20 Minute Treadmill Workout For Beginners – Start Calories Burned Exercise In 2024

Do you want to reduce your weight or the fat on your belly? Exercise is the best way to keep you fit and fine. You do not have much time to go to the gym, so it is a big challenge for you to exercise daily. Why do you not go with an easy option, bring a treadmill at home, enjoy an indoor treadmill exercise, and achieve your goals?

You will find it nice and effective to reduce your overall body fats. Only a 20 minute treadmill workout for beginners can bring awesome results for you. But it is also necessary to perform your activities properly to reduce fat and get in shape.

Best 20 minute treadmill workout for beginners

No need to be worried even if you are a beginner; it is pretty easy to work out on the treadmill to get your desired goals. I will teach you about the best 20 minute treadmill workout for beginners. Let’s discuss simple ways to practice to make a 20 minute treadmill workout effective and fruitful.

Our 20 minute HIIT treadmill workout for fat loss includes three major workout intervals and a final cool-down interval. Each interval included in the exercise will be more challenging to make your exercise effective. I have tried to make it simpler and effective to bring effective results.

First Interval Set

Before starting your workout, make sure you have applied an emergency clip. It will keep you comfortable and safe in case of any untoward situation. You can clip it on the lowers of your pants or below the belt. Let’s start the first interval workout.

First Step

The first step is about warming up to make your body ready for a workout. You can do a warm-up walk at a speed of 2.0 or 2.5.  Your warm-up activity includes a 3 minutes continuous walk on the treadmill.

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If you want to make your warm-up walk a little challenging, then walk at a speed of 2.0 for 90 seconds and after 90 seconds without a break, set your speed at 2.5 and keep it continuing for another 90 seconds.

All the games that we deal with in this calories burned exercise on the treadmill are with speed. You can increase the speed to make your workout more challenging and tough. If you see you can continue, you can also enhance sometimes but do not go too fast as a beginner.

Once the warm-up walk has been completed, reduce the speed up to 2.0 and walk for 30 seconds. It is rest or recovery time; you can also lower down the speed to 1.5. Set the speed at a level where you feel comfortable for recovery. During your recovery time, take deep breaths to make you calm.

Second step

Once you have completed the recovery time, without any break, shift the speed at 3.0, and it is your first interval start. Do walk on the treadmill for 30 seconds at the same pace at a speed of 3.0. when you are going closer to the completion of time in the last 5 seconds, start controlling your speed.

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After 30 seconds, slow down your pace, but do not stop and shift the treadmill speed back down to 2.0 and walk for 30 seconds at that speed. It is your recovery time.


Third Step

Now it’s time to move toward the next step of the first interval; after completing 30 seconds for recovery, shift treadmill speed at 3.5 to make your workout the best 20 minute treadmill workout to lose weight. You should keep holding the treadmill handles for a safe workout; it will also help you perform your activity safely and get balance. But you can also leave the handles if you are easy to walk.

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When you release treadmill handles, you will provide an opportunity for your arms to swing. It will help you strengthen your arms muscles and also help to reduce fats from the upper body.

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You have completed your 30 seconds walk at a speed of 3.0, with no shift back down the speed at 2.0 for the recovery period. Do walk on the treadmill for another 30 seconds at speed 2.0.

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Fourth Step

The last step of the first interval is to make your workout challenging and to increase the speed up to 4.0. When you complete your 30 minutes recovery walk, shift the speed to 4.0 and do a 30 seconds walk on the treadmill.

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Keep your breath smoother without interrupting; keep your posture stretched and in a good position. Maintain your legs and core muscles stretched. 

After 30 seconds, shift back down to speed 2.0 and walk for one minute at speed 2.0 to recovery. You can also increase further 30 seconds for recovery if you feel uncomfortable. 

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Tips for First interval set

  • While practicing on the treadmill, you can increase or decrease speed according to your comfort level.  But following a gradual increase and decrease of speed between 2.0 to 4.0 with recovery time, it could be one of the best treadmill workouts to lose weight for beginners
  • If you want to add stress to your workout, then it is good to increase the time of each step but never decrease the recovery time; it will help you perform the workout easily.

Second Interval Set

The second interval is more challenging than the first one; start for the second interval set without any break between the recovery period and second interval to keep your 20 minutes workout continuing.

First step

Start your second interval by setting treadmill speed at 3.0 miles per hour and do a smooth walk for one minute on the treadmill. While walking, take deep breaths to keep yourself calm. 

During your walk, try to make a good posture, first find your form and then ensure consistency in your rhythm. Keep your cores tight; upper body relaxed and upright in a good posture.

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On completion of your one minute, set back down the speed at 2.0 and do a smooth walk for 30 seconds, and it is recovery time.

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Second Step

Next, you need to set the treadmill speed at 3.5 MPH and practice it for one minute on the best treadmill for walking to burn calories and lose weight. If you feel a little uncomfortable at this high speed, then hold the handrails for your safety and walk on the treadmill.

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Keep your flow consistent to make it a cardio exercise; you can leave the handrails, but only if comfortable once your one minute completes; quickly put back down treadmill speed at 2.0 MPH and walk for 30 seconds during the recovery period.

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Third Step

Now set treadmill speed at 4.0 MPH and practice for one minute. I recommend you keep handrails held for your safety at a speed of 4.0 in the beginning stage. But if you are confident and comfortable, then you can leave your hands.

Practicing at 4.0 MPH could be the best HIIT treadmill workout for fat loss. But again, keep your flow consistent and also maintain your breath and posture at a good level.

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Put back down the speed at 2.0 MPH on completing a one-minute treadmill walk at 4.0 and do a slow walk for one minute. You can also increase the time by 20 to 30 seconds if you feel uncomfortable. During the recovery time, walk, take a deep breath, keep your body relaxed to calm and cool down.

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Helpful Tips for a second interval set

Some people try to make their workout more challenging and increase speed and time. But I will recommend you not increase time or speed, because beginners above speed and time durations are enough for good practice at the very start.

Third Interval Set

Be ready for the last interval set of our 20 minute treadmill workout for the beginners’ lesson. We will increase the time by 30 more seconds to make the last interval set challenging and fruitful. Let’s start your workout.

First Step

Start your third interval set by setting the speed of 3.0 MPH and practice for one minute and thirty seconds. It could be challenging, and you may feel uncomfortable after a one-minute walk. But it is a very beneficial calories burned exercise.

It will not just benefit you in maintaining fitness but also be very helpful for your heart health and balance your blood flow. Maintain a pace between your steps and breathe to make it easier. Do not forget to hold the handrails if you feel fear.

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Now quickly set back down the speed at 2.0 MPH and do a slow walk for 30 seconds. Also, maintain your breath and try to take a deep and slow breath to make yourself calm.

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Second step

Set your treadmill speed at 3.5 MPH and practice for 90 seconds. It could be a more challenging task for you at such a high speed for a 90-second continuous walk. But you can balance it by giving more swing to your arms; it will help you maintain your body balance with your steps.

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After that, set back down treadmill speed at 2.0 MPH and practice a slow walk for 30 seconds to recover your breath.

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Third Step

The last step of that interval is the most challenging duration for you to walk on the treadmill. You will need to set your treadmill speed at 4.00 MPH and practice for 90 seconds. It could be a much-tensed workout, so be consistent and patient during those 90 seconds.

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At such a high speed, it could be tough for you to maintain balance and speed. So keep your posture good, keep your focus on your steps and breathe. A good match of steps and breath will help you maintain a good balance and stay strong on the treadmill. It would be helpful to keep yourself pushing forward.

Once you have done your 90 seconds job, put back down the speed at 2.0 MPH. Just cool down; you have done your job well. Keep your walk for one minute more to get your breath back in normal rhythm, and then stop your treadmill. You have done a nice treadmill exercise in just 20 minutes.

Helpful Tips for Third interval set

The third interval is more challenging and tough, so it could be hard for you to maintain your balance. So keep the focus on your breath, arms, and steps movement and find a good place to ensure a good workout.

Frequently Asked Questions: 20 minute treadmill workout for beginners

 Following are the top selected questions related to 20 minute treadmill workout for beginners. Let’s reveal the possible answers. 

Question No 1: How to lose weight on a treadmill in a month?

Read: how to lose weight on a treadmill in a month

Answer: A simple walk on a treadmill could benefit you and can help you to lose weight. You would need to set a proper workout schedule and then will need to maintain your pace. 

Only a consistent workout on the treadmill could decrease your weight up to 5 to 8 pounds in a month. But it depends on some other factors such as your diet and the amount in your body.

Question No 2: How many calories are burned on the treadmill for a 30 minutes workout?

Answer: Treadmill walk or running could be very effective for you. A consistent 30 minutes treadmill workout can burn 240 calories. But it depends on factors such as your weight, workout tension, sex, and age.

Question No 3: What is a good workout for the beginner on a treadmill?

Answer: For beginners, a fast walking workout for 15 to 20 minutes is enough. Speed of the treadmill should not increase more than 4.0 MPH.

Question No 4: How to use the treadmill to lose belly fat?

Answer: Treadmill workout could be an effective workout for your overall body fats loss. With consistent treadmill jogging, you can easily lose belly fat. For effective and quick results, you can set the following jogging sets.

Ø  2 Minutes jogging at a speed of 4.0 MPH

Ø  3 Minutes jogging at a speed of 8.0 MPH

Ø  2 minutes jogging at a speed of 10.0 MPH

Ø  2-minute jogging at a speed of 4.0 MPH

You can also reduce time or speed to make your workout possible and easier for you in the beginning.

Question No 5: What is good running or walking on the treadmill for the beginner?

Answer: When it comes to using the treadmill for exercise for any purpose. It could be tough for you to jump on running directly. So make your task easier and start with a walking schedule. Your easy walking workout at a speed of 4.0 MPH could be very effective for you.


Treadmill is efficient and good equipment for those who could not go outside for a workout or in gyms. Workout at the treadmill is also easier and effective to lose belly fat and overall body fat and keep you fit and fine. Exercise on the treadmill could be very effective if you maintain consistency and proper diet level.You have plenty of choices to practice on a treadmill. We have also provided you with an easy 20 minute treadmill workout for beginners’ methods that are simple to perform and effective.

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