Best walking Pad for Seniors in 2024 [5 Pads with Ultimate Buyers’ Guide]

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Walking is one of the best ways to stay fit and lose weight. Sometimes this is quite difficult for senior people to go outside for jogging or walking. There can be various risks for senior people with outdoor walking. In that case, having the best walking pad for seniors could be a great option that replaces outdoor walking for older adults. 

Below are the top 5 best walking pad treadmill reviews. These walking pads can fit into any place, are easy to move and come with a low noise level. So, read the full article to pick the best one for you. 

Best Walking Pad For Seniors Buying Guide

The treadmills are equipped with features that fit everyone’s unique lifestyle. In that case, you need to know which will be a good choice for you. Let’s read the buying guide for walking pads for seniors to make a good choice. 


Age doesn’t matter. A well-cushioned walking pad ensures comfort that reduces the chance of injury. It also compensates for the loss of natural joints.

 Cushioning is especially important for orthopaedic sneakers. In that case, you can choose a variable cushion that offers flat and softer surfaces for your best treadmill for senior walking.


A treadmill with an incline helps to shift the body weight to release pressure from the knees. Two more benefits of the treadmill with incline includes it helps in more calorie burning and muscle toning. 

Using a treadmill with an incline, you can burn calories two times quicker than the normal one. 

Safety Features

Safety features are another most important thing that you should consider before buying a treadmill for seniors. As a safety feature, look for a reliable heart rate or pulse rate monitor that ensures you are in a safe zone. 

Also, make sure to have an auto stop button on your treadmill. In case you slip or pull away, the key will manage your position.

A good treadmill for sensors should have handrails also. It gives extra support when you lose your balance. 

Weight Limit

Know the weight limit of your treadmill. If your treadmill can’t take your weight, you will not use it in the right way. 


For seniors, a treadmill with high to max speed can be dangerous. The older adult can only do walking or slow running. In that case, a treadmill with 4-6 miles per hour can be beneficial. 

Track Length and Width

The senior person can go for a wide belt treadmill. It helps to control the balance while walking on the track. In that case, make sure that the treadmill suits the height of the user. As an example, for 6″ height people, 60″ or more can be ideal. 

Transportable Wheel

This is quite difficult for seniors to lift a treadmill to place it properly. In that case, the transport wheel allows them to move the treadmill easily. 

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Top 5 Best Walking Pad For Seniors Review

1. Kicode Under Desk Electric Treadmill

Key features:

  • Walking pad with Bluetooth speaker. 
  • Remote control LED display
  • Wear resistance surface
  • Sound insulation layer

Kicode Underdesk Electric treadmill is one of the best treadmills for seniors 2024 on our list. The product has an easy set-up, and you don’t need to pay for its installation. The five-level elastic board with silicone structure keeps exercising comfortably and easily for the seniors. 

The motor runs with a maximum capacity of 0.6-3.8 kmph. Apart from the speed, this Is another quietest more you will find in our list. So, no extra noise or vibration can break your concentration at all. 

The running belt area is wider than making your every step safe to place. The solid steel dedesign insurable, and the weight capacity is 265Lbs. 

Music has a lot of power in mental wellness. With the Kicode Under Desk Electric Treadmill, you can listen to music while walking. Connect the treadmill with your blue phone tooth and enjoy music anywhere.  


  • Bluetooth connection for listening to music. 
  • Weight capacity is 265 Lbs.
  • Extra wide running space
  • Solid steel construction makes it durable. 


  • A bit heavier model. 

2. UMAY Under Desk Treadmill for Home & Office

Key features

  • Sports App Connectivity
  • LED Display
  • High Shock Absorption 
  • Multilayers cushioning

The UMAY Under Desk is one of the most efficient best walking pad for seniors treadmill on this list. The treadmill is perfect for people who want a treadmill for light use, like only walking. 

The several layers of cushioning over the pad make the workout comfortable. This is especially beneficial for people who have orthopaedic issues. 

The treadmill is operated with a 1.5HP motor which is not powerful enough to make it safe for senior people. It features only 1-4 kmph speed that is ideal for only walking exercise. 

This walking pad is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 220 Lbs. In that case, with the maximum speed of this treadmill, you can easily burn 63gm calories in just 10 minutes. 


  • Easy to me be and store
  • Suitable for only walking
  • Comes with smartphone pairing
  • Guided 12 preset programme


  • Only for light users. 

3. Egofit Walkpad F1/F1T Treadmill

Key features:

  • Ultra-thin and silent
  • The maximum speed is 6kmph
  • App and remote control
  • Multilayer cushioning 

If you are looking for a slim and ultralight treadmill, then this one can be a perfect match for you. It measures only 5.7″ that easily fits under your walk desk. The motor of the treadmill is powered by a 2.5HP battery that keeps you concentrated during the workout. 

You can easily operate it through mobile applications or remote control. It enables you to keep track of your workout session. The transportable wheels underneath can be easily moved from one place to another place. 

Even at maximum speed, the noise level stays under 70 DB. So, with your workout, you will not disturb your neighbours or your concentration. The solidly built body of the treadmill can take up to 242.5 Lbs of weight.


  • Weight capacity of 242.5 Lbs
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easily transportable wheels
  • 5km per hour


  • The construction could be sturdier. 

4. WALKINGPAD C2 Smart Folding Treadmill

Key features:

  • 1HP brushless motor
  • Four-layer running belt
  • Two control modes
  • WalkingPad connectivity

With the maximum speed limit of 6km/h, this treadmill is another ticking electric treadmill on our list. It features a fantastic compact design that is easy to store anywhere. 

It offers three-speed control options that vary between high, medium and slow jogging. The easy to read LED panels show the process of your workout. 

Made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material, the product is durable and gives it an elegant look overall. The product comes with some excellent safety features like overload protection, child lock, auto standby etc. 


  • Two modes of operation.
  • Three different speed control
  • Enough security protection
  • LED Display


  • The setting is quite difficult

5. WalkingPad A1 Pro Smart Walk Folding Treadmill

Key features:

  • Multiple safety options
  • Different control modes
  • LED panel
  • Installation free product

This walking pad is ideal for people who are always short of time. Apart from fitting under a desk, you can easily fold it and store it for business or office use. This is a convenient feature for older people. 

Another major advantage of this walking pad is that it can be connected with KS fit Application. It allows you to track and monitor your performance. 

The WalkingPad A1 Pro Smart Walk Folding Treadmill comes with a maximum speed limit per hour is 3.72 miles. So, the older people can easily go for it as it will not make them exhausted quickly. 

The product is made of high-quality stainless steel that makes it durable. It can take weight up to 220ibs easily. Equipped with two walking boards, it provides a comfortable and fantastic exercise experience. 


  • Stainless Steel ensures durability for the product.
  • Two walking boards provide safety and support. 
  • The maximum speed level is 3.72 miles per hour, making it safe for older people.


  • Not ideal for a speed walk.

Is it better to walk outside or on a treadmill? 

The calorie-burning and fitness benefits are mostly similar in walking and using a treadmill. But when running outdoors, the body needs to propel to the way with every step. In that case, the experts say that muscle activation happens more outside as here you need to touch the ground to support your movement. 

In that case, the muscle activation impacts the pace of the users as well as concentration. This is something to distract you from negative thinking.

But the treadmill brings ground underneath your foot. With treadmill walking, you will not have wind resistance, and the surface also remains the same. Walking on a treadmill is monstrous but results in the same as when you walk outdoors. The treadmills are especially beneficial for people with I just issues. As the treadmill offers, padding helps in reducing joint issues. 

Are treadmills good for seniors?

Treadmills are great for seniors who want to maintain a healthy workout routine without leaving home. Apart from that, walking on a treadmill is effective and easier than other cardiovascular exercises. 

It would help if you were a little demanding to buy a treadmill for the seniors. However, the experts say that the treadmill is good for seniors. 

It offers a smooth surface with handrails for extra support during movement. Apart from that, modern treadmills can show your speed, distance and heart rate etc. Some of them can also be synced with the smartphone to store data about your performance on the treadmill. 

Low to moderate level walking on a treadmill also reduces the risk of falling due to improper postural balance. 

Walking chart for seniors as per age

Walking on a treadmill is most probably the best way to stay fit for senior aged people. In that case, the recommended walking chart for seniors as per age is below:

The 60-65 aged people can walk 30 minutes per day and five days a week. If 30 minutes of walking is not possible at once, they can break that timing. 

Older than 65 can walk 20-30 minutes per day. However, consult with a doctor for a specific walking chart for older adults. 

Is a walking pad perfect for older people?

Yes, walking pads are perfect for older people. It comes with soft fat underneath the foot that makes exercising comfortable. Apart from that, with a walking pad, the older person can burn calories from their home. In that case, they don’t need to go for outdoor walking. 

Some walking tips for seniors are below here. The walking pads are especially beneficial for orthopaedic issues such as joint issues, joint pain, etc. Older people are likely to fall when walking outdoors. But the walking ad reduces their risk of falling with its excellent safety features like handrails, auto-stop etc. 


Q: What is the best walking pad for seniors?

The Egofit Walkpad F1/F1T Treadmill is one of the best choices for a senior walking pad. You can run at a maximum of 6kmph with this treadmill. The maximum mouse level is also 70DB that makes your exercising quiet. 

Q: Is a walking pad worth it?

The walking pads are a great investment if you want a small, compact and basic treadmill. This is the easiest way to keep you fit when you are unable to go outside. Get a doctor checkup for the recommended walking limit for you. 

Q: How to use a walking pad?

Bring a walking pad to the home. Now make it on with a remote control or mobile app. Some offer facilities like Bluetooth ability. Now set up your limit and start on slowly.


Now we are at the end of five reviews. The above 5 best walking pad for seniors are best in our choice. Still, if you are looking for a  recommendation, then we would suggest the Egofit Walkpad F1/F1T Treadmill as the best overall walking pad for the seniors. 

 For a slower walking speed, you can buy a Kicode Under Desk Electric Treadmill. But make sure to get a walking chart as per your weight from the doctor. 

How Fast Should I Walk a Mile for My Age?

How Fast Should I Walk a Mile for My Age

One of the most powerful ways to stay fit and to maintain a healthy heart rate is walking. While walking is incredibly beneficial for every aged person, how fast should i walk a mile for my age

Speed walking is also referred to as power walking. Walking is undoubtedly an enjoyable physical exercise for anyone who doesn’t have time for other physical activities. 

However, a report says that people who walk faster have a low risk of cardiovascular disease. Walking is an ideal way for burning fat. If you want to know how fast you should walk and what is Brisk walking, then read the article. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Speed Walking

There are several benefits of speed walking. Let see what the experts say about speed walking:

Maintains Healthy Weight: Power walking uses muscles on its intense working resulting in exaggerated movement in the whole body. 

Walking at the speed of 4kmph can quickly burn calories up to 345 calories depending upon the exercise. This makes it an efficient way to keep the unexpected calories at the side. 

Improve Health Function: Regular exercise like power walking can keep unexpected diseases and illnesses away from your body. This is one of the best ways to level up the good cholesterol in the body and bad cholesterol out of the body. 

It also helps in lowering blood pressure levels and recycling the risk of diabetes. The report has shown that people who do power walking are less likely to get specific health issues like cancer and stroke. 

Keeps Bones Healthy: Aerobic activity like speed walking builds new bone cells and improves the mineral density in bones. Apart from that, it saves a good impact in straightening the muscles. 

Work as a stress buster: People can’t escape from their troubles. But there are some healthy ways to manage stress levels in the body. 

Going outside for walking in a quiet environment works as a mood booster. Let the power walk to manage your stress rather than letting it get control over you. 

How To Measure Walking Speed

Before knowing how fast should i walk a mile for my age, we should know the process to measure the speed. This is important to know how fast you are walking. 

In that case, you can use walking and running applications or GPS monitors. Apart from that, the easiest way to measure your walking speed is using a walking pace calculation. 

The walking pace calculation is the average walking speed in km. Follow the below sum to measure your walking speed easily. 

Pace = Time\Distance

As an example, if you walk 6 miles in 2 hours, then your walking pace will be 2 hours or 120 minutes/6. The average walking speed in miles per hour results in 20 minutes per mile. 

How Fast Should You Walk As Per Your Age

Let follow the below chart to be clear about how fast you should walk as per your age. 

The walking speed tells a lot about your health. However, several variables make individual differences in walking, such as age, sex and height.

 How fast you Can walk depends on many things such as fitness level, terrain type, and effort that you have provided. 

Generally, the walking speed tends to decrease as your age increases. Research says that you are likely to reduce your walking speed at the rate of 1.2 minutes slower in every kilometre. Follow the table below to know more about your walking speed as per the age. 

20-291.34 to 1.363.0 to 3.4
30-391.34 to 1.433.0 to 3.2
40-491.39 to 1.433.11 to 3.2
50-591.31 to 1.432.93 to 3.2
60-691.24 to 1.342.77 to 3.0
70-791.13 to 1.262.53 to 2.82
80-89.94 to .972.10 to 2.17

What is brisk walking?

A healthy adult can choose a walking pace of 2.8 miles an hour. but the pace is identified by the metabolism rate that your body uses to access fat in your body. While brisk walking refers to walking at moderate intensity speed walking. It accounts for 100 steps per minute. 

Brisk walking is a type of aerobic moderate-intensity yactivity. In  brisk walking, the walking speed should be 4.5 miles per hour. If you have a weight loss goal, you should aim to brisk walk at least 30 minutes a day. 

What Are The Things That Decide Your Walking Speed

During the brisk walk, you should feel the noticeable breath and should have the capability of speaking complete sentences. Make sure you have a walking pace of 20 minutes. This is considered a moderate to intensity exercise. 

Heart Rate Zones Decide Your Walking Speed

For first time doers, it is recommended to wear a fitness tracker or heart rate monitor to show the heart rate. You should check the following things through your heart rate monitor such as:

  • Healthy Heart Zone: Make sure your heart rate stays between 50%-60%. This heart rate is considered an e and comfortable exercise zone, and you will be able to carry an entire nation. 
  • Fitness Zone: When the heart rate varies between 64%-74%, this is considered moderate-intensity exercise. This is ideal for people who aim to lose weight.
  • Aerobic Zone: At 77%-93%, you will breathe very hard and can only communicate with short phases—phrases are a vigorous-intensity

How To Do Fast Walking

You can only derive the maximum benefit of power walking when you can do it in the right way. Here is a guideline that you can follow for power walking:

  • Watch Your Posture

Posture plays an important part in power walking. The correct posture of power walking includes keeping the eyes forward and head upright. 

The belly button should be toward your spine. As it engages the core muscles when doing exercise. If you have any tension, then relax. Without good posture, you can’t power walk in the right way. 

  • Pick Up The Pace

Try to double the pace. Two miles per hour is considered a low-intensity but crank your speed to four miles per hour. It should be moderate speed for everyone. 

  • Pump The Arms

Pumping the arms may look slightly silly. But this is beneficial for propelling the body forward and to reviving heart rate. Apart from that, it also does toning action for the upper part of your body. You are recommended to keep your arms bent at least 90° and to pump forward and back. 

  • Maintain Your Stride

When you are doing exercise and taking longer strides, thinking that it will help you cover the mile quickly, this doesn’t make a proper strategy for power walking speed.  By doing the opposite, you can better achieve results. 

In that case, you can mix up your average walking speed km by age. It adds variety and challenges your body every moment, making a good result on your walk speed.

  • Invest In Walking Shoes

There are a lot of differences between walking shoes and running shoes. Without the right shoes, you can’t be comfortable during the exercise. Your shoes should be capable of taking your weight. 

Apart from that, the right cushioning is also essential for making you comfortable during walking. 

  • Increase Your Distance Gradually

Don’t be limited by partial certainty. Try to increase it gradually. Beginners will not be able to cover 6 miles long in one hour. Instead, give it sometimes.  

If you walk two miles an hour on a first date, then ma at least 2.5 miles. This way, you will be able to cover 6 miles a day.

You should not force your body to make more movement. Instead, it takes pretty long so that it adjusts the activity. 

  • Take Intervals

Try to take intervals several times. At a 20-30 walking speed, you should take several intervals. Once you get comfortable with it, then in the interval time or make it within 10-15 minutes. Remember that the breaks make your body and mind relaxed and prepare yourself for the next task. 

These all are the tips to help you in walking. Your shorts will help if you make it speedy. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get its critical benefits. 

How Do I Keep From Getting Hurt While Power Walking?

Some specific rules can prevent injuries during walking. Apart from that, the walking speed for seniors can vary as per physician guidelines.  Here are some ways that can help you from getting hurt during power walking. 

  • Warm Up Yourself

Your shorts would help if you did not walk at full speed. Somewhat, Instead of a leisurely pace. Give your body time so it can adjust itself from a state motion. 

  • Stretch

You short would help if you made numbered up before doing any strenuous job. Before you start strenuous, give focus on calves and feet. Until your muscles feel listened to, you will not be ready to go. 

  • Track Distance and Adjust

Did you know the ten per cent rule of walking? Try to increase 10% of walking more than the previous week. So, in fast walking, do not double the mile or speed the next day as it may lead to burnout. 

How To Get Started On Your Way

Before you start your walking problem, make sure to talk with your healthcare provider. Without your physician’s advice, you should not consider anything. 

Primarily this is recommended for you when you are taking medicines for specific health problems. Otherwise, you may face several harmful effects such as feeling dizzy, faint or short of breathing. You should immediately contact your doctor if you are facing an issue with your upper body part. 

First, set a goal and then try to attain it. You can also look for the walking communities in your area. Connect with them and get essential guidance for your exercises. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How fast should I walk a mile for my age

1. How fast should I walk a mile to lose weight?

If you are walking to lose weight, then make sure to keep the pace at 3 miles/ hour or 120 steps per minute. This is standard for senior aged people. But the adult can make it 4 miles per hour or 135 steps per hour. 

2. Is walking a 14-minute mile fast?

Brisk walking pace varies between 13-20 minutes per mile. At this pace, you will breathe harder than normal and be able to speak a full sentence. This is considered a low -moderate intensity walk. Fast walking space is considered 20 miles an hour or more than it. 

3. How far should a 60-year-old be able to walk?

If the older adult is in good physical condition, they can walk between 2000-9000 steps daily. These steps are counted as the 4-½ distance of walking. For the old aged people, it is better to ask a doctor for their exercises. 

4. Is it better to walk faster or longer?

Brisk walking or walking faster is better than walking longer. Walking with your maximum effort burns calories more than longer but slow walking. 

5. How long does it take the average person to walk a mile?

An average person takes around 15-22 minutes to walk a mile. However, it depends on the walking speed of the person. 

6. Is walking a mile in 16 minutes good?

Yes, walking 16 minutes a mile is good. Brisk walking is effective and ideal for reducing weight. But make sure your doctor recommends you to walk at the following speed. 

7. Is walking a mile in 19 minutes good?

The optimal speed of walking varies with the age, fitness level of the same people. Below 20 minutes of walking pace, it is considered average. But below 18 minutes per hour is considered brisk walking. 

8. Is walking one mile a day enough?

Walking a mile per day is enough for older adults. But for others, this is recommended to have 150 minutes per week that calculates more than 1 mile a day. 

9. How long does it take the average woman to walk a mile?

The average woman with a healthy body weight takes between 14-21 minutes to walk a mile. As per age, normal 20-29 aged women take 14-15 minutes. But for women between 40-49 age takes 15-17 minutes. 

10. How much should I walk for my age?

The chart of walking as per the age is given below:

20-291.34 to 1.363.0 to 3.4
30-391.34 to 1.433.0 to 3.2
40-491.39 to 1.433.11 to 3.2
50-591.31 to 1.432.93 to 3.2
60-691.24 to 1.342.77 to 3.0
70-791.13 to 1.262.53 to 2.82
80-89.94 to .972.10 to 2.17

11. Is walking 2 miles a day enough?

Yes, walking 2 miles a day is enough for you. How much you will work depends on your age, weight and health. So, you are recommended to consult a fitness expert to get a full discussion about this. 

The Bottom Line

At least 3-4 km average treadmill speed by age walking speeds per mile is enough for most people. But remember how fast you will walk depends on so many essential things such as fitness level, overall health and age of the person. Try to include walking as an important story of your life to live longer with good health. 

Apart from that, understanding how fast you will walk will help you keep your health in shape. Make a practice of walking 30-60 minutes every day. I  Hope this schedule mentioned above will help you to enjoy working out and to stay fit.