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resistance band exercises for belly fat

It looks very odd and disgusting when you have a big belly. The most affected body area of every fat person is the belly. When fats accumulate around your belly, it doesn’t look good; everyone wants to keep their belly flat and smarter.

People use different belly belts and medicines and get training in the gym to lose belly fat, but everything needs time. You will wonder if there are easier and very effective ways to lose belly fat with resistance bands.

Indeed, you have understood; I will tell you some of the best resistance band exercises for belly fat. Stay here to learn the best ways to use resistance bands for losing belly fat.

Why belly fats?

People assume that belly fats are due to overeating, but many other reasons cause belly fat. Some of the common reasons for belly fats could be as below.

Poor dietary plans– poor diet is one of the most occurring reasons for belly fat. People who do not care about their diet and eat sugary and rich carbs and fats suffer from belly fats.

Alcohol– Alcohol is also one of the causes of belly fats, overuse of alcohol causes liver and inflammation diseases that also increase the chances of belly fat accumulation.

Lack of physical activities– People who are lazy or do not pay attention to exercise also face belly fat issues because they do not have enough physical activities to burn fats that cause accumulation of fats.

Genetically problem- the genetic problem is also one of the reasons for belly fat; if it happens due to genetic inheritance, it is tough to get rid of it.

Poor Sleeping- Poor sleeping also causes belly fats because it disturbs overall health and especially the digestive system that causes belly fats.

How dangerous is belly fat for your health?

Belly fats do not just look odd and lose confidence; many other health side effects sometimes become severe.

Some of the hazardous impacts of belly fat could be heart failure, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes type 2, asthma, breast cancer, dementia, and colon cancer. So, it is a severe issue, and you should take immediate initiatives to reduce belly fat.

Best resistance band exercises for belly fat

Learn the most straightforward resistance band exercises for belly fat. You can lose your belly fat with greater flexibility without practicing in the gym.

List of resistance band exercises for belly fat

01. Hanging Knees In

Hanging Knees In with a resistance band could be very effective for losing belly fat. It is easy to train and does not need enough space to exercise; you can practice in a small room or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Step one

Stick your resistance band with support; you can hang the resistance band with a pole, or your door or any other suitable support to keep it high to hang your knees. Hang the resistance band at a moderate height of four to five feet is enough.

Step two

Wrap both ends of the resistance bands around your ankles and turn your side in a downward-facing position. Put your body weight on your arms, palms, and arms.

Step three

Straight your legs behind and make a space between the floor and your body. Keep your legs high that they do not touch the floor. You will feel pressure on your core, belly, arms, shoulders, and hands. It will increase stress in all areas that will lose fat and build muscles.

Step four

Once you adapt to the above position, start pulling your legs towards you and away in forth and back movement. You will need 25 reps; practice it gently; do not go for fast reps. You may quickly tired, keep counting.

Step five

After completing 25 reps, do not quit; stop but in hanging position. Keep your legs straight but suspended with a resistance band to relax. Remain in that position for five to ten seconds to rest.

02. Hanging Pikes

Hanging Pikes is not just the best exercise for belly fat, but it could be the best exercise for bodybuilding with a resistance band only. It strengthens your belly, legs, shoulders, and overall body muscles.

Step One

After five to ten seconds, rest, start 25 reps for hanging pikes, pull up your hips, remaining in the same position. When you pull your hips ups and downs, it will burn the belly fat and be a good exercise for glutes.

Step two

If you feel it is too stressful, you can also switch to folded arms position and continue your reps. It will relax your arms, but you will not distract your target.

Step Three

You can also keep switching your position on hands or folded arms after every five reps, but you could go with any choice as you think better. But ensure keep your ass and cores tight and stretched to increase the force on your belly. Once complete, stop and relaxes in the hanged legs but bent legs position for five seconds before going for the next exercise.

03. Lying Restricted Oblique Crunches

Lying Restricted oblique crunches are not just effective as belly fat losing exercise with resistance bands. Still, this exercise will also relax you after the above two challenging and stressful exercises.

Step one

Take a medium size resistance band and attach it with the previous long loop resistance band, and lay down straight on the mat on one side. You will need 50s reps, 25 reps for each side. Suppose you lay down on the exercise mat in the right side position.

Step two

Once lays down, keep both your legs stretched and touch your resistance band handles with the opposite arm’s fingers. It will stress your belly, but your other body parts will relax with that exercise. Complete 25 reps for your right side.

Step three

After completing 25 reps, turn your side, lay down in the left-side position, and practice the same way. But avoid bending your legs; it will increase stress on the belly and legs. After 25 reps, stop and relax for ten seconds to go for the next exercise.

04. Restricted Oblique Twists

Restricted oblique Twists is a simple but effective resistance band exercise to reduce belly fat. It is a perfect exercise for everyone, no matter how fat you are. This exercise will also increase your arms and chest muscles strength.

Step one

Stay on your knees at a maximum distance by pulling resistance as much as possible. Once you sit on your knees, gently twist your waist on the opposite side of the resistance band.

Step two

You will need 25 gentle twists for each side. First complete twenty-five reps for one side; suppose you do 25 reps for the right side. Keep the resistance band fully stretched to increase stress on your belly muscles when twisting your body.

Step three

After completing 25 reps for the right side, turn your side, sit in the same position but on the opposite side, and practice 25 reps for the left side in a gentle way. Once done, take a breath and rest for 5 to 10 seconds to relax.

05. Resisted Kneeling AB crunch

Resisted Kneeling AB crunch exercise is an excellent resistance band exercise that is beneficial for your belly fat reduction and strengthens your upper body parts like shoulders and neck muscles. It is pretty easy to train anywhere.

Step one

Remove the small resistance band connected with the long loop resistance band. Hold the long loop resistance band in your hands and sit down on the floor. Make sure the resistance band stretches to maximum level. If needed, you can increase its height to make your training stressful.

Step two

After that, raise your hands to your temple and touch both hands to forehead; pull the resistance band down as much as you can to touch the floor. Complete 25 reps in that training; keep breathing and do all reps slowly when practicing. When you go to a lower position, stay there for one or two seconds before raising your body.

06. Crunch legs with resistance band

Crunch legs with resistance band exercise are the best belly fat reducing activity with short bands. You will not just lose your belly fat, but it will also strengthen your bootie, core, lower legs, arms, shoulders, and neck muscles. In this exercise, you will almost target one or two parts from all levels of your body.

Step one

Only one-step exercise is very effective and easy to train.

Lay down on a flat exercise mat in support of your elbows. Please take a short resistance band and wrap it around both feet. After wrapping a resistance band around your feet, raise your legs and take away both of your feet; try apart your feet as much as possible to increase stress.

You can practice 50s reps in two sets 25 reps, first set by keeping right leg before and next 25 reps by keeping left leg before.

Precautions and tips

I hope you have understood it well, but I will mention some precautions to make your exercise more effective to get quick results.

  • Choose the best resistance band for better results keeping in mind your target, gender, and weight. Long loop resistance bands are mostly found effective for belly fat exercises, so if you choose a long loop, then first learn how to use long loop resistance bands for belly fat.
  • When practicing, in each exercise, keep your movement slow but steady to remain relaxed.
  • Ensure a proper diet plan and consistency in exercise to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do resistance bands effective for belly fat exercises?

Of course, yes, because you need to burn your calories to reduce the amount of fat in your body. You need to put pressure on your targeted body to burn calories, so resistance bands are very influential and flexible to stress belly muscles to burn fats.

How to measure resistance band weight?

There are many ways to know the resistance band weight, such as you can read on the packing or read from the resistance band side. You can also measure resistance band weight with weights. Pull the different weights with your resistance band; the maximum weight that your resistance band could pull is the weight of the resistance band.

Is resistance band muscle building workout effective for belly muscles strength?

Yes, resistance band muscle building workout for belly, not just reduce your belly fat. But also strengthen your belly muscles. Bodybuilders essentially include such belly workouts to shape their tummy to get nice look matching to their overall body.

Do resistance bands build muscles in legs when I use them for belly fat?

Yes, most belly fat losing exercises also build muscles in your legs. Most of the above-shared practices also increase your leg muscles strength, such as making your glutes, core, and overall legs.

How long to see results from resistance bands for belly fat?

Resistance bands are very effective for losing belly fat, but their results timespan depends on many factors that could affect resistance bands’ performance. Some of the most affecting factors for belly fat results are age, gender, target, amount of fat, and intensity of your exercises.

Usually, after two to three months, you start seeing results of belly fat exercises with a resistance band. After six months of consistent practice, most of your desired results come.

But if you want quick results, you should increase your workout stress and time and set a helpful diet plan to see desired results fast.


Belly fat creates many problems such as losing your confidence, damaging your body shape, and many serious health issues. So, immediate actions are needed to control belly fat to avoid untoward instances in the future. There are many ways to reduce belly fat, such as changing diet plans, wearing a tummy belt, taking medicines, and exercising.

Among all these resistance band exercises for belly fat are safe and fruitful. There are hundreds of choices for belly fat exercise with a resistance band, but the above six are very easy but very effective.

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