What is the Best Maternity Bra for Support in 2024

Best Maternity Bra for Support 2024

Pregnancy is a difficult time for any woman. Nevertheless, as you go through further into pregnancy, your breasts will grow naturally – and necessarily, you will want to invest in the best maternity bra for support.

Having the right bra for you is necessary, and you must keep in mind that just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t feel feminine & comfortable.

You will find plenty of questions to think about while you are trying to choose what kind of maternity bra will be best for you. 

The following gives a few tips which will hopefully help the process of choosing the best maternity bras that keep you feeling womanly still.

Tips for choosing the best maternity bra for large bust:

Let’s take a closer look at some significant points that help you to choose the best maternity bra for support. 

• It must give enough support with quality elastic straps & under-bust bands.

• It must offer enough coverage over your breasts. This is important because with time, the feeling of your breasts will increase & you will need the comfort given by the bra’s soft fabric covering the breasts as far as possible. 

• It needs to ensure complete satisfaction. This implies the fabric should ideally by soft cotton, which is breathable and comfortable during pregnancy.

• It must be adjustable. You need to ensure that you can adjust your bra as your breast size grows.

Are maternity bras necessary?

According to the parents’ magazine, maternity bras are necessary than any other traditional bras to the women because they have room for the safety to grow during pregnancy.

So, women who want extra support or who feel uneasy in their regular bras, maternity bras are the best option for them. These are made for providing excellent coverage & comfort for all-day wear.     

Another study by Baby Center reports that maternity bras vary from traditional ones in having a soft lining, wider straps, extra eyes and hooks for additional support.

The top part of the shoulder of a maternity bra will be stretchy to make up any change in breast size. The extra layers of fabric make it standalone and unique to the mamas than other regular bras.

When should I get measured for a maternity bra?

When you feel uncomfortable with your current feeding bra, and your breasts become much sensitive, it is time to get measured for a maternity bra. Most moms realize this change at around 12 weeks.

However, it is better to get fitted for a maternity bra after 4 or 5 weeks. Also, this way you will remain ahead of the game before your breasts become a bit inflated and your regular under-wired bras start feeling uncomfortable.

According to experts’ suggestion, Breasts are supported by ligaments more than muscle, allowing them susceptible to hormonal changes, so it is better to get measured for a maternity bra when you know you are pregnant.

What size maternity bra should I buy?

The average size of your breast may change throughout pregnancy quite dramatically, so having a bra that will fit comfortably through pregnancy & breastfeeding can be an incredible challenge.

One of the best ways to measure what size maternity bra you should buy is to take your calculations at 26 weeks & add one more band size & cup size to your bra size.

So for instance, whether at 26 weeks you are a 34 cup, you would fit into a 36D because you get into your 3rd & 4th trimesters.

Top Ten best maternity bra for support 2024 review:

1. HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras review:

 The Hofish Maternity Bra is the first item in this review list. It is made to provide convenient and comfortable feeding for women.

The classic-fitting and super snug makes this bra ideal for nursing and pregnant. The compression fit of this bra lowers the motion and improves the support.

Therefore it helps you to go hard without leaving your focus. It has adjustable shoulder straps, molded foam cup, one-hand access, and excellent finish that make it 100% breathable and comfortable.

It uses 92% nylon and 8% spandex in its made that makes it soft in use. Overall, it could be the best bra for those who want full coverage with extra support.

2. BRAVADO DESIGNS Women’s Maternity Bra review:

 The BRAVADO DESIGNS Women’s Maternity Bra is the second choice in our review list. It could be the best choice for those who want comfortable, stylish, and incredibly functional maternity bra.

According to the user’s experiences, bravado works as both nursing & maternity bra choice at home or on the go for daily use. 

The super-soft fabric makes it best for maternity to nursing. Also, it is easy to open and close. One of the best features of this bra is its full drop-away cup design which enables for the highest skin-to-skin touch.  

Another great thing is you will find a conversion kit in its design that allows you to convert it as a regular bra. Bravado nursing bra is safe to use as it free from harmful objects.

3. Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra review:

 The Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra could be the ultimate cover, comfort, and support for the breastfeeding moms. 

It is a machine washable bra that uses 83% cotton and 17% spandex for extra comfort. It is a hands-free pumping bra for breastfeeding mothers. 

One of the great benefits of using this bra is it allows mothers to talk & type over the phone. Also, it will enable them to read the magazine when they pump. 

This hands-free pumping bra is versatile and easy to use. Also, the convertible design gives this bra extra versatility and support. 

It allows it to wear a strapless band or halter style. You can use it all electric pumps. Overall, you will find it as a quality and affordable alternative out on the market.

4. Bamboobies Nursing Bra review: 

The bamboosies nursing bra is the award-winning clothing that makes new moms’ fashionable, comfortable, and sexy feeling all day. It is made from super soft rayon from bamboo fabric.

 The drop-down cups and nursing clasps make it best for breastfeeding moms. Also, it features a removable cup pad that makes it perfect for your fit. 

Another great feature is the bra extender which makes it fit for mom’s changing body during pregnancy. 

The Bamboobies Nursing Bra truly gives excellent support to new moms’ sleep. Enjoy this soft, comfortable, and super sensitive to nursing nipples. 

5. Anita Women’s Underwire Nursing Bra review:

When it comes to maternity & swimwear, the Women’s Underwire microfiber Nursing Bra by Anita becomes the market leader for new and expectant moms.

 It is a sexy and functional looking nursing bra out on the market. One of the game-changing features of this bra is its super stretchy microfiber made that makes it different to the others.   

This high-quality microfiber gives a slip-free and comfortable hold all day even while breastfeeding. Also, it comes with unlined molded cups in node or black. The single-handed nursing clasps make it easy to use as well.

Last but not least, anita maternity bras are genuinely designed for offering underwire & excellent support to the expectant moms. A big thumbs up!

6. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra review:

The Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra works excellent during the first few weeks & months of nursing. It is designed using a soft and stretchy fabric that gives you great support.

The stretchable and soft fabric support makes it Award Winner nursing bra out on the competition. It features a secure, single-handed, and clip down cups that provide fast access for nursing.   

Also, the adjustable straps and hook back finish of this nursing bra make sure a perfect fit for all. The kindred bravely nursing bra is comfortable enough to sleep in which looks excellent under your most liked maternity tops, T-shirts and dresses.

Another best feature of this bra is its removable padding that offers smoothing, shape, separation and extra modesty for nursing moms. Indeed, this could be a high-quality item in your nursing & maternity wardrobe.

7. Kindred Bravely French Terry Scoopback Nursing Sleep Bra review:

The Kindred bravely french scoopback nursing bra is one of the softest and available bras for nursing and pregnant moms. It is designed and made from ultra-soft fabric that makes it best to the breastfeeding moms.

If you want to move day or night comfortably by wearing a bra while nursing, then Kindred Bravely nursing bra could be the best choice. It provides excellent support during pregnancy when you sleep.

Also, it could be the best option for midnight nursing periods and for holding nursing pads in place. The Kindred Bravely works excellent for changing breast sizes.

So if you want to enjoy great motherhood in comfort, kindred bravely cotton sleep bra wouldn’t be a wrong choice. It is also known as the best yoga bra too.

8. Mothers en Vogue Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra review:

Are you looking for the most comfortable and softest maternity bra? If so, then perhaps choosing the Mothers en Vogue Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra could be the excellent piece to consider.

It has been made for A-C cup mamas who want a casual, comfortable nursing bra for home. Also, it is known as the best maternity bra in hospital and sleep use.

It is super comfortable to use because it has no under-wire. It is super soft & stretchy that gives you light support in use.

The removable molded padding makes it best of all. You can pull aside or down to take care your little one with this super stretchy bra. Highly recommended maternity and nursing bra for moms.

9. Curve Muse Women’s Underwire Full-Figure Bra review:

The Women’s Underwire Full-Figure Bra is one of the classic collections by Curve Muse that gives you a perfect fit & look. It is made with the demands of curvy women in mind.

Also, it has great fame to visually reduce your breast size instead of pressing your breast in a try to minimize swelling. This gorgeous looking underwire bra features super soft fitting cups including a mesh lining to stop extra sweat.

The mesh line is breathable on end with different color combos that give you the best worth. It also features non-scraping adjustable straps that would not go through your shoulders.

The eye back finish & hard-wearing hook will help you feel safe and secure. It is made from nylon microfiber fabric (88%) with Spandex (12%) for freedom of gestures.

It is best for a smoother and slimmer look. The available sizes of this bra are 34 – 48 C, D, DD, and DDD. Overall, it could be the best choice for those moms who want airy & subtle sexy feel.

10. Le Mystere Women’s Sexy Mama Nursing Bra review:

The Le Mystere Women’s Sexy Mama Nursing Bra is the final choice in our review list. This Sexy Mama has all you are looking for in Nursing Bra. It gives you extra comfort & support while breastfeeding.

It features a secure, single handclasp, a counter outline, lined cups with a flexible design that makes it perfect nursing bra. The Sexy Mama is not only functional but also a stylish item for the women.

While folded in half, the cups nicely stay against your body at the point of view, which is perfect for nursing and offering much-needed support.     

The Sexy Mama Nursing Bra by Le Mystere also comes with excellent padding, a five-row hook & eye closure. The completely adjustable straps help you to get a superior fit.

One of the best features of this bra is large wings with a dual-layer sparkle mesh for extra comfort and support. Also, it features a covered plastic that ensures structural support.

So if you want to have good coverage when growing & touching with a nursing bra, le mystere nursing bra would be a wise decision. Enjoy a great shape by wearing this Sexy Mama.

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FAQ’s about Pregnancy Bras:

Question 1. How long should you wear a bra in a day?

Answer: There is no exact time limit for women how long should they wear a bra for 24 hours. It relies upon the type of work they do or the size of the breasts they have.

One of the key reasons for wearing a bra is to get enough support when working. Another reason to wear a bra is the enhanced breasts size or stop staining with milk in breastfeeding moms.

According to Professor and Senior Consultant Gynecologist & Colposcopist, if a woman wears a bra for 8 or 10 or 12 hours in a day, it shouldn’t make much difference.

Nevertheless, you can take the suggestions of a plastic surgeon for more information.

Question 2. Why do breasts get bigger during pregnancy?

Answer: Your belly is not the only thing to get bigger during pregnancy. From the beginning, the total blood flow and fatty tissue of your breast increase to help mammary glands & milk ducts grow.

According to Dr Minkin (a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynaecology), the breasts of many women have grown a full cup size or more by only six weeks into pregnancy.

Note: You may see your breasts getting bigger during 6 to 8 weeks of your pregnancy, and they will continue to grow.

Question 3. Can I wear a regular bra while breastfeeding?

Answer: Pregnancy & childbirth cause many changes in women’s body, especially to their breasts size. So, wearing a regular bra might not be suitable for getting the must need support and comfort while changing breasts or breastfeeding.  

As a consequence, choosing the right maternity bra could be the best option for getting optimum comfort while breastfeeding or changing breast size.  

Question 4. How do you know if your bra fits properly?

Answer: Getting the bra that fits perfectly is not an easy task. Women need different support as they have different breasts size. Basically, you need to focus on three areas when trying to get a bra fits properly.

  • The cup:

The cup needs to cover the entire breast, and it shouldn’t spill out at the edge. A perfectly fitting cup is significant to a proper fit.

  • The band:

If you look at the mirror while wearing a bra, the band surrounding your body needs to set up a straight line; that is to say, it shouldn’t be folded at the back.

  • Shoulder straps:

There are many different designs & widths of shoulder straps available, from padded straps to narrower stretch straps. The function of the straps is to make sure that the cup fits comfortably against the breast.

Question 5. Do breasts go back to normal size after pregnancy?

Answer: Your breasts go back to average size after a week or two your baby arrives. Until you have been breastfeeding, they will stay that way for about 15 months. But it is a coin toss whether they go back to the standard size or get smaller or bigger.

Note:  Breasts can get bigger during the first few weeks. Usually, they return to regular size after a while. 

 Question 6. When should I buy maternity bras?

Answer: One of the first signs that you are pregnant is your tender breasts. You may experience that you start to overtake your regular bra between 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

 This is the best time to buy maternity bra that will keep you covered and well-supported in the next months.

Question 7. How should I wash my pregnancy bras?

Pregnancy bras that grow with you play a vital role in your breastfeeding experience. According to the study of Cake Maternity (the famous designer of maternity bras), you can wash your pregnancy bras after every two wears. It is perfect for washing your bras in cold water and letting it dry away from direct sunlight. 

Question 8. Do I need a sleep bra?

 Answer: It is better to sleep without wearing any bra. Moreover, there is no advantage of wearing bras during sleep because it cannot make your breasts perkier or stops them from sagging. 

Nevertheless, you will find some bras that are designed to pull your breasts to the sides instead of down. In general, there is no problem sleeping with a bra or without a bra. 

Question 9.  Do I need to get measured for a good fit?

 Answer: The bra needs to be snug, not loose. So you need to get measured your bra for a good fit. When you get the right size of bra, you will enjoy the right amount of support. 

On the other hand, wearing the wrong size bra could break an otherwise perfect outfit. However, if you have a tape measure & a bit free time, you can protect you from any kinds of bra-shopping suffering.

Overall, you should know how to measure your breast will make adjusting to fluctuations in your breasts without any hassle.


 The breast undergoes a series of changes, from the first months of pregnancy, including the increase in the size that prepares it for the function of breastfeeding.

The breasts do not have their own size, and it is precisely for this reason that they need excellent support that is obtained by using a suitable bra.

Once you are in the position of having to buy new bras, you should take advantage of getting the Best maternity bra for support. Also, they are much more suitable and comfortable for breastfeeding moms. 

However, it is essential to look carefully at the size, obviously as you can breastfeed your baby comfortably. Finally, we hope the maternity bras mentioned above will give you enough support when it comes to breastfeeding.