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Period time is a very important and crucial time for every woman. If the first time for a girl it’s really crucial time moment for tweens girl. So, That’s why you cannot ignore this situation when you are having a period in your teen’s time. You have to need to take safety and soft life. If you are a mom reading this article, this is also very important for reading yours. Because you have to need to know the best period underwear for tweens for health safety your teenage girl. 

How does mom prepare for the teen period for her girl? 

It is a very important milestone when the first time your young daughter sees her period or menstruation. At this important time, mothers have to need to give her daughter proper mental strength. Do not treat as she is older and knowing about this, she is very young from you. They can make something wrong for mis guideline and inexperience. Have to need to supply good mental support and give the proper way how she can survive this, as you survive this when your first menstruation.

Therefore, when that day arrives, she is scared and confuses and from that point on, the young girl resents this important part of her femininity. This attitude should stop and it can stop when every mother takes the time to prepare her daughter for this special time and hopefully, this article will be helpful in this respect.

The Right Time

Usually, between the ages of twelve and fourteen, a young girl will see her first Menstruation. However, it can take place as early as eight years old and as late as sixteen years old.

Therefore, as she grows, keep an eye out for all the little and big changes that her body will be going through. This way, you will be able to guess, roughly, around the time that it will come, because, after all, we do not know the exact day that it will happen. Additionally, her emotional level must also be considered. That is, is she ready for this conversation? After considering these two things, let’s move on to the next suggestion.

Ask and Answer Questions

You can begin by asking her if she knows what it and if she said yes, ask her to tell you what she knows. You may be surprised by the answer. If there is any misconceptions correct them and do so without criticizing. Explain why it comes and how long it will last. Explain what a pad and a tampon is and how she can and must keep herself tidy during this time.

Do not leave out the fact that her entire body can be affected and she may get cramps headache, constipation, or diarrhea etc.

Visual Aid

Get a pad and underwear and show her how it should be worn and show her where you usual keep yours and encourage her to walk with a pad or too, just incase it comes when she is not at home.

Give her a chance to practice and make sure that she walk around with it on and give her as much tips as you can along the way. For example wear two underwear if she feel uncomfortable with only one and to wear dark clothing and not white etc, at these times.

Save Some for Later and Cramps

However, you do not have to outline everything in this one conversation. Spread it out as the days goes by and always make it clear that you want to know how it is going for her from month to month.

She may be experiencing more cramps etc. than is normal and you may need to take her to the doctor. Sometimes, mothers ignore their daughter’s stomach-ache, thinking that it is normal. If the cramps are too much for her, take her to see a doctor.

Spend It Together

On the first day that it comes, the two of you can spend the day at home watching the TV, reading or simple eating and talking until she drift to sleep.

Take as much fear out of it as you can for her because it is nothing for her to be afraid of.

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