leg workouts for heavyweight men. It is easy to practice, and you need a support and resistance band and can perform that exercise anywhere.

Step 1

Take an anchor and insert your resistance band in the anchor. Now place your anchor on the high angle with a door or any other firm post that holds it firmly. Then hold resistance band handles in hands and stay straight.

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Step 2

No stretch your body and slowly bring resistance band handles down. It will activate your hamstrings and glute muscles.


Step 3

Now fully stretch your hamstrings, bring handles down towards your feet, and bring them down as much as possible without losing your body. It will add stress and create more tension in your workout. Manage proper distance between your feet to make your practice more challenging.

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Step 4

Practice it in three sets and ten reps in each set. You should rest for a couple of minutes between each set; otherwise, it could be very tough for you.

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·         If you want to make your workout challenging, you can increase resistance band weight or increase the distance between the door and you.

07. Middle skater Lunge

Middle skater Lunge is the best resistance band legs workout that is easy and brings the best results to activate your core muscles. You can not perform it in your home but also can make it more challenging.

Step 1

Place your resistance band anchor in the door at the middle angle, not much high or below. It is good to set it according to your shoulders height. You can place it three or five inches below your shoulders height level in the door.

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Step 2

Turn on your side and start practice for one leg. Suppose you want to practice for the right leg, then first maintain a proper distance of 10 to 12 inches between your feet. Now slowly take back your right leg downside but make sure your knee should not touch the floor. Practice 12 to 15 reps for your right leg.

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Step 3

Once you have completed reps for the right leg, then turn your side standing on the same position and start practicing as before but for the left leg. If you are tired, you can rest for a minute, but it is better to continue without a break. Workout 12 to 15 reps for the left leg, but keep your core muscles stretched.

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·         You can add more challenges to exercise by increasing the distance between you and the door.

·         Also, stay for a couple of seconds to give more stress to your core muscles when you take down your knee close to the floor at the lowest position but without touching.

08. Middle Alternative Reverse Lunge

Here is the best resistance band exercise for legs and glutes that will hit all muscles of your legs. Middle alternating reverse lunge will help you to practice for both legs simultaneously. For each rep, you will need to change your leg; let’s try it.

Step 1

Place your resistance band anchor in the middle of the door and stay straight two feet away from the door. It will add tension to the resistance band and will make your workout challenging. Also, maintain a distance of 10 to 12 inches between your feet.

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Step 2

Once you have got above position, now gently take back your one leg. Place back feet just on the toe and take your knee down towards the floor as much as possible, but your knee should not touch the floor.

Then take back your leg on the initial position and take your next leg back on the feet. Do that exercise and alternate legs each time and perform 15 reps for each leg.

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·         When taking back your leg takes it back as much as possible, it will increase the stress.

·         Never touch your knee on the floor.

·         Always try to remain in the same position when alternating legs; it will make your exercise consistent and fruitful.

09. Low Calf Squat

Low Calf squat is a unique exercise that will strengthen your core muscles, hamstrings, calves, and glutes and build your upper body muscles. It will also activate your chest, belly, and shoulders muscles. It brings fast results for leg exercise, and you can add more mass to your legs with consistent practice.

Step 1

Start with placing an anchor in the lower point of the door 10 to 12 inches above the floor. Now hold both handles in your hand and stand straight. Turn your side and pull the resistance band from the backside. Bring resistance band handles above your shoulders level from behind.


Step 2

Now sit down slowly but when you sit on your feet, raise your feet from behind and put all your weight on your fingers and then place back full feet on the floor and stand again. Repeat that practice 15 times continuously but in slow motion. It will be very challenging so practice it slowly in a gentle way.

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·         Try to maximize the squeeze and stay for a couple of moments when you stand on your toes. It will add more stress and make your exercise more challenging.

10. Low Pull Through

The last one is an easy leg workout and is excellent for your overall legs muscles growth. It seems very easy, but you have several choices in it to make it more challenging. Low pull-through could be your best resistance band leg workout for mass if you practice it correctly.

Step 1

Mount your resistance band anchor at the lower point of your door and stand straight on the floor. Now turn your side and hold the resistance bands handle in your hands. Keep a resistance band between your legs from behind between your thighs.

Step 2

Next, go away from the door and maintain at least two feet of distance to add proper tension in the resistance band. Once you have reached the position, now start practice.

Takedown your upper body and make the resistance band relaxed when your head reaches your belly level, then pull the resistance band and raise your head straight. Pull the resistance band until you stand entirely straight. Practice it 12 to 15 times and repeat 3 sets.


·         You can make your workout more challenging by increasing the distance between your feet.

·         It could be more beneficial if you change resistance band weight for each set, start at a lower weight and then gradually increase the weight to make your upcoming set more challenging.

How To Use Resistance Bands For Legs (FAQ)

Question No 1: Do resistance bands build muscle?

Answer:  Resistance bands are found helpful for building muscles. You can deploy resistance bands for any muscle growth. It offers flexibility and adds tension to your workout to strengthen your muscles. 

You may not get faster results when using resistance bands alone, but when combined with other gym equipment improve muscles fast. But using resistance band exercises for legs and glutes show mind-blowing results and also offer greater flexibility.

Question No 2:  Do resistance bands burn your legs fats?

 Answer: Your legs have a prominent role in your overall movement. If you have strong legs that are perfect, it will be easier to move and perform your routine activities. Thin or massive legs could create problems in movement. If you have heavy legs due to more fats, it will make your regular performance down. You can use resistance bands to burn the fat.

Whenever we give stress to any muscles, it will burn fats and make our muscles stronger. Resistance bands also generate enough stress and tension during a workout that causes fats to burn in our body and around our legs.

Question No 3: After how much time will I see resistance band workout results for my legs?

Answer: No matter what workout you are going to do, it takes time. Resistance bands bring good results to build muscles. But it is not magic, and you need consistency in your practice and time to see the results. You may start seeing resistance band workout results after 4 to 5 months of continuous workout for your legs.

It is affected by many factors such as your workout routine, stress, and your body weight also. If you want fast results, you can combine resistance bands with other gym equipment for leg workouts.

Question No 4:  Can you strengthen your legs muscles at home with resistance bands?

Answer:  When it comes to growing your leg muscles by using resistance bands at home, it is possible because resistance bands are manufactured to offer flexibility in exercises. You can give stress to any of the body muscles to grow muscles. You can quickly increase your leg muscles with a resistance band, such as calves, glutes, thighs, and above ankle muscles.

Question No 5: What should I need to strengthen my legs muscles with resistance bands?

Answer: There is no doubt resistance bands bring positive results for strengthening legs muscles. But for fast and required results, you should learn how to use resistance bands for legs. You also need consistency and proper workout stress for leg muscle growth.


Resistance bands are the easiest exercise solutions for busy people that offer greater flexibility to them. With resistance bands, one can exercise at home, parks, room, or anywhere. They are not just less expensive but also very effective muscle growth solutions. You can use resistance bands with other gym equipment to bring quick results.

Resistance bands are perfect to use for a full-body workout, but their results for legs are exceptions. You have hundreds of exercise ideas to choose from to activate your legs muscles and make them stronger and healthy. We have also shared some easy and helpful exercise ideas with a resistance band that may help you make your legs shape perfectly as you need.No matter what workout you have chosen, the way of using a resistance band is also essential. So we have also taught you about how to use a resistance band for your legs in detail for each workout.

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