10 Best Ice Skates In The World (Real Time Reviews and Users Experiences)

best ice skates in the world

Every ice skater dream of hitting the ice rinks with the perfect skates! But when it comes to purchasing the best skates,  this will be messy. Don’t you understand what skates to pick? Well, make it easier for you.

The reliable brand always popularly serves the best, featuring ice skate shoes. Like, Jackson Ultima, Riedell, and lake placid are the brand that offers quality skates for particular skaters as their skill level. You need to pick one skate which suits your skating, skill, budget and your particular needs. 

Therefore, you need to dive into more research, which is also tough. Don’t worry! You’ll find every single piece of information according to skate experts & coaches to get the perfect skates for you. This complete guideline will also take you in a deep review of the reliable brands which help you more! So, read this entire article.

Is ice skating an expensive hobby?

Ice skating is an expensive hobby if you take it professionally. Again, if you’re just a beginner skater or take it as a leisure activity, this hobby is also cheaper! 

❝According to Patty Cranston (Skating coach & choreographer),  a junior national-level skater must spend $70,000 in 2016! Now just think about the equivalent cost of an expert skater in the present years!❞

A professional ice skater has a specific goal to achieve pro-level skating techniques. So, they have to spend more time practicing in ice rinks which results in paying fees for it! As an expert ice skater, you need to spend $7-$15 per two-hour session.

Training under a professional coach also makes expenses. If you want to get trained skating under a professional coach, you should pay around $10,000-$20,000 annually.

Again, professional ice skaters always choose the best equipment. Like, an expensive pair of skater shoes or a top-brand costume! 

The registration fees and entry fees for competition also matter of cost. Overall, ice skating is an expensive hobby for professional ice skaters.

On the contrary, you’re just often going to practice ice skating as a physical exercise or reduce mental stress. In this condition, you don’t have to put an extra cost on the ice rink, coach, or equipment. 

You’ll need to spend $7,000-$10,000 annually on basic training, coach fees, and equipment.  That’s why ice skating is a cheaper hobby for a beginner-level skater. 

What are the best shoes for skating? 

Not all top brands or expensive pairs of skating shoes are the best of all time! It’s not a regular boot or a jogging shoe which has a brand tag and you’re ready to purchase! 

Every stake doesn’t have the same personal need! The best pair of skating shoes depends upon their personal preference.  

Few skating experts expect better durability and flexibility rather than the impact of their pair of skating shoes. Whereas some skater needs better impact and outsole quality rather than durability. 

However, there are so many different aspects you need to consider while you’re looking for the best skating shoes.  Because the word “skating” consists of a large number of styles, techniques & activities. 

Simply, I can recommend some reliable brands that will give you hints to purchase. But ultimately, you need to find the exact shoes you dreamt of!

A List of the top 10 best Ice Skates In the World 

  1. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Sumilon Lined Figure Skates
  2. Lake Placid Summit Boy’s Adjustable Ice Skate
  3. Riedell Skates – Soar Adult Ice Skates
  4. Roces Women’s Italian Style Brits Superior Ice Skate
  5. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Leather Lined Ice Skates
  6. Jackson Ultima Finesse Women’s/Girls Figure Ice Skates
  7. Riedell Skates – Soar Youth Ice Skates
  8. DUWIN Ice Skates
  9. Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Women’s/Girls Adjustable Skate
  10.  Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Igniter Womens

Comparison Table: Best ice skates in the world 

SkatesDesignComfortabilityPre-sharpen the bladeAuto adjustable systemPrice 
American Athletic Shoe Women’s Sumilon Lined Figure SkatesSumon lining & Multi-layer turquoise outsoleGoodNoNo$39-$59
Lake Placid Summit Boy’s Adjustable Ice SkateDeluxe comfort padding & waterproof soleSuperYesYes$39- $44
Riedell Skates – Soar Adult Ice SkatesFoam-backed velvet lining & PVC soleGreatNoNo$89
Roces Women’s Italian Style Brits Superior Ice SkateAnatomy padding & synthetic upper AverageNoNo$68-$89
American Athletic Shoe Women’s Leather Lined Ice SkatesSplit leather lining & quarter paddingSuperNoNo$64
Jackson Ultima Finesse Women’s/Girls Figure Ice SkatesStylized PVC sole and vinyl-coated upperGreatNoNo$89-$111
Riedell Skates – Soar Youth Ice SkatesFoam-backed velvet lining.SuperNoNo$79-$89
DUWIN Ice SkatesVelvet lining & PVC soleSuperNoYes$57
Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Women’s/Girls Adjustable SkateSkeleton structureSuperNoNo$99
Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Igniter WomensIgniter XT structureGoodNoNo$69-$102

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Top 10 Best Ice Skates In The World and Users Experience (In real Life) 

1. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Sumilon Lined Figure Skates

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0069WHUTM&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=keepfithealth 20&language=en US

If you’re searching for entry-level skates for your daughter or granddaughter, then American Athlete shoes are great to purchase! The more you get is great ankle support and comfortable skates with this budget-friendly skate shoe. 

Luckily, a pair of American athlete shoes always have a beautiful pattern and design. And, this time they did not forget to include a nice appearance in the design of  Women’s figure skate shoes. This pair of shoes are fully lined with smiling lining which offers a stylish look. 

 As a beginner shoe, this will provide every little thing you need with a stainless steel blade! You can easily learn the basic tricks of skating without feeling any pressure on the ankle. 

The pair of shoes are also designed with a multi-layered turquoise outsole which gives you pretty flexibility for doing basic skating tricks.

Previously I said, this pair of shoes is only for beginners. If you’re expecting practice spinning, jumping or any advanced skating tricks,  then it’ll be a foolish idea! 

If you’re often skating indoors or at an outdoor ice rink and want to learn some general tricks, then you can purchase it! Otherwise, it has no extra tips to give you. 


  • Great for comfort and durability
  • Perfect size for fit.
  • Nice-looking shoes.


  • The blade doesn’t come sharpened
  • There’s a lot of extra space with the tongue. 

2. Lake Placid Summit Boy’s Adjustable Ice Skate

71HWSY8I8CL. AC SL1500

Lake placid is offering great adjustable ice skating shoes for growing kids. This pair of shoes is so popular and highly recommended by experts for beginners.

After purchasing, the pre-sharpened blades of these skating shoes will impress you at once. The adjustable system is so easy that it only requires pushing a button. And, it will adjust the length of your child’s feet.

The easy-on and easy-off buckle system make it great for ankle support. Also, there’s a power strap and laces for a perfect fit. 

The best thing it offers is comfort! Deluxe comfort padding makes feet super comfortable so that there’s no chance of pain after performing continuous ice skating.

Expecting a little bit from these incredible shoes isn’t a big deal! You’ll be glad to know that it’s water-proof soles. So, there’s no risk of less durability.  Your boy can use it during his growing stage and last over years! 


  • Super comfortable. 
  • Easy-on and Easy-off process at the skating rink
  • Enough warm for outdoor skating.
  • Great durability over the years
  • Give enough support to ankles
  • Blades don’t need frequent sharpening. 


  • The blade is too long for younger kids and beginners.
  • Comparatively little challenging to skate with for entry-level skaters.

3. Riedell Skates – Soar Adult Ice Skates

81F1VcwZKeL. AC SL1500

This time is for introducing adult ice skates which are very popular among beginner skaters. Riedell offers a great pair of shoes with super quality, comfortable padding, great stability & flexibility and versatile blade design.

The first thing your eyes will catch is the foam-backed velvet lining in this skate which provides superb comfort for your feet. The sole design in these skates is very lightweight as it’s a PVC sole. 

Riedell skates feature a split tongue design which offers great support and stability while skating. 

The stainless steel blade offers better handling and speed for all types of recreational skating.


  • Good quality blade for beginners.
  • Super comfortable and keeps the fit warm.
  • Lightweight skates 
  • The price is very affordable
  • Good for beginners as well as recreational skaters. 


  • Only suitable for skaters ages up to 12 years.

4. Roces Women’s Italian Style Brits Superior Ice Skate

91BL jE o8L. AC SL1500

Women’s choice is always something fashionable, and hence Roces offer the most stylish skates for women! 

Not only this one looks attractive, but also you’ll get everything you need for casual public skating! These skates are fit true to size and very adjustable. 

The comfort seems okay with anatomic padding. There’s a reinforced synthetic upper which provides enough ankle support and flexibility

Like others, this skate isn’t designed with leather.  The whole skates designed with fabric so the comfort doesn’t feel so much in these skates. 

Anyhow, this pair of shoes provides lace closure for tightening your ankle and a carbon steel blade for doing easy skating activities.  


  • Well and stylish design 
  • Offers ankle support and flexibility. 
  • Keep your feet warm on ice skates.
  • Inexpensive price


  • Not too comfortable as it designs with fabric.

5. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Leather Lined Ice Skates

Another magical skating shoe which will impress you for sure! Who doesn’t want to look like a professional skater on an ice rink? You’ll get this pair of boots with an extraordinary look which creates a vibe like a professional. 

This time American Athletic shoes come for very beginner to advanced beginner uses. The multi-layered ankle support creates extra stability and flexibility in this shoe. Again, this pair of shoes has quarter padding that feels so comfortable to wear.

If you notice the design of this shoe, you’ll find an overall split leather lining.  That’s why it is extremely durable and more comfortable than other skaters. 

The blade design is also nicely done. It’s a hollow grounded nickel-plated blade which helps to glide or perform well in an ice rink.


  • Sizing is true to shoe size.
  • Very sturdy & comfortable
  • Inexpensive price


  • Some users said that toe picks are too small.
  • The blades haven’t come sharpened.

6. Jackson Ultima Finesse Women’s/Girls Figure Ice Skates

51Eqmui8pzL. AC SL1024

Jackson ultima always offers good quality skates and this time it keeps its promise. I must have to say, these skates are all-rounder shoes for your younger daughter! You can get everything perfect in these skates at an inexpensive price. Durability, flexibility, comfortability, sharpened blade, fit size! What’s not included in this skate? 

First, you will impress by the refreshing white design pattern of this skate. The stylized PVC sole and vinyl-coated upper makes it so perfect for comfort and durability.  Again, the padded felt tongue delivers enough support and flexibility to feet.

This skate design with a Mark I blade and maintenance-free PVC sole ensures enough security to reduce the risk of falling or injury.


  • Advanced beginner techniques like swizzles and backward skating are easily done.
  • Very sturdy and comfortable.
  • Fits and adjusts well.
  • Provide enough security. 


  • Some users feel less support & stability compared to other skates.

7. Riedell Skates – Soar Youth Ice Skates

71EIkDtF9KL. AC SL1500

Another big blast announced the Riedell brand while they introduced such perfect skates for the youth generation. Soar youth ice skates are so well made that you’ll not take your eyes off them. These skates have stunning looks with pink or onyx colours.

You don’t have to worry about comfortable skating as it has foam-backed velvet lining. These skates also added an extra padding lining cushion. So,  you can feel warm and comfortable with this lining that contains 3M Thinsulate insulation.

There’s a lightweight PVC sole that gives stability & optimal support as well. You may also get the easy adjustment with velcro buckles at the top. And, there’s also a set of hooks to tighten the lace for ensuring ankle support.  So, move your feet freely as you wish. 

The versatile blade design helps to glide smoothly on the ice rinks as well as to do all types of recreational skating.


  • Great ankle support
  • Give enough stability and warmth on your feet while skating on the ice rink.
  • Easy to put on and get off.
  • Superb comfortable 


  • Need to sharpen them after purchasing.

8. DUWIN Ice Skates

614QKUCNpYL. AC SL1500

A family package is all in one! Isn’t it great to listen? Like this one, Duwin also offers skates that are suitable for every age of your family members. From younger ages to older ones, everyone can enjoy basic skating exercises or techniques with these beginner skates.

In these skates, you’ll get extraordinary features that will create craziness to know more about this.  The first thing I like most about the velvet lining which is well designed and has reasons for more comfort. 

With this,  you’ll get 3D-dimensional cold protection to keep your feet warm during skating on the ice rink. 

The most complaint about traditional skates is that the size doesn’t match. Well, you don’t have to suffer anything like this with this pair of skates. As it has adjustable sizing features with a simple push button.

Security protection is also high. There’s the use of laces, a velcro strap and a high buckle system to give enough ankle support.  


  • Easy to adjust
  • Offers great ankle support
  • Easy Put-on and get-off
  • Great for durability and comfort


  • Some users having a problem with closing lace

9. Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Women’s/Girls Adjustable Skate

If you’re a nervous beginner, then the Jackson ultima is perfect to purchase!  Generally, it’s recommended for younger girls who have just begun to learn skating.

The better feature you’ll get from this skate is comfort. Here, this skate has an external skeleton structure that provides great support and comfort.

Well, you don’t need to worry about the perfect size for your girls. There’s a feature for adjusting the size of growing feet.

Moreover, these skates are so well designed that it’s very easy to put on and get off. A recreational blade is good for glide or moving smoothly in the ice rink.


  • The soft boot is very comfortable 
  • Very adjustable skates
  • Good choice for recreational skating
  • Offers great support to ankles


  • Some users find the buckle system doesn’t work properly. 

10. Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Igniter Women’s

91gViKb9LBS. AC SL1500

Rollerblade offers masterpiece skates that perform well for recreational skating. 

These skates are very comfy and lightweight as they are designed with an Igniter XT structure. The padded lining creates great comfort and warmth. 

Well, the creatures have a cuff buckle power strap and a lace closure system that perfectly secures the feet.

Another good thing about this skate is to provide a stainless steel blade that holds the edge longer. Also, there’s no risk of rust. As a result, it lasts for longer and needs little maintenance.


  • Offers great flexibility and forward flex for gliding. 
  • Great ankle support
  • Superb comfy and lightweight 
  • Easy to put on and get off.


  • Some users find the tongue bit smaller
  • XT is difficult to adjustable. 

How to Choose a Skate Shoe?

There’s more confusion when you think about purchasing skate shoes. Well, different brands offer different features and this makes you mad at once! 

You need to take decisions depending on your needs. Like, durability, board feel, impact, comfortability, fit & style. Again, what types of skating do you do with the skate? What’s your skill? Are you a beginner or an expert? 

Every little thing differs in the decision of buying skates for a particular person. Let’s get to the main point where you’ll get the entire answer to choosing the perfect skate shoe for you! 

1. Sole: 

The most important thing to select for a perfect skate shoe. Because the sole makes the skate comfortable and durable. Mainly, there’s a vulcanized sole & capsule used in skate shoes. A vulcanized sole is preferable for more comfort & durability than a cupsole. 

Whereas the capsule is great for more impact in the midsole and outsole as it has better cushioning than a vulcanized sole. 

Cupsole has a denser rubber compound on the outsole than the vulcanized shoe. This extends the lifespan of the bottom of the skate shoe. Gum rubber is also great for durability.

Vulcanized shoes get their support from their insole. So, make sure what material is used in the insole. 

2. Uppers: 

The material used for the uppers said how long-lasting the skate shoe will be! Suede is the most popular upper which gives the best durability and performance. Canvas is comparatively less durable. 

Talking about the leather,  it’s very smooth & comfortable. And, uppers which design with leather are long-lasting. 

Although, you’ll have difficulties while practising flip tricks with leather skate shoes. But once you grab the flexibility on your shoes, this will be easier than ever to skate. 

Synthetic textiles are also used in uppers of skate shoes. Although, rubber and TPU work well for long-lasting performance, knit and mesh don’t do! 

3. Toe caps:  

Rubber toe caps are great for durability and better grip for skating. Make sure, your shoe has a rubber underlayer on it for maximum durability.

And always choose a single-piece toe box to wear for a better lifespan of a shoe.

4. Board feel: 

Board feel is a crucial thing you need to check before purchasing a skate shoe. Vulc shoes are thicker and the break-in period is much shorter. 

So, you’ll get more board feel and control than cupsole. It’s great for manuals, ledges, and flat ground. 

5. Fit & style: 

The fitting of the skate is more important when you’re doing the flip and tricky skating. The shoe should feel like an extension of a shoe instead of extra rubber hanging on the toe. 

Bootie-type skates give internal sleeves which works great for securing the fit. 

Mid-top shoes offer mobility whereas high-top shoes offer most ankle support & protection. Skate shoe with a lace protector is a much better choice for securing feet.

How to wear ice skating shoes (Easy Steps)

Wearing ice skating shoes is simple but more tricky as well for better fitting. Before put-on, on the skate shoes, keep them in an oven for 3-4 minutes to soften. This will ensure good fitting as well. 

  • First, put on the ice skating shoes on your feet and tap them back into the heel pocket to ensure they fit properly. 
  • Next, it’s time to start the lace pattern. In this step, tighten the lace portion and then take up the slack.
  • Now, lace the top portion of your boot. If there’s a hook don’t forget to loop around the hook.
  • Tighten the area of the ankle with lace and then tighten up a knot. 

How to ice skate good: (Step-by-step guideline for beginner) 

Ice skating is more than excitement and fun! As a beginner, you will have excitement and little nervousness as well. 

Falling on ice is the step that everyone experiences in their first ice skating.  But, once you learn some basic ice skating techniques, you can enjoy every second of it! Let’s take a look at a few basic steps to enjoy ice skating as a beginner!

Step 1: Get ready with costumes and equipment

As a beginner, first, wear light costumes like a light jacket or sweater. Give your feet more flexibility with a comfortable pair of skating shoes. You can wear a pair of socks. You’re ready to get into the ice rinks.

Step 2: Learn March

The very first step is to learn to march on ice rinks. Marching is lifting your knees and walking on ice. Slowly try to march. You just need to steady and make balance while you’re learning to march. 

Step 3: Practice falling

Falling is a part of sports and you don’t need to be afraid of it. Practicing falling in the right way is important to reduce injury while skating on ice. Here I follow the techniques of my favorite Coach Michelle Hong. She shares a simple way to practice falling! 

If you ever feel like you’re falling then quickly try to put your arms out and grab your knees.

The next step is to learn how to get up from failing. The easiest way to get up is to stand up on both knees and do hands-on ice like exactly the “cat’s position”.

Now, put one knee up and set both hands on the knee. Then try to push yourself up.

Step 4: Check the balance on the two-foot gliding

This is the time to learn basic gliding to check the balance on the ice rink. It’s very simple. Just march forward two slides and try to push your body glide forward slightly.  

Here, you’ve to put your feet together. Reversing the process and checking the balance on marching skill. 

Step 5: Try one-foot gliding

If you’re already learning two feet gliding, then one-foot gliding will be very easy for you. It starts like two-foot gliding. Just pick up your feet against your ankle. It’s quite the same position as “Flamingo”.

Step 6: Learn Swizzles 

To learn forward swizzle, you need to make the position of your feet like V and A. Start the swizzles by bending your knees and then push your heels to make a circle. This foot movement is simply defined as V to A position and then the A to V position back. 

Step 7: Learn stop

In this step, you need to bend your knees and feet together and then push out as much as you can.l

My opinion and Study: Most comfortable ice skates 

Skate comfort depends on the material & padding used on the shoes. I think the most comfortable ice skates are those which use foam velvet lining,  PVC soles and extra padding in the design. These materials give enough warmth and comfort during the skates. 

In direct words, I will suggest some comfortable skates-

or Riedell Skates – Soar Youth Ice Skates

which use foam velvet lining & extra padding for superb quality.

  • Jackson ultima also offers comfortable skates in the present day. They are more popular for good quality design with super comfortability. These skates are made with stylized PVC soles & vinyl coated upper which is lightweight & comfortable to wear. You can choose Jackson Ultima Finesse

Best Ice Skates for Beginners

There are so many reliable brands that offer good quality ice skates for beginners. But, I think Jackson ultima and lake placid are the best they offer well-designed, durable and comfortable ice skates for beginners

Beginners always need extra security protection for their feet as there’s a risk of falls.  Again, they need more impact, and flexibility in their skates. Skates for beginners should be more comfortable, which is a very important factor. 

Jackson Ultima Finesse Women’s/Girls Figure Ice skates fulfil all these things in their pair of skates. These skates are very well-designed with PVC soles and vinyl-coated uppers for more durability. 

Lake Placid Summit Boy’s Adjustable Ice Skate is another skate that provides an auto-adjustment system for securing the feet. And this skate uses Deluxe comfort padding & waterproof sole which is super comfortable for kids and beginners. 


What skates do Olympic skaters use?

Almost all Olympic skaters use Edea skates.  Edea skates are very professional skates for their lightweight, revolutionary technology and thin sole. 

What kind of ice skates do professionals use?

The reliable brand that professional use is Edea, Jackson Ultima, & Riedell ice skates.  These are more popular among national champion ice skaters.

What brand of skates do figure skaters wear?

Most figure skaters use Edea,  Jackson and Riedell skates. Figure skating experts also recommend this brand.

How much do Olympic skates cost?

The cost of Olympic skates varies depending on what types of skates you’ll buy! Stock boots and custom boots have different costs. 

Most of the Olympic custom skates cost $600-$2000. Again,  most popular skates like Jackson and Riedel cost about $75.


How much do pro figure skates cost?

Professional figure skates usually cost up to $700. If you buy custom-made boots they will cost about $800-$1000. The extra cost of the blades will be $1000.

How long do ice skates last?

Ice skates can last up to 2-15 years. It depends on the skate’s quality, maintenance and how often you use it.

Why ice skating is the hardest sport?

Ice skating is the hardest sport as it requires a lot of strength and balance to do several skating techniques in a thin ice rink. Also, one needs to accurately do the toughest activities without falling in an ice rink.

What are the disadvantages of ice skating?

Although, Ice skating has advantages it has slight disadvantages too. It can cause head injury, hand injury, stress on muscles & body, and ankle sprains, especially for a beginner ice skater.

Final words

Every foot has its comfort! So, it’s better to decide to choose ice skates according to your present needs. 

In my opinion, you should choose between Jackson Ultima and Riedell skates. Experts recommend this brand. These skates are best for their quality, design, boots, blades, durability and most importantly comfortable. 

Jackson Ultima and Riedell offer a particular design according to specific skating, age, and skill level. Or, you can go with Lake placid for its superb comfortability, auto-adjusted system, and Prep sharpens blade which is great for beginners.

Hopefully, you already take a clear decision. Don’t forget to share it with me in the comment section. That’s the end for today!